2020 International Virtual Tea Festival


Invitation to our Virtual Tealand

With so much going on in the real world, it’s time to gather — as best we can — in Tealand. Join us for two days of focusing on tea as a positive and healthy alternative.

November 7 & 8

As sponsors of this event, T Ching and the Tea Sippers Society are happy to release the early registrations for some of the lecture classes and tea tastings and a list of the vendors who are welcoming you to a bountiful and diverse tea experience.

Flyer for the International Virtual Tea Festival, with an image of a teapot and "Nov. 7-8 ~ Classes ~ Vendors ~ Tea Swag ~ free-$25."

Like live festivals, the combination of marketplace and presentations can engage tea lovers for a full weekend. This virtual festival will do the same thing – with the greatest challenge being the inability to actually taste teas. Vendors and educators are creating opportunities to register for classes that include kits of tea samples sent out in advance so guests will be able to infuse their own while enjoying the presentation. Vendors are also planning demos and tasting events in their booths.

There is limited paid registration that includes the swag boxes of samples and the event tasting cup, however there is unlimited free registration that allows access to the entire marketplace, vendor presentations, more than a dozen Livestream events, more than a dozen pre-recorded free classes, and the ability to register for individual classes.

The current agenda is being updated weekly. Come check out all the details at www.teafestivals.org!


Tea Gschwendner (Silver Needle Sponsor)(Golden Ticket Vendor)
The Tea House (Narcissus Oolong Sponsor)(Golden Ticket Vendor)
International Tea Cuppers Club (Narcissus Oolong Sponsor)
International Tea Sippers Society (Narcissus Oolong Sponsor)
Tea Time Magazine (Media Sponsor)
Elite Designs (Dragonwell Sponsor)

Emilie’s French Teas (Golden Ticket Vendor)
Simpson & Vail Teas (Golden Ticket Vendor)
Tealula (Golden Ticket Vendor)
Tea Market (Golden Ticket Vendor)
Tea Source (Golden Ticket Vendor)
The Great Mississippi Tea Company (Golden Ticket Vendor)
The Tea Spot (Golden Ticket Vendor)
Yunomi.life (Golden Ticket Vendor)

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