5 things you have surely experienced if you have 2 toddler boys


I was originally thinking I would write about having 2 toddlers. However, I have a lot of friends and my sister who have girls. I am sure there are some exceptions but boys and girls are so different. I will probably be thanking someone later when we enter high school that I don’t have two girls, but right now they sure do give me a run for my money. Do you have boys? Tell me you can’t relate to these things!

1. Boys do NOT sit still. Our coloring limit? Pushing 5 minutes. Watching TV while sitting? Can’t remember the last time this has happened- although I beg for the first every time I am cooking dinner each night. But watching TV either upside down or while jumping from couch to couch trying to hit each other with fake swords? Sure! Anytime!

2. EVERYTHING is physical. Can we playing without touching? Heck no! Is someone a bad guy? Always. What is the best activity ever? Wrestling, of course. Boy always have to be touching each other. Why can’t we just sit and talk? Why can’t we play superheros without them pounding each other to the ground? Doesn’t happen. And what do they do when they haven’t seen a good friend in a long time? Yeah, you guessed it, tackle them to the floor. SO WEIRD! 🙂

3. EVERYTHING is loud. OMG- the louder the better. Everything is loud. I can’t stand loud. And this is my life 🙂

Along with those three that drive me absolutely insane, there are some definitely advantages.

4. Nothing is off-limits. Want to play outside when its 104 degrees outside? Sure! Want to run errands with mom? Sure, sounds fun! How about organizing the garage? So fun! These boys think everything is awesome and are definitely up for any adventure- regardless or temperature or conditions. I very rarely get a complaint that something is “too hot”, “boring”, or “not fun”. The benefit of the high energy- for sure!

5. Competition. I am a little competitive, Clancy is a little competitive (yes, just a little, hehe). We honestly would have struggled I think if our boys weren’t. (Yes, we would have gotten over it, but being completely honest, it would have been tough!) These boys want to win at everything. “I ran faster than him” “I ate more than him.” ” I am stronger than him” ” I am a better golfer than him” “I will be bigger than him when I grow up”. “My piece is bigger than yours” “I want to get my pjs on first” . Everything is a competition. And we wouldn’t have it any other way- ha!

Boys sure are busy- and awesome of course! Those of you with boys, please tell me you feel the same way????

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