All-natural Sensory Play for Children: Hearing


Created by Anna on February 9, 2021

Anna (Ah-na) Bradley is the Sustainability Coordinator with Mountain Rose Herbs and the co-founder and former Growth Director of Total Earth Nature University, a nonprofit dedicated to mentoring college students in the outside to foster assurance, resilience, and kinship with character. Anna been given her BA in Anthropology from the University of Oregon in 2006 and has been studying, mentoring, and practicing environmental awareness and immersion capabilities for above 12 several years. Anna is a Scientific Herbalist and is a previous college student and Clinical Director of the Columbines College of Botanical Experiments. She has dedicated her time to offering back to her community by means of top ethnobotanical plant walks and workshops, formerly volunteering on the herbal team with Occupy Healthcare and with Lane County Search and Rescue, and sharing private tales on her blog “Feral Botanicals”. Anna is passionate about awakening persons to their purely natural connections to motivate constructive emotional, mental, and bodily interactions. Anna is a mom, musician, mentor, writer, gardener, wanderer, and actor.

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