Are you guilty of one of the 5 most common oil mistakes????


This weekend was great.  I had a great group of women oilers come to hang out, learn about more oils, and share their stories. It’s amazing.  I hear them everyday as part of this “job”, but I am still blown away every time.

Many of you might already be oilers, and if you are, you might be falling into one of these “oil traps”.  Here are my 5 most common oily mistakes that I hear constantly…..  don’t find yourself in one of these traps.  Be prepared  🙂

1.  “I just don’t have that perfect oil, so I am not going to use anything.”  This happens ALL the TIME.  And I have even been guilty before, for sure.  Yes, if someone has a runny nose, I want my RC.  I do have a minor freak out if I don’t have my RC.  But what if you don’t have it?  Well, try something!  There aren’t side effects.  These oils have so many healing properties.  Don’t you get tired of me telling you that a particular oil (or really every oil) is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbal… well, that’s because they are!  So USE something.  Anything… Slap it on.  It definitely won’t work if you don’t try it 🙂

2.   Waiting until you feel bad to buy your oils.  If you don’t have an oil, you can’t use it.  You don’t think you need Digize because you hardly ever have an upset stomach.  Hmmm… but if you DO have a stomach problem, don’t you want it?  Be prepared, stock up.  You can’t help yourself if you aren’t prepared. Look into the Golden Touch kit-  I believe this is a must have after your everyday oils collection!

3. Not using enough oils.   You have to actually use your oils to get a benefit.  No way!  🙂 Put a couple drops on your feet, on your chest, put 8-10 drops in your diffuser, put 3-4 in your hands and cup them over your nose and breathe in.  If you want to get these oils into your bloodstream, use them!  Smelling them out of the bottle is nice, but you aren’t going to get the same huge benefits. Really use them and see what happens.   At my next gathering, you can be one of the amazing stories being told!

4. Not using them often enough.  I think this is a really common pitfall.    If you have an issue that came on fast, you need to attack it fast.  They have done tests of essential oils and the levels in your bloodstream.  The oil is detectable in your bloodstream within 2 minutes.  It peaks at 20 minutes and has a 10 minute half life.  You can still detect the essential oils in your blood for 4 hours. However, 20 minutes after using it, the levels are at their highest and start to drop semi quickly.  SO, if something comes on quick and needs to be addressed, you need to reapply every 10-15 minutes for optimum effectiveness.   Read that again- bleeding, bites {for example}… reapply every 10-15 minutes.

5. Speed matters.  The quicker you respond to an illness or injury, the quicker the oil enters your system, the quicker you will recover.  When I put lavender/purification on Tyce’s mosquito or ant bites immediately, they end up WAY smaller and I need less applications.  If I wait an hour or so, it takes a lot more applications to get the swelling down.  Act quick!

If you aren’t yet part of this oil adventure, there is no time like now. Your body will thank you (and your family too).  Sign up here as an independent member !

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