Author Mary Beth Albright discusses growth in organic food


as the quantity of organic food ripens around the world we wanted to get a crash course in what all the fuss is about and whether it’s worth that added cost I has spoken about it would Mary Beth Albright a food novelist she’s the author of how apples germinate and she’s also a food attorney well a certified organic food it was talking about the style that something is grown or created so it is a method of make so let’s say that you’re eating something a return or vegetable that is verified certified organic it means that there are certain pesticides that can’t be used it means that they had needed to be grown a certain way that is better for the environmental issues specific watering practices and especially with swine that the animals needed to be treated a certain way one of the big-hearted things about organic certified organic no GMOs and that’s a huge thing because a lot of parties buy organic food just for the short-lived hand to make sure that they’re not eating GMOs so despite the cost there seems to be such a high demand first of all why is it so much more expensive well it’s a great question and it’s the question that everybody wants to know freedom because they see the raspberries sitting outside the grocery store and it’s $ 2.99 and $4.99 and they search exactly the same except for the label is a different color why am i why am i paying so much more there are a number of reasons one is that with the pesticides that you can’t use when you’re originating organics it’s more difficult to grow those raspberries it takes longer there are more glitches that go toward those raspberries so more of them get dined by swine and pests and so it just takes a longer amount of meter and “were losing” more of the result so it’s more expensive so a good deal of people cannot afford to buy organic foods yes does that mean they face certain health risks now none certainly knows there are a lot of different opinions about whether particular pesticides have have impacts on the health of beings but if you want to be safe there really are certain menus that you can choose that are organic that are a lot better when you buy them let’s talk about that yes in raspberries I study raspberries strawberries the one I stop all suffers all berries and that’s and that’s a hard lozenge to withdraw because they’re so expensive when you buy the Morgana it’s a huge price I know and they’re there so TV and if you if you gather them out it’s like oh my gosh this did you know the cost fifteen cents but what if you really leases your non-organic food really really really well no it doesn’t exactly doesn’t get rid of that because the water content of that berry is is affected by what it’s been grown in and that’s the profit of the berries we should all buy organic what about the things that we can forgo we can say okay it doesn’t have to be organic banana banana surely because anything that you that you don’t snack the outside of it that you peel off the outside you’re pretty much going to be safe and if banana has a non-porous peel so the things that are going into it and you’re not going to need to worry about anything that has a big rind on it I definitely sounds like a very bad mama because I haven’t always disappeared organic or the menu I’m get okay first of all the food you put in your child is only one point whether you’re a good momma and the second thing is you know it’s it’s one part of a total entirety of what your child is doing and so um you know it’s there are certain nutrients that it really it you can go either way but there are certain foods that that it really does make a huge done finally my last-place question your thoughts on cookware I didn’t know that was an issue yeah well depends on it depends on some of the metals that exist in the cookware on the finish that’s on the outside you’ve really such a thing announced organic cookware yes in the same way that there’s organic clothing in the same way and and that’s more for people who who are concerned about how any issues that they destroy affect the environment that’s little about immediate health of what you’re frame in your figure and more about long-term health of the planet because we’re really talking about two separate things we’re talking about what we’re doing right now to ourselves and we’re talking about what we’re doing a hundred two hundred three hundred years from now to the environment whether the the practices that we’re using with food are sustainable I learned a good deal Mary Beth thank you thank you very much Mary Beth Albright meat novelist and generator of how at daughter we increase your time anytime


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