Awesome DIY Shower Cleaner – No Harsh Chemicals!


DIY Shower Cleaner

It took me a while to switch my shower cleaner over to something safer, because my (crummy, toxic) shower cleaner just worked SO WELL.  But every time after I’d use it I would get super thirsty (my body’s way of trying to flush out the chemicals I was breathing in?! weird) and I hated the (fake) ‘citrus’ after smell that lingered in the air.  I had tried a few ‘safer’ cleaners but wasn’t impressed, and one day I came across a recipe for blue dish soap + vinegar.  Well I didn’t have any blue dish soap, but I DID have my amazing Thieves Cleaner!  So I whipped this little recipe up and figured I’d give it a try.  And guess what… IT WORKED!  This recipe works SO GREAT, I kind of can’t believe it!  I hardly have to scrub my shower when I use this!

Shower cleaner – no harsh chemicals! 🙌🏻

Fill 10oz spray bottle 1/3 with white Vinegar
Fill the rest with water
Add 1 tbsp of Thieves Cleaner

Spray your shower and let sit for a couple minutes, then wipe down with sponge, rag, Norwex Cloth, Magic Eraser, whatever, and rinse!

(If your water is very hard, you may have to up the vinegar)
My favorite bottles to use are these Flairosol bottles, but any bottle will do!

You could of course add some essential oils because the vinegar smell is pretty strong, but it dissipates so quickly that I don’t worry about it.

Happy Cleaning! ❤️

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