Beyond Fitness 1 min


another way we raising push into my studio is with the antigravity yoga so we decompress our students we hang them upside down and we get all the physiological benefits of decompressing the body that style so it brings about more central circulation so our lung material is saturated with blood overflow when we’re upside down not only there’s the blood stream to pick up more oxygen that behavior lower lobes are more saturated as well but we also get an increase in the receptors in the carotid arteries and in the heart that see a elongate and send a message to the brain to tell the body to tighten so we get this secondary relaxation occur throughout the body after we’ve turned people upside down or changed them bring them back up so any kind of stress or fear that they might be experiencing on the way down there’s certainly alleviated physiologically where reference is bring them back up[ Music]


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