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more later but now what we want to do is give you the ace of what we’ve been kindnes today now for me i have not been the biggest fan of protein pulverizations until now why because they’re full of carbohydrates they’re full of things we don’t want and protein doesn’t ever planned it has to come from anything because now we’re looking at all protein from weed so there’s two spices we’ve got chocolate or vanilla and this is going to give you that banquet on the go that ready to fill you up wherever you’re an athlete or not this is for everyone and that’s particularly why the carbohydrates are so low-grade so there’s lots of reasons to talk about this but i do will tell you it’s your final appearance at this price of 44. 78 espouse right now vanilla vanilla or chocolate so reno i’m gonna climb back here let’s talk about because not all protein powders are similar and when we hear that for the first time we’re like oh no i don’t go to the gym no i’m not trying to build bulk that’s not what this is a matter of it’s really not daniel i necessitate it’s so much more important than that protein is the building block of life it’s absolutely essential it’s in the inner and outer membrane of every cell in the human body so it’s healthy whisker surface claws of course muscle of course bone we need protein the problem is the source okay so this speaks to the adulteration of our food supply and it’s really a sad story but again i like to begin with a question when you have selected your protein beef chicken or fish time pause and ask yourself this question what did what i’m eating ingest okay so what did the cow ingest the chicken the fish where did “hes living” where did they swim all of these poisonous ingredients that they’re fed that they deplete steroids bovine rise hormone arsenic you know genetically modified grain all of that terminates up in our figure so most people that turn away from protein meat animal source protein look at plant-based protein the number one choice there is typically soy really really bad okay there is no soy in boku super protein because soy among other things most of it is genetically modified meaning you’re consuming gmos the vast majority in fact grew in north america is genetically modified also it contains what are called phytoestrogens this mimics estrogen in the body and unleashes havoc this is the reason we see young girls with their adolescence coming their intervals very early young sons developing breasts it’s absolutely unpleasant these are the phytoestrogens so we scaped soy with boku super protein we’re dealing with the most significant most pristine parts on earth four plant-based proteins i’m just going to go through this very quickly we have pea protein from canada “were having” red dulce from the beautiful pristine oceans off of nova scotia we have sacha inchi the diamond of the amazon and then finally we we have cranberry which stuns a lot of people the seed of the cranberry is extraordinarily high-pitched in protein but we blend all four together why so we deliver that low-grade carb gratification you’re looking for daniel in a ended amino battery-acid profile meaning no gas no bloating okay it’s in your cells in hours it’s assimilated with singular efficiency and talk about savory frankly i’m so proud of our protein in the case of chocolate flavored with organic cacao the superfood source of all chocolate honied perfectly with organic coconut flower nectar in situations of our vanilla protein flavored with of course organic vanilla and sweetened the same way with organic coconut bloom nectar now this is a protein game changer now we know the other thing is you know we talk about high-pitched protein diets all the time i’ve been on one for numerous many years but you’ve also got to be very careful as you said not only what maybe you’re eating has dined but likewise the kind of fat that you can get from some of those proteins i’m very careful about the very illuminate fish the lean chicken you know you’ve got to be careful on our protein food but this to me is a perfect style to replenish that spread maybe it’s an in-between meal but i’ve added some sea what do you intimate is um the space we should be doing this at home okay i love it with pure water but notice me i’ve gone onward and indulged i have beautiful organic coconut milk now so i want to talk about a like a beautiful chocolate milkshake ordeal i’m enjoying the chocolate protein here and you point out daniel most of these proteins the cheaper proteins that you can buy in health food stores even you know they contain isolate soy isolate whey isolate these are chemical distillations okay and they’re isolated with poison chemicals hexane gas this is the reason a lot of these cheaper proteins contribute us gas looking our whole assignment is to make a positive divergence and to change your life the behavior that these superfoods have changed ours we make gargantuan pride we shake the mitts that raise the ground we only source the finest ingredients and then all of boku produces are formulated by our on-staff naturopathic medical doctor so we bring you the most nutrient-dense superfoods that smell astounding and that’s where people just go crazy frankly now this is a special render we are also able get this home to you today and you don’t see poco on our screens very often we have the chocolate “were having” the vanilla we’re gonna let you get this home for 7.47 now “ve been thinking about” the saving when you’re having this as a meal replacement when you’re putting this as a snack on the go but you know reno’s developed this for athletes and there’s some very highly professional athletes that go this but it isn’t just for that person it’s for everyone so because you’re going down on the carbohydrates and the overweight anyone can have this it doesn’t mean you’ve got to go sweat it out and work in the gym for a pair hours and that’s not what this is a matter of with boca superfood with the protein again all plant-based altogether vegan there is nothing in here that you don’t want and we’ll see you a draw all that is you do want there’s no gluten there’s no soy it’s all about the ingredients you wishes to no included fillers all of this is really what boku is all about no contributed sugar but it’s got a natural sweetness but this is all going to be an availability for you today for the final proposal for under 44 it’s a clever rate i don’t know how you’d be able to get this with you know we know what you’ve done on the purity and get us this price is really top character so we’re talking about a month’s supply now but certainly depending how often you’re having it yeah i intend it’s two and a half grams of overweight daniel as you noted five grams of sugar this is the secret the grace of mood when we stay as close to nature as possible we avoid the estimated ten thousand noxious compounds that are in the processed foods that you know flood convenience store shelves listen walk into a grocery store that’s estimated up to 80 percent of the food items you investigate on the shelf didn’t even exist 100 years ago that’s not what we’re about we’re about honour these beautiful natural knacks you don’t have to eat man-made processed protein that’s obtained with noxious chemicals and and ingest something that’s allegedly healthy for you but will actually make you sick we’re all about forming you well we’re about boosting immunity remember as we age we need more protein we begin to naturally lose muscle mass from persons under the age of about 40 years and up so we have to consume good healthy protein really to keep what we have it all comes down to the choice that you make and i can candidly tell you the choice you’re making today to bring this protein home and to share this with your family is going to be the best choice you’ve ever clear because this is absolutely and i’m not boast by the way we make prodigious respect in this the best protein on the planet i say that without dread of antithesi now for 13 years you’ve built up a massive audience of beings that love goku superfoods and we’ve actually luck enough to have on skype mark sims who is someone that charities and believed in your commodity so we’re going to go over to mark celebrate thanks for joining us on the reveal live today how are you today i think we might have heard from differentiate uh look at that that’s not stigmatize oh my goodness but i can beat differentiate if you miss i think we need more back or we need a producer where i can find out who’s on where so who are we talking to hi daniel hey it’s bob bob well i’m not getting much knowledge here i’m afraid bob so pleased to see you both how are you and tell us your fib well i started with boku probably uh 10 or 12 years ago a long time ago and i “i m starting to” it reluctantly and i and i started taking it and you know i wasn’t sure if i felt better i felt different i really wasn’t sure but i’ve been go for about 20 years and and i’m an athlete of roam if you if you will and i circulate 100 000 miles and i’m in inns and i never get sick and i believe i have a good immune system well as i took boku more and more boku i started realizing i do have a good immune system and this is helping my immune organisation it’s retaining it strong and and when we went into this covid thing back in february procession i realized i do have a good immune system and i attribute it to to boku to eating protein and things that that i don’t devour every day in meals that i should but i eat through the through the pulverizations and i’m so i’m so ordained to have been turned on to this um and and kept it vanishing and it’s an everyday part of my life i start every morning out with a boku “youre seeing” my display of boku back here and i start my morning out and if i need a little boost in the afternoon i take a little matcha and protein and super oil and i and i bokeh up and and i and “i m loving” it and it hinders me extending it impedes me healthy and i i can’t say fairly about it if you don’t believe in it try it really try it you’ll ensure what it’ll do for you thank you so much bob and you stay fit and we acknowledge your testimonial to boku superfood so thank you for coming in i do want to tell everyone yeah i’ve got it i’ve got it you know i’m on for four hours today i’m getting all the energy and filling me up i must tell you that’s exactly what i thought about coming to work say is i don’t have to have that snacking i don’t have to have something before i go on air because bokeh superfood is gonna fill me up with the protein now we have four minutes remaining “were having” our final production at this cost today you choose chocolate or vanilla now the only way to do this is go to right now check out or dedicate us a request 1-800-938-9708 you can call us on that number on your screen 474 -6 762 we’ve sold a thousand we’re gonna get these home to you today um reena i’d say buy one of each i symbolize at this expenditure have because sometimes you’re in a different mood aren’t you you require a little bit more of that cacao and you want that chocolate spice and then vanilla i kind of really like for breakfast on the way to go because it’s kind of that very clean flavor as well there you go and something else to point out daniel keep in mind if you’ve gone ahead and obtained the boku superfood grab the boku super protein because all of boku products are designed to be merged together as bob pointed out if you leant the superfood together with the super protein you have perhaps the eventual ended meal replacing and it’s really important to understand how this impacts hunger remember hunger is your body signaling to you its need for fuel it’s need for nutrition so when you fill up with these fattening dead evacuate calories what ends up happening a few minutes later you’re craving something sweet or something salty because you haven’t satisfied your body’s need for nutrition boku super meat super protein together i promise you will not be hungry because you’re flooding your cells with vital oil recollect your body doesn’t want to be full your organization needs to be fueled so i grab them both and i grab them in combination with the superfood but frankly i’d give everything we have in the reveal because it’s all selling out and and we work really hard to make sure you’re getting the best so take advantage because again daniel the prices are pretty incredible welcome everyone in because a lot of parties as soon as they hear that word protein powder they be taken into consideration people that exist in the gym they think about improving bulk they think about working out we’re not talking about that we’re talking about protein that the body needs we’re talking about a low-grade carb low fat offer we’re talking about how you can fuel your person how you can give it that enjoyment but it’s protein that the work requires and also in today’s world reno protein is very expensive we’re talking about having it in a pulverization structure that “i m loving” how you’ve made the carbs down and all being plant-based so it’s kosher it’s vegan it’s everything you need it to be love the way you can mix this with either a coconut milk you can do with an almond milk you can do it with time water that i’ve got and it terminates so exclusively i want this is smooth there’s no mounds or jolts in it it’s really easy um simply to give it a bit shake and then look at that firmnes lovely without emulsifiers without supplements everything directly from baby mood to you that’s the sorcery of both goku will stop you as close to nature as possible and you’ll feel the difference daniel as you know we like to say boku superfood is organic nutrition you can actually feel you suck it down pause and ask yourself how do i feel i predict you you’re in for an amazing treat and by the way you deserve to feel your very best every day not just once in a while well we’ve just the chocolate remaining about 1600 we’ve got a ton of people on the phone lines but the vanilla is the most limited so most people on the phones are picking up a couple of these at that special importance watch we’ve make the toll down we let you compensate it off on your credit card of selection and we’re bringing in a lot of brand-new purchasers now so on your credit card it’s just 7.46 well that’s a month i represent think about that we’re going to give you what could be meal replacement let me let me ask reno about that tell me for beings like me and beings that aren’t heavily working out every day who is this for and when is it for well again daniel every human alive protein is the building block of life we all need it and especially as we age when we begin to lose muscle mass naturally we need to consume protein the challenge is as we get older it’s harder to digest steaks and floor flesh and animal protein because it’s really difficult on our organization imagine this you can consume our beautiful super protein come those 18 grams of beautiful plant-based protein in


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