Lovely Silent Tea

The cacophony of urban life has steadily diminished over the last six and a half decades.  My hearing loss, severe and progressive, has been...

The Essential Guide to Matcha: Matcha Processing

In order to understand matcha, we first need to get to grips with high-grade, shade-grown tencha and gyokuro.  While gyokuro uses the finest, most delicate leaves for steeping, tencha uses the best...

Aged Oolongs

I recently reviewed two aged Taiwanese rolled oolongs; a bit out of normal context for those, being 6 years old (2014).  Aged oolong tends...

When A Tea Person Moves

For example, I hadn’t really previously put into words why I keep the cup that Catherine made for me. It has a crack and...

T Ching Classics: Autumn Baking

Now that Autumn has officially begun (in the Northern Hemisphere), we thought we’d celebrate by featuring some recipes for delicious autumn baked treats! We hope...

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea: Tea or Herbal?

Here at T Ching, we are proud to begin featuring these delightful and informative videos by Diane Walden of Cal Teas. We decided to...

2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

Invitation to our Virtual Tealand With so much going on in the real world, it’s time to gather — as best we can — in...

What My Tea Says To Me: PossibiliTEA

Create – The garden of your mind…                 Full of abundant, nutritious, thoughts,                 Plant seeds of love with intention,                 Joy, bliss and belief – flow like water,                 Nourishing your...

T Ching Classics: Stress – Archives T Ching

By Emma LawsonStress has become a new epidemic, and according to the American Psychological Association it contributes to the six leading causes of death:...

Announcement: We’ve Been Nominated – Announcements T Ching

It is with great pride that we recognize our fellow nominees as the distinguished TeaTime Magazine and Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Twice before T Ching...
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