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– You guys know that I love to give a health twistto classic recipes, and one that’s so easy to givea health improve to is pizza. So today I’m gonna present you how to make a deliciouscauliflower pizza crust and share a couple ofdifferent flavor options because, at the end of the day, pizza is all about the transcends, isn’t it? But before we jump into the recipe, I do wanna provided the high expectations and say that a cauliflowerpizza crust is not going to be crispy like atraditional pizza crust.The cauliflower inside willnaturally make it softer, and so it’s really aboutloving it for what it is, which is a healthiergluten-free, low-pitched carb, and very delicious pizza alternative. Just as zucchini noodles aren’tthe same quality as pasta and sweet potato toastis not the same texture as entire wheat bread, a cauliflower pizza crustwill not be the same as a traditional pizza, but I think it’s delicious either way, and it’s a great way to sneakmore veggies into your diet. I think you guys are genuinely gonna love it, so let me show you how to make it. One thing you’ll learnalong the way today is that this recipe is really quite flexible.The main ingredientobviously is cauliflower, but you can use a whole cauliflower and then remove theflorets and rice those. You can use pre-ricedstore-bought cauliflower if you’d like to ricochet a little work, though I do find thesetend to be a bit chunkier than homemade riced cauliflower. Or you can use frozen cauliflower florets and save yourself the most time because you won’t have toprecook the frozen florets. So I’ll testify you two options today, commencing with a entire cauliflowerthat’s about two pounds. After you’ve laundered it, slice it in half, then into quarters.Once you’ve got one-quarters, you can slice off the root at a diagonal and break apart the florets. You’ll need the florets to fit through the ramp of your food processor, so if they’re a bit on the large side, merely break-dance them apart or usea spear to cut them smaller. And repeat this process until you have all of the florets removedand about the same size. Now, here’s the key when it comes to making cauliflower rice at home. You don’t wanna use this Sblade in your food processor, which is the blade youprobably use most often. If “youre using” this, you’ll endup with a processor full of hokey cauliflower puree on the bottom and vast hunks on the top, and that’s not what we want. We crave cauliflower ricethat’s garb in size.So to do that, contribute the grater component to your food processor, and I use the side withthe large grater holes. I do have a separate video onhow to construct cauliflower rice, so if you haven’t seenthat yet, hold it a watch. But you’ll add the grater connect and then secure the eyelid.( upbeat music) Now, if you don’t have a food processor, you’re still in luck, as you can enormous the cauliflowerby hand on a box grater.This obviously takes a bit longer, but it certainly succeeds as well. So lent your cauliflower florets into the top parachute of thefood processor and push down. Your cauliflower is riced super fast, and all of the patches willbe nice and similar in width. A two-pound cauliflower will give you about 1 1/2 pounds of florets, and when those are riced, you’ll have about fivecups of cauliflower rice. But if you have slightly more or less, it’s really not a big deal, and this recipe will turn out either way. Today, I’ve got path morethan five goblets of florets as I had a monster-sized cauliflower, so I’ll save half ofthis for a future recipe and contributed five beakers to a glass container with a microwave-safe lid. When you use raw cauliflower, so need to cook it to soften up, so I’ll place it in the microwavefor four to five minutes to let it steam and soften. If you don’t have a microwave, you could saute the cauliflower rice for about eight to 10 minutes as well.When you take the cauliflowerrice out of the microwave, it will be hot and steamy. Give it a provoke and thenlet it cool to the touch. And while we’re waiting for it to cool, preheat your oven to400 magnitudes Fahrenheit and give a nut milk bagor reduce kitchen towel. I prefer this heavy-duty nut milk bag which I use all of the time, and I’ll link it in thedescription chest below. Transfer the cooled cauliflower rice to the nut milk bag or kitchen towel, and then squeeze all the moisture out. You’ll see that quite abig of liquid “re coming”, but maintain pinching. And when you think you’redone, take a deep breath, and squeeze some more as hard as you can because the more liquidyou can remove, the very best, and the less likely yourcrust will become soggy. Transfer the cauliflowerrice to a mixing bowl, and now we’ll supplemented somebinders and flavoring. I’ve tried this recipewith grated Parmesan, grated mozzarella, and soft goat cheese, and they all creation, sochoose your favorite. If you’re using gratedcheese, you’ll need 1/2 a cup.So add that, along with oneteaspoon of Italian seasoning, slat and pepper, and one hit egg. Then time dig in with your hands and assortment it all together like dough. Line a baking expanse with parchment article, and then turn out thecauliflower dough onto the pan. If you have a pizzastone, that’s even more effective and will make for a much crispier layer, so I highly recommends the following. Use your hands to flatten the dough, and you can form it intoa round or square influence. Simply try to keep the heightbetween 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch and as even as possible. And I like to make aslight lip on the edge just so that any sauce orcheese doesn’t pour out. Place the cauliflowerpizza crust into the oven and cook for about 25 minutes. You had been able to bake it for 20 minutes, then snap it over and bakefor another five to 10 times to get both sides as crispy as possible. So while that’s baking, let me show you a faster and easier way you can make this recipe, and that’s using frozen cauliflower that’s thawed in the fridge overnight.You’ll want 1 1/2 pounds offrozen cauliflower florets, the same as our fresh cauliflower. So for me, that’s about 1 1/2 pockets. Add the thawed floretsto your food processor and initiate cauliflowerrice just as we done before. Now, the big time savingswith frozen cauliflower is that we don’t have to concoct it, as the freezing and thawinghas already soothed it. So formerly it’s riced, you can add it straight to anut milk bag or kitchen towel and wring out the sweat. And I only have to say ,( chuckles) it’s a good thing that my principal isn’t shown in this clip, otherwise you’d see me gritting my teeth as I constrict as hard as I perhaps can. For this copy, I’mgonna add soft goat cheese. So I’ll supplement 1/3 of a goblet, which is slightly less thanthe 1/2 a cup of grated cheese, but everything else is the same with one teaspoon of Italianseasoning, salt and pepper, and one drum egg. Once I’ve mingled the dough together, I’ll spread that out onto a baking expanse just as I done before and create about a nine-inch round pizza, though this one is a bitbigger than the last.You could also procreate two smaller pizzas. And if you plan to freeze thecrusts after they’ve roasted, smaller pizza crusts aredefinitely easier to store. I’ve got all the detailsfor snack prepping, freezing, and storing these crusts on the blog post, so make sure to check that out. Once it’s influenced, I’llpop it into the oven and positioned the timer again for 25 minutes, though I’ve found that whenI use frozen cauliflower, it tends to need a few minutes extra.So here’s my first crust that I manufactured with the fresh cauliflower and Parmesan, and you can see it’s nice and golden and the underside is fully cooked. And here’s my crust reached with frozen cauliflower and goat cheese, and you can see it lookspretty darn same. So again, just know that thisrecipe is really adaptable. But let’s get to our exceeds. I’m making a pesto chickenpizza for the first one, so I’ll include a tablespoonof olive oil to a go, along with two cleaves of minced garlic and two backpack cups of spinach. And cook it for a couple ofminutes until it shrivels down. Once that’s done, you canremove it from the go. The first stratum on thispizza is basil pesto, and this is my homemade version, which I have a recipe for on my website. So I’ll contribute 1/3 cup of that, and it’s important that youdon’t add too much sauce on these crusts, as you don’twant them to get too soggy.Then I’ll add 1/2 a cupof shredded chicken, and I have another recipefor this on my website. And then scatter on about 3/4 beaker of shredded mozzarella. To finished yet off, I’ll spread out thatgarlic sauteed spinach, and I’ll place it back in theoven here in just a second. For the second pizza, I’m gonna make a classic Margherita pizza, so I’ll slice a coupleballs of fresh mozzarella. I’ll supplement 1/3 bowl of marinara sauce and spread it in a thin mantle. And, yes, I have a recipe forthis on my website as well.Margherita pizzas areall about candour, and they’re adorned with thecolors of the Italian flag, which is red from the marinara sauce, white from the mozzarella, and green from the basil. And we’ll contributed the basil after it’s cooked. I’ll place both of thesepizzas back in the oven for about 10 minutes or untilthe cheese is nice and melted. When they come out of the oven, the only thing that’s left to do is to add fresh basil tothe Margherita pizza.And if you’d like, you can sprinkle redpepper flakes as well. Now, as I mentioned at the beginning, these slicings will besofter than ordinary pizza, but they still hold together just fine, and I think they taste shocking. For the printable recipe andall of the tips I mentioned, make sure to pate to my website, which is associated in thedescription carton below. Give this video a thumbsup if you experienced it, and I will see you guysagain in next weeks’ video ..


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