Celebrating the Season With Fragrant Melon and Tea


With seemingly  not much to celebrate in our world at the moment, Mother Nature and those who assist her (the growers, the pickers, the cultivators, the sellers) are truly sowing joy as summer has officially begun at our local farmers markets (visiting them with masks and social distancing required and no sampling allowed; no selecting your own fruit either—where I live, you just leave it up to the experts to choose the ripest, readiest fruit). I am thinking now of the perfumed melons whose flesh comes in an array of colors and flavor profiles plentiful on the tables of my favorite vendors at the market. From honeydew to cantaloupe and all of the variants in between (orange-fleshed Charentais to light green Galia and Ogen varieties, to name just a few), juicy melons are the perfect fruit to use when making a creamy sorbet: Fruit puree and sugar, and perhaps a squeeze of lime juice — that and some time are all that are needed to turn these fruits into a delicious and refreshing star for a dessert in a glass. Where does the tea come in?  Twice. It is first brewed and chilled before mixing into the melon puree for the sorbet. And then secondly, to reinforce the delicacy of the tea in the dessert, you can brew up some more, chill it, and pour a bit over the sorbet just before serving.

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