Cocoa Absolute Aromatherapy


Hi everyone, Christine with Mountain Rose Herbs. I am the products manager and aromatherapist on staff. Today we are going to be talking about chocolate ultimate which is a solvent extraction from Theobroma cacao nuts. The absolute itself at 100% is almost solid at room temperature and really difficult to work with, so this liquid is actually blended with 50% organic ethanol so that you have a awfully pourable and measurable produce to work with. That mingle decisions in a really dark flowing liquid that’s going to run easily you’re going to be able to measure it. It’s going to come out of the reducer in your indispensable lubricant bottle.

The perfume for this oil is a really intoxicating, characteristic nighttime chocolate odor: highly fierce, very sweet and rich. It has earthy tinges to it and even though this is 50% ethanol, you can’t smell that one of the purposes of it. You can really exactly reek the rich pitch-dark chocolate part of this absolute. And it is quite steadfast, really strong: a fun commodity to work with. It’s mostly going to be used for fragrance. There’s not a whole lot of aromatherapy intents with this oil besides the fact that it stinks astounding.

It is strong and overtaking, and is considered a chocolatey base note. There are a few difficulties mixing with it because of the nature that it’s an absolute and that it has ethanol blended in it previously. The color is going to be one of them. It’s really rich and dark so that is going to affect any finished products that you’re working with, although that might be good or bad vary what you’re using and what you’re making.

When you’re blending it with other essential oils it can actually take a couple periods to kind of meld with them and make a more liquid lubricant again. You might see it kind of sitting at the bottom of your bottle for a little, but desegregating it up over a few cases periods is going to work it well into other oils. You might even consider, if you’re going to use this cocoa absolute and another essential oil blend, lending them to your finished product separately. It’s going to result in a better mixture for you and might prepare things a little easier. As far as solubility goes for this absolute, it is 100% soluble in booze. This is just a few drops of the chocolate ultimate in pure grain alcohol and it’s sort of a light colouring, still tinted brown from the absolute, but it is a clear liquid.

So booze based smells are going to be a really good use for this. It does blend into a carrier oil, but you are going to see some dissociation and the petroleum itself might become a little cloudy because of the ethanol in the commodity. This bottle is fractionated coconut lubricant and the chocolate absolute and you can see the sort of cloudy amber colored fractionated coconut petroleum which is usually clear on its own, and then merely a very small layer of the absolute at the lower end of the bottle. I don’t want that to deter you from working it in an oil mixture, but you might want to consider using a smaller amount in there. And it does actually blend in with water, which isn’t conventional for most essential petroleums. But it does result in an extremely cloudy creamcolored liquid, so a few drops of the cocoa absolute in liquid here is almost opaque. It virtually looks a lot like a colored chocolate butter certainly. With this you’re chiefly appreciating the sea and the ethanol blend together, and then some residues.

You might experience the ultimate itself starting to pull out of the liquid eventually. I haven’t cause this bottle of mixture sit long enough to see that happen more. But we are looking at three different basis to use, alcohol being the cleanest, furnishing you the clearest produce; lubricant being good, but you are seeing some separation of absolute; and then water is a good base extremely but it also causes a cloudy commodity. If you’re not concerned about that or you’re blending into an brownish-yellow bottle, it might not stuff; you could still make an amazing room or organization scatter exerting this absolute. So with the chocolate again it’s a really rich intoxicating oil absolute, but it does have restriction functionality when you’re blending with it.

It can be a little ticklish to work with, so you might want to give yourself patience. It does make a great oil to put in diffuser merges, but I would recommend applying either a diffuser that has a glass or ceramic reservoir and not adding it to something like some of the ultrasonic cloud diffusers that are on the market that have a plastic tank for your water and lubricant. That’s where it’s really going to kind of start grasping to the plastic and becoming difficult to clean. Another huge channel to use this absolute is we actually have a brand new blog out right now for a slew chocolate body butter and it foreground the chocolate ultimate, cocoa butter, and spearmint indispensable lubricant.

I hope you find this new absolute in our wire interesting and decide to give it a try. And joyous blending.