Constipation relief during pregnancy – Treatments and cures


I’m Stacy Tisdale for howdini when you’re pregnant all sorts of maddening things can happen to your organization swelling sleeplessness and even constipation which can perform us very uncomfortable but there are things that you can do to deal with this joining us to discuss those things physician Keith Edelman director of obstetrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and scribe of two journals including gestation for dummies thanks for connecting us dr.Edelin why do pregnant women have such problems with constipation well are a couple different concludes probably first and foremost is a hormone called progesterone which is produced very early in the gestation to actually support the pregnancy but one of the side effects it has it can actually slow down the hurrying which with which things go through your intestinal tract so it can lead to an increase in the constipation the second thing is is that many ladies are taking iron during pregnancy and help keep their eschewed counseling because the baby needs extra iron to build red blood cells and unfortunately a side effect of iron is that too justification you to be constipated so when you articulated the two together it can really got a problem when you’re pregnant what are some of the things that we can do about this when you have to take your prenatal vitamins well any issues that your mommy “ve told you” in your baby eat lots of high-fiber lots of food with fiber green leafy vegetables you know things like that wishes to some ladies eventually need stool softeners that you can get over-the-counter and that’s not something that’s injurious for the fetus at all so you should take that if you have a chronic problem with constipation and sometimes maids need stronger medication to help with that so that’s a big concern among women can I make these over the cold you know over-the-counter medications but you say that’s fine the over counter drugs that are available now are fine and safe to make both but the majority of members of them make by like sort of locally they stay within the bowel they stay within your bowels so they really don’t appreciate don’t get to the newborn or the fetus itself so they’re really not not a problem if you have a question though you should talk to your doctor your provider to ask him about him or her about the drugs when do I know I’m having a problem versus time normal constipation if it’s awkward if it’s disagreeable for you that’s a problem you know you want to want to be as pleasant as you can you know the average individual has one valve per day and if you find that you’re going for three days without having a balance that’s not normal you know and eventually you’re going to get painful you know you might not be at that point but I’d use that as a barometer if you notice that you’re not having a daily battle movement that maybe you want to do something to help things along and can women expect that is something that last-place throughout the entire pregnancy unfortunately it frequently does because progesterone is promoted throughout the whole pregnancy you’re taking iron throughout the whole pregnancy typically and then as the child goes bigger too you just have pressure of the child and the uterus on the entrails to the sort of compound for difficulty too toward the latter part of pregnancy so regrettably it’s usually throughout the whole pregnancy so get used to it and just remain a close watch to see if it’s normal or something that you should be concerned about y-you don’t have necessarily have to get be applicable to it they’re things that you can do to make it better you know some of the things we talked about earlier so I wouldn’t merely accept the fact that I’m constipated I would try to do something to make it go away to improve it great admonition dr.Edelman expressed appreciation for so much for joining howdini thank you you.


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