DIY Lash Serum For Healthier, Thicker, and Longer Eyelashes!


DIY Lash Serum for Healthier Thicker and Longer Eyelashes


Let’s talk eyelashes for a second!!  A while back I bought supplies for this lash serum and have recently been using it consistently, and I LOVE it!

I had eyelash extensions for 2.5 years (yes, in my 80/20 rule, this was in my 20), and all the things they say about extensions trashing your natural lashes (at least temporarily) are true.  Even though I went to an amazing tech and I took really good care of them, having something artificial glued to your individual eyelashes obviously takes a toll.  When I finally stopped getting extensions, my top eyelashes were literally BARELY there, like 1/4 the length of my bottom lashes AND I had even been using a (probably toxic) serum on them before I got my extensions off, in hopes that my natural lashes would grow more before getting my extensions off!!  No luck with that. They did eventually grow out again, which took a solid 4-5 months.  But I have been obsessed with eyelash growth since then because I pretty much looked like Kermit the Frog.

I’ve tried a variety of serums, but all of them had questionable ingredients, so I decided to look into making something natural.  I would notice when I used my Wolfberry Eye Cream at night and was conscious about making sure my lashes were nourished with it, they would grow strong and wouldn’t fall out. So when I saw this recipe with castor oil, which is known to help hair growth on its own, with added Lavender and Cedarwood which can also help hair… well, I was pumped. Even after a week my lashes already felt stronger!

I have been using this consistently for a few months, and my lashes are noticeably healthier, stronger, thicker, and longer.  I had been noticing that I’d lose a lot of lashes in the eyelash curler, and that stopped happening when I started using this serum!  Nourishing the root seems to have the most impact, and I want to share this awesome recipe with you that I had seen floating around, and then saw my own results with.


  • Organic Castor Oil and an empty mascara tube
  • 10 Drops Lavender
  • 10 Drops Cedarwood


Fill the empty tube with castor oil, add essential oil, and mix together.  Apply to lashes every night after washing your face.  Use your finger to lightly massage the oil from your lashes into your lash line.  In my opinion, getting the oil at the roots has been key has been key in nourishing them, allowing my eyelashes to grow stronger, longer, and thicker.

I bought this castor oil from Amazon because it came with the mascara tube and I use Castor oil for other things, but you don’t need a big bottle like this.

I noticed a difference in the strength of my lashes very quickly (not falling out when I was curling them), but like anything, you’ll need to give it a little time to see visible results.

If you already have Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit, you have Lavender, which is awesome for so many things!  If you don’t have a Young Living membership, grab your kit here or contact me with any questions.  You’ll have to let me know if you have seen a difference with this recipe, too!

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