Fairhope Tea Plantation – Tea Places T Ching


Our plantation, founded in 1979, consists of three different gardens boasting over 61,000 bushes.  Two are not pruned or plucked and the bushes are 20-30 feet high.  One area near our home is where we closely manage the bushes to produce tea.  I always thought I would be planting more, but we have all that we can now maintain.

Tea tourism is working well for us.  We charge $10 for a tour, where guests get a cup of tea and a free bare-rooted tea plant.  I put small groups on a golf cart and ride them through the tea fields, stopping at points of interest.  These are enthusiastically received with our guests coming on a regular basis.  We sell most of our tea to these tourists, and are still not shipping tea to outside customers.  Because we are getting two requests a week to send tea off in the mail, we may reconsider some day – but for now, no mail orders.

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