Falling Into Tea With Books, a Tea-Tinged Reflection


With the turning of the season, does your tea habit change? Cooler nights after sweltering days lead me to drink lots more of our favorite beverage. In this crazy time, my thoughts turn to the flavors of fall – apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmons…. I crave the darker, duskier, more full-bodied teas: Keemun, malty Assams, and yes, Pu-erh. The time for iced floral Darjeelings or oolongs is passing, at least for me. Instead, hunkering down with a good book to take me away from our current madness with a soothing cup of tea at my side provides a bit of comfort. Without the ability to travel, books set in faraway places or distant times — the armchair as the conveyance with words in front of me — ignite my wanderlust. Revisiting a book with that cuppa near at hand has been my wont these days.

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