Five Tips for Sharing Tea with Kids


I would love to tell you that the day I brought home some non-caffeinated fruit tisane (more on this later) to the first non-imaginary tea party that there were fireworks of amazement.  I sat there while she took her first sip. This is it…all the research, all the shopping, all the good parenting had come to this one moment.  I am the mother that went the distance!  She looked at me while I waited with bated breath… “This. Is. Horrible.”  I smiled and was thinking, “I know…wait, what?”  There it is, the unfiltered five-year-old.  Ugh, JK of tea…gone.  Another “mom Rockefeller moment” in my head gone wrong; but wait, could I add honey to salvage it?  Yes, Yes, a spoonful of honey!  Saved the moment, saved the day, and eventually saved my business plan. (More on the sweetener part later, too.)

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