Getting pregnant when you have endometriosis.


are you concerned about thoughts because you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis or you suspect that you might have endometriosis well then I’m shooting this video especially for you so keep watching[ Music] hello lovelies and welcome to another one of my videos in which I’ll be talking with you about endometriosis and conceiving naturally of all the questions I’ve been receiving the last couple of weeks and months and no meetry osis and shooting a video and that was clearly among the priorities of the listing right underneath PCOS so you can imagine how prevailing apparently it is so it was high time that I did a video on this topic as well let’s dive straight-out in to what you want to know right what is the effect of endometriosis on your fertility well let’s first talk about what endometriosis actually is because when it’s way easier to understand what the effect is on your fertility and in Mitri OSIS is when you have the cadres of your uterine stringing your enemy Treo lining and they become like chocolate cysts so your uterus no longer looks like a neat and smooth little bunked for a fertilized egg for Lent no it’s kind of lumpy and rutted so you can imagine that a fertilized egg might find it difficult to implant another part of this problem could be that cells of your uterus are travelling somewhere else in your organization outside of the uterus one of the most frequent arranges that you will find this can be in your fallopian tubings or on your ovaries but it can also show up on your bladder or on intestines nonetheless these cadres have even been are available on seams and in the nasal hole oh my goodness being so super cute right now I need to make depict and demo you how she’s “ve been staring at” me from the berthed all right back to this important topic now that you understand what I know metrio says is it’s a lot easier to imagine what the effect would be on your fertility right first of all as I said if you’ve got these chocolate cysts in your uterus then the endometrial lining is not gonna be nice and smooth and it’s not gonna be as nourishing if you’ve got these chocolates this going on so it’s difficult maybe for a fertilized egg to embed properly if the endometrial cells circulate inside your fallopian tubings then they can cause an blockage for a fertilized egg to travel down and because in the materials this is an inflammatory condition the cadres in the fallopian tubings can even induce disfiguring so not just the endometrial cells are causing an obstruction but also the scarring the risk of this can even be an ectopic pregnancy women with endometriosis have a higher risk of an ectopic maternity because an egg are likely to be fertilized it tries to travel down it’s not able to and then implants into the wall of galloped into the third way that endometriosis are affecting your fertility is if the endometrial cadres are in or on your ovaries and cause chocolates if there it fully meddles with ovulation as you can imagine also if endometrial liner starts to build up in your fallopian tubings the fallopian tube might not even be able to catch an egg that is released by your ovaries so if you haven’t been diagnosed with endometriosis yet but you’re wondering if you might be having it then this is what you should be looking out for mostly sting are you able imagine if you’ve gotten training materials cells in other recognises than your uterus then that can cause pain because under the influence of estrogen every month your endometrial liner starts to thicken nonetheless you’re in a reciprocal liner shouldn’t be in your fallopian tubes or on your ovaries or your bladder or your intestines there’s no room for it it’s not meant to be there so formerly that starts to thicken that can cause pain this is why with an Demetrios asyou we’ll often see that girls suffer with a lot of pain right before their interval and during the period as the cells are being molted and that generates irritability in all the wrong blots but you might find that if you have any meat Rios’s that you have abdominal pain your part hertz and that it is maybe a little bit better after your period but that it gets worse right after that because estrogen starts to go up and under the influence of estrogen the endometrial lining starts to thicken again if you have endometriosis on ER in your ovaries and around ovulation can be really unpleasant as well another thing you can be looking out for is should you be happy in Demetrios this honor in your ovaries and risks are you won’t be obviating at all or unusually in monstrosity so if you chart your round you’ll be able to see if you are ovulating or not I will have my free charting track associated in the specific characteristics below as ever if you haven’t started mapping more all those being said it is possible in order to be allowed to simply have a lot of pain right before your period or during your season if you exclusively have the endometriosis in your uterus itself and you know what some gals have endometriosis and haven’t got any manifestations at all you can possibly see that if you have an amici osis honor in your ovaries that your indications can search a good deal like PCOS so if you think you might have PCOS definitely click on the cart up now as well I’ve recently done a video on PCOS and I’ve just started a series so should you be interested in that make sure to pate on over to that video after this one as well so of course in order to salve we want to know what causes endometriosis right well the general explanations of what causes endometriosis are either retrograde period so that means that your period doesn’t just come out of your vagina but it goes back up to your fallopian tubes the other thing is that it is thought that maybe cells in other fields of your person suddenly out of nowhere develop in into endometrial cadres or that endometrial cells travel through the blood vessels and the lymphatic method to another location and then start to reproduce there or that it is caused by surgery for example if you have a c-section that endometrial cells are spread to another location those are interesting things but they don’t really justify what is causing it right they just explain what’s happening with the exception of the surgery because it’s very obvious what’s happening there what I find is that the three underlying causes of endometriosis are usually the following three so yes the first is definitely surgery it’s a mechanical statu you’ve had your surgery and something you have endometriosis it makes a lot of sense that those cells have been spread to another location the second one however is an autoimmune condition it doesn’t mean that you certainly have a specific autoimmune disease but you can have an autoimmune tendency and this can also underline Demetrios as’ because antagonist ptosis is an inflammatory condition and that is usually what goes in and with awesome unity and the third largest underlying cause for endometriosis that I construe a great deal is estrogen dominance so now that doesn’t mean definitely that you have too much estrogen it time means that you have too much estrogen in comparison to other hormones so it’s relative estrogen preeminence happens anyway as we age we are therefore often see that endometriosis gets worse with senility or it starts to develop with age but I also see that long-term use of the contraceptive pill altogether interrupts our hormonal round and can also lead to estrogen dominance so now that we know what the underlying issues of endometriosis often are is a lot easier to look at treatment if you go and see your doctor they will probably have about three implements to help you with your endometriosis the firstly would be anti-inflammatories so these are to reduce the inflammation in your figure so you don’t suffer with so much pain the second can be the contraceptive pill because it shuts down your part hormonal plan so you don’t have the thicken and reducing of your antagonist tree rowing which also causes the pain and thirdly what is often offered is surgery so the endometrial cadres might be removed from the locations where they shouldn’t be or the endometrial lining of your uterus is laser although these implements can give alleviation they don’t actually solve the underlying issues that I merely talked about again with the exception of surgery because if surgery is what rates cells to be in the wrong spot then you can only remove them and that should sort it right nonetheless I feel like an estrogen dominance or at the stunning peace that you need to tackle those things in a different way inside out help your body heal and deal with those issues so let’s talk about the estrogen dominance first as I said it doesn’t mean that you have too much estrogen in your figure it’s just in relation to progesterone and other hormones that it is too much if you want to start lowering your estrogen dominance yourself then the first thing you need to look at is stress because if you have a lot of stress in their own lives then progesterone is going to be lower so if you have estrogen and you’re producing that but then you don’t display enough progesterone to equilibrium it out because of the stress then you’re going to be estrogen reigning right so certainly tackle the stress it’s the first thing to look at furthermore a really simple thing that I keep mentioning is just don’t eat or drink any foods or drinks that have been prepared or stored in plastic receptacles I recommend that you exchange all your plastic containers at home for glass ones and that you don’t use the plastic trash anymore and surely don’t heat up anything in it estrogen predominance is however something that I consider a great deal homeopathic aliy one of the important things that I will do with women that struggle with estrogen dominance is look at whether they have a history of the contraceptive pill and detox that I will make sure to connect in a blog as well in the description below about why detoxing the pill is the number one detox that I apply in therapy but as you can see what I mentioned earlier that encourage Rios’s is often treated by the pale it may reduce indications temporarily but it advances your hormone inequality in the long run so dealing with that contraceptive pill layer and addressing the estrogen dominance homeopathic’ le is the best thing that I can recommend the other thing that we need to do is treat the inflaming because if you have any material cells in the wrong smudges or you’ve got the chocolate cyst on your ovaries or in your uterus then that’s gonna infuriate and exacerbated and that is what causes pain by reducing the inflammatory state of your body you’re tackling the endometriosis twofold first of all you’re reducing the pain that you’ve got from the endometriosis but you’re too removing grime for endometriosis because as I mentioned earlier inflammation is definitely an underlying issue for endometriosis now how can you reduce inflammation in your torso well again stress is the first thing if you have a lot of stress in your life and not a lot of rest then that stimulates inflammation in your organization so make sure that you undertake that what causes inflammation in your body or feeds it at least it’s also carbohydrate caffeine that kind of stuff and then what I also recommend is that you discontinued dairy because dairy too promotes rash sometimes you can’t get away with fresh milk makes like kefir or raw organic milk but that’s not always easy to get your hands on but you can experiment with that for sure supplement why is what you can do to reduce inflammation in your body and deal with Payne is make extra magnesium I admonish my patients with endometriosis or the have severe menstrual hurtings to make 100 milligrams of magnesium four times a day during the period that they are in pain and that they take it with menu and then I also caution to take 100 milligram is the maintenance dose throughout your entire repetition now I already mentioned homeopathy and when it comes to endometriosis I truly recommend that you find a good homeopathy that takes your entire speciman and encounters an individualized remedy or individualized relieves to sort out your requirement tackle the pain right now but too remove the underlying matter however there is one remedy that I have to mention to you because it’s easy to get you can get it over the counter you can order it online and it has answered a lot of hormonal problems for women as well as monstro suffering and endometriosis and it’s called sepia so if you struggle you might as well give it a shot right I recommend to get sepia in the positions and visualize 200 C and that you start making it right before you expect your period so maybe you can take it once a day before and then when your interval arrives and the pain gets really bad then you can kept a capsule in a glass of ocean and take a little sips throughout your part daylight now if you don’t feel better from sepia don’t get deterred you probably meet that individualized relieve but I emphatically considered that since homeopathy is so cheap and easy to get when it comes to this remedy I should mention it so you can give it a shot so those are the basics to what endometriosis is how it alters your fertility what the underlying publishes are and therefore how you should be treating it however there’s so much more that we can say about endometriosis so make sure to subscribe to this channel and watch out for new videos because I’m unquestionably gonna do more videos on the topic in the future and if you want to watch more videos about hormone inequality and how you can treat it naturally then click on the playlist and your screen right now and as I said if you haven’t agreed already I would love for you to subscribe so that you can be notified the next time I upload new material all natural and how to boost it which is every Thursday and in the meantime get in the next video bye


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