Green Tea: A Short Story


It is easy to foretell that those two reddish lights torment Mr. Jennings ever since; even easier for readers to concoct is they are the eyes of a diabolical creature. But what kind of creature is it? And the doctor’s diagnosis?

Instead of going to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating this year (discouraged or forbidden due to COVID-19) why not brew a pot of green tea, savor, and read the story for yourself (ten short chapters plus conclusion in its entirety) on Project Gutenberg?!

Although not a horror literature enthusiast, I appreciate Le Fanu’s writing style and enjoy reading something different, all the while sipping hyson – the tea most similar to the green tea consumed by Mr. Jennings that I could find at home. (Hyson is also one of the teas thrown overboard into Boston Harbor in 1773.)

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