Hives Spray (from Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing)


I’ve been wanting to make this up as a little tutorial for a while, but needed to wait for the St John’s wort!  It’s great to have around in hot weather as well as for hives.  Things like prickly heat, sunburn, and various summer chaffing and scratches respond well to a little spritz or splash.  The rose fragrance is comforting too.  Here’s the recipe from the book:

First I gathered all the ingredients:

Lemon balm, rose, nettle, and St John’s wort. 

On the Essential Herbal Magazine Facebook Group, Peggy G shared that she uses a French press for straining things like this, so while the water heated, I put all the herbs into my rarely used press.

 Poured in the water and allowed it to steep.

…winding up with this fragrant and nicely colored liquid.

And of course, it’s very VERY important to label and date every thing you make.

Need the book?

The Essential Herbal

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