How can a tea festival be virtual?


New Ways to Taste Tea 

What about a virtual tasting?

Imagine this: you join a meeting with a group where the host demonstrates infusions of several different teas. Explore why certain tea ware was chosen, how different choices of water and temperature and time affect the flavor of that tea. The host can show you the wet leaf, dry leaf and infused liquor. The sensory experiences of touch, taste and smell can’t be virtual, of course, but some presenters will be listing teas and methods enough in advance for you to be able to follow along during the workshop. 

Expanding Your Tea Knowledge

The 2020 International Tea Festival is now scheduling approximately 40 LiveStream workshops and lectures and about the same number of pre-recorded classes. Additionally, vendors will be organizing demonstrations and special events, inviting guests in their booths to join private sessions. And the magic of virtual allows us to invite speakers from around the world and then record the sessions so that many will be available after the weekend is over. Come to chat and share a cup with your favorite tea teachers. 

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