How To Meal Prep 12 Easy Vegan Recipes In 90 Minutes For A Beginner


all these things I found at your local grocery up 99 -cent store honey you can even go to the Dollar Tree and get spices okay hey y’all I’m Tabitha Brown and I’m here with my friend destiny hey grey and I’m gonna indicate her how to prep 12 vegan banquets in 90 instants I am new to this whole vegan thing I don’t really know where begins with my dinner prepping I can help you out so for breakfast we’re gonna do a tofu scramble a little sweet potatoes in there that’s one of my favorite yeah been for months we’re gonna create a couple grain containers you can do all kind of things with those I mean for dinner we’ll have a little Bolognese is y’all call it I simply caught it get it growing up but I’m likewise going to show you how to like desegregate and competition it so it doesn’t get tolerating and you get a variety awesome I adoration that well I’m really excited to see like if we can get all this done in 90 times girlfriend I’m up for the challenge okay is very possible all right I trust you let’s do it okay so we got our rice cooker now okay and this is for our quinoa and we’re gonna use the rice cooker because you pretty much cooked it the same way okay and the great thing about this is we got a little button it’s a rice hello you exactly propagandize it in a time all the work for you okay all right so we’ll lend our bullet keen wine okay and then a salt we only go lend a pinch then we’ll contribute the sea conclude you feel like you’re doing that yeah but this is the only proportion you’re doing and then we’re gonna supplement a little Sun and then we just smacked the rice twig that’s so simple you are eligible to just threw it in and walk away so now we got our papa Chi all right okay this is what we’re gonna used to support our particle barge okay to save time we leave this skin on the potatoes okay precisely make sure you scrub them emptied them real good because the skin actually has so many nutrients in it and that’s no immense for it also so tell me a little bit more about why you decided I’m gonna go vegan in my family there’s a lot of diabetes myocardial infarction high cholesterol high blood pressure and so I kind of was trying to figure out what’s a way that we are able to like help with these things and so I did my research and kind of found that eating more plant-based is better for that I recently too had kind of like a pre-diabetes scared Wow yeah and that really placed everything into perspective for me so I was like let’s try this I’ve tried every die in the book but being vegan or plant-based is something I haven’t tried so thank you know I had this rest headache okay in the back of my head for one year in seven months oh my goodness every day I would be dizzy I had chronic tirednes I tried all kinds of drugs at the doctors you know prescribed because they couldn’t even figure out why I was having this right and when I did the 30 day challenge after ten days my headache went away Wow and then I feel like 20 dates or so I started going vitality again I started feeling better and I was like wait a minute sugar this thing seemed to be working stick with this and it literally changed my whole night Wow utterly so it’s very good we are able to set our yams here or sweet potato whatever you want to call them okay and then I peppers and broccoli and our chickpeas and then we got season them up awesome get ready okay so everything gets a little bit of garlic gunpowder awesome I enjoy garlic pulverize because you know you can use as much as you like oh if that’s your business okay another and then a little bit of salt and then we got chili powder for our chickpeas now and then paprika for the yams so now they all seasoned up okay we’re gonna gave a little bit of lubricant I prefer grapeseed lubricant yes you’re very good girl yes you’re doing great rise here now we’re gonna roast them for about 20 to 25 instants placed a timer but child check it about halfway through okay you know you get make stuff “youre forgetting” if you got stuff roast and you don’t want burnt veggies here we have five cleaves of garlic so we’re gonna give three of these for our olden days and it will use two of them last-minute when we start our pesto the great thing about this is look treat all right if you shake this really hard the peel offered the garlic cloves will come off certainly your go ahead and utter it a tracker yeah oh you discover there glance you see that that is so cool so another enormous method to like save epoch when you’re prepping is to use a food processor okay so we held our veggies now like a rough child we give the food processor mix them up real good so we’re gonna is moving forward and take out celebre carrots in there some onion and then let’s positioned the garlic they’ll be else – all right so now we have these all men’s stuff okay no we’ll exactly add them to the pot so now we’ll take the walnuts nuts in general are great on a plant-based diet for flesh equivalent and then if you’re a known either you’re cleaning it out cause it’s all tattered together that’s true that looks like ground beef very good terribly beefy and then we’re gonna move it aside so now what we’re gonna do is gonna add a little bit of our grapeseed oil into our veggie cornerstone it got a little bit of our baked basil bone-dry parsley now and I good friend oregano this is gonna be our good base for our bowling commonwealth one of the great things about dinner prep and sugar is multitasking so while I am staring these veggies I want “youre going to” stimulate us a bit dressing for our speck boat all right so this would be like you by yourself imagining in your kitchen that I’m there with you okay you too so you’re gonna go some basil some arugula you got a little sea salt here some lemon juice some irrigate garlic cloves that we had a little bit of walnut in olive oil you gonna blend it up and make a good aged sauce we’re gonna make this and we’re gonna transfer it into a mason cup so we got a little bit of tahini some spray lemon juice salt and some maple syrup okay you know we could have just obstructed the one dress and the pesto sauce or whatever but I don’t want to get bored keep it interesting yes “its like” one of the first times I’ve been really excited about like changing the road I eat like I’ve never been agitated I adore this that manufacture me elicited easy in order to be allowed to obligate pesto and a dress I’m a chef now so be seen to what extent veggies of fathom yeah they gaze good okay so now we’re gonna lend a little bit of tomato glue all right we gaze it on in tell it get brown time move it on around let it get brown okay so now we’re gonna contribute everything else that we need so we got our veggie stock the walnuts that we minced earlier you got our tomatoes a little bit of salt and some lentils also stimulate it up till it gets all desegregated in together we’re gonna blanket it increase the heat and give it simmer for about 35 hours so now our Bolognese is smolder oh right now I also turn in a pot of cooking sea for some pasta that we’re gonna become last-minute while all that is happening we’re gonna go ahead and make our tofu scramble it takes like some good age-old scrambled eggs well I see your faith now tell me how you feel about soul food the times I’ve had tofu it exactly was like spongy and time various kinds of like no flavor I don’t like nothing bland myself I’m gonna beat it to you okay all right I’ll introduce it in the castle just to kind of Pat it dry okay you don’t have to worry about pressing yeah I know tofu gives you a lot of water this will be fine formerly you break it up it’ll absorb all the other spices like nice so time we I know it does feel immense quirky chat but it’s all right there you go okay looking like eggs so we got a little bit of low-sodium soy sauce and then we got nutritional yeast we’re all about it because you know we live garlic you’re doing everything better now this is the black song oh all we need to do is simply a couple of pinches of it okay and the pitch-black salt is to give it an egg flavor now we add tumeric cuz that actually pays us a little of the color so it looks like we got like six real eggs going on but also it’s great for the information especially when we lend the black pepper because this is activates a tumeric I dunno yeah we don’t have time to be inflamed no wow like this looks like clambered egg it is right and we’re gonna supplement a little of spinach okay it’s great and you know like right here is tons of protein your tofu is protein your greens and low-pitched teenages so when the people be like oh my god you’re gonna repair vegan how you and get your protein message give me a hip-hop with some guacamole as long as the baby yeah we devour via girl and so we have our bolognaise still smolder it we always need a fresh green salad so we have some mixed greens now a little spring mix with some arugula already in here and a little fun fat when you have them in your container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh exactly put your little article towel like that and it exactly various kinds of aids so extend watch it right throw away so much spring mix it’s like a vile okay let’s is known to let’s go ahead and chopper parties so something that I really like about everything we’ve been prepare today is that these are all ingredients that I’ve heard of or like can find at any grocery store so it’s really exciting yeah I think that’s the delusion right yeah a lot of terms people hear the word vegan and they freak out first of all I did if that’s the population living in local communities listen I neither gonna keep lying to you but when I would examine the word beef yeah I really imagined oh that’s for white people that do yoga me I’m from a little small town it was never even mentioned right now it’s like a campaign yeah but truly in the black community which induces me roused because we need it we do we are the high-pitched percentage in all of the like you know diabetes and got blood pressure yep and this is so great for us yeah it is therefore exactly is essential to expensive all these things I found at your regional grocery forearm 99 -cent store honey you can even go to Dollar Tree and get spices okay now we’re gonna add it in ain’t that jolly so pretty oh I get excited about a good colorful salad yeah so the hemp seeds are great because they have fatty acid which is like omega-3 is so good for us this is a lifeboat oh look at that sugar it has simmered on down so now what we’ll do is add a little bit of our red wine okay we’re getting a little bit of a salt just for taste let’s go ahead and look it down kind of and then what we’ll do is we’ll leave this discovered and give the wine-colored kind of cook down in there for about 10 hours okay and now it’s been enough time that I boil the water some supplement the pasta let’s do it well okay so let’s start with our breakfast so we have our breakfast scramble okay with our sugared potatoes you have it just like this or you can get fancy and make a breakfast burrito and we supplement a little bit of our cooked red peppers in there you never look late yeah well “were having” these stunning speck prows under the bottom we have our quinoa we just mix up our set so we have our pesto yes and then we got our tahini dress yes maybe an denim you notice you investigate we have half with the sweetened potatoes and then half with the red pepper yes because we mix it with our breakfast for us that action won’t get so abode try it out mmm girlfriend you did that stinks good for breakfast and lunch these are using buns that you take on the go right right oh you individualize them right in receptacles but with dinner I keep the bolognese sauce in the wash and like a big salad we restrain that in a container right since we are clear our dinner at home right so we have our standard action with our noodles and the Bolognese on the top right and then if you say you know what I’m trying to do right with my life can you some zucchini pates or whatever bad you do to the anyone okay and then if you get to the party you say honey I am Bolognese no more I don’t want no more thick settled the thing on in the freezer and freeze it until you where to pour it again you still got your pesto sauce that you know you have in your little mason cups right narrator applied that on your pasta lash that up honey now you got a little pesto pile of that and then you pair it with your salad and you can have that salad with every meal I mean you can also take some salad to work if that’s what you want to do your business forever it perceives like a meat sauce that’s the lentils you know the walnuts and all the veggies so say you want to switch it up okay right some daylights you may want to merely do your pasta like how you have your pesto Padre you some of your veggies likewise new okay okay your seasonings and broccoli and chickpeas maybe that’s a pasta salad yeah alternatives yeah well I cannot believe we were able to represent 12 dinners in 90 times and all this meat is vegan and easy to find and healthy good for you and feels good I’m so proud of you thank you you know cuz the first step is being open to just trying something new yep and plant-based living can be super easy oh yeah if you want me to come back comment below say y’all impart tab back to the room yes so we’ll come back and do some more meal prepping ideas and have some fun in the process I cherish it haha so proud of you[ Music]


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