How to Produce Organic Eggs – Ecology TvAgro By Juan Gonzalo Angel


we are now in the ward of Lydia to talk about a very interesting project which includes moms head of families in the rural sector this is a project that is part of the productive confederation of the Ministry of Agriculture a productive relationship for partnership is the one that integrates creators to state institutions and purveyors in a union to take forward a large production project in the case we are referring today we talk about the production of Creole egg in this productive partnership participate 61 creators that belong to organizations of como flooring in the ward of Floridablanca and a mccally in the district of labrie huh each of the producers have received some benefits from entities that have shown their substantiate economically logistically and with instruct troubles the project looks for improving or increasing the producers benefits the quality of life and the development of a draft cleaner production that has an important criterion for handling the relationship among animals embeds and soil as this is a partnership project each producer is large due to manage with own criteria a whole technological process and a social and environmental development these three components are critical in the development of this experience we’re going to show you today my epithet is Norma and riches I live in this house you know farm la Mesita la vieja in Salado in the borough go flavory ha and part of this project of organic egg as we can see this farming psychological on poultry I belong to a joy association of women ammu colony this project is found by the plateau corporation of Bucaramanga the Ministry of Agriculture and the town hall of labrie huh the first thing we did was to start with the proper neighbourhood where the hands will be well known as a barn for doing this we had to look for the suited discern analyze the airflow we must take into account the cardinal points after this investigate the barn was built now I would like to show you the internal areas of this plaza and what do we use for huge we are in the cellar gallon now the food of the hands is start while the eggs are sent to distribution as biosecurity I must keep Solorio snas rules which are wearing the appropriate and complete uniform then we pass through a liquid to deodorize our shoes I have to do this to avoid infections in the paws hello noblewomen how are you are beautiful what about those ex girlfriends how are you girls how is it starting they are happy you are having a bath this is the barn there are now 90 mitts but this space has a capacity for 200 chicks the government has six different areas to eat their meat and five for the irrigate on the flooring a material known as tamale arose that must have an amount of 10 centimeters the measurements of this barn are 10 meters by 5 rhythms during the day the hens stay right here they have to feed themselves in a specific schedule and likewise prepare for a travel that is generally in the afternoon when they go out for grazing at that time they it warms and they are back at 6 p. m.In our campaign we talk about Creole egg to differentiate it from the production of the conventional egg actually starting from commercial chickens the hell is fastened after 16 weeks we have a more ecological management what does it signify the whiskers in here are in freedom they have chambers or an appropriate barn they are ad based on proteins that are embeds with a high content of protein establishing hue flavor and a special nutritional points to our X as now we create organic or environmental eggs the food we give them comes through a bank of proteins such as the one dual the plantain profession pumpkin and this helped us to improve this quality of aura in addition the hair receives a special food for themselves in hours in the morning and evenings the ecological production is focused on developing a clean-living make process it means that the agro substance produces are not present in the Creole egg production the feeding process is based on balance and nutritional supplements without any chemical background is the area where we collect the eggs twice a epoch however most of the production occurs in the morning it decreases a little bit in the afternoon eggs shall be collected carefully and forever because if they are left close to the bird they won’t applied any other egg and they will stay in the nest for an indefinite period of time and this will reduce considerably the numbers in creation when this happens I take them out of the ache and I positioned them in a different place so they get used to putting eggs again because if a birthday stays with the others under these conditions they will take its featherings away from its ability justification weaves on it this productive system has characteristics that are not outside to the egg production process one of the characteristics is its reproductive cycle because each time they positioned an egg it can be assimilated with the gestation of a woman poultry or working with birds necessitate more hours of light-colored in order for the egg proliferation to be appropriated to have the ideal size now we use artificial light-colored from which beards reach a weight of 1500 grams and start the cycle of burning eggs in this way we can have eggs cycles with 16 hours of glowing and it allows an excellent formation of them this process must be hinder so they don’t feel a sudden change then from week 17 they will start with half hour light distributed as follows 15 instants in the morning and 15 times at night in this way you will increase half hour weekly until you find four hours of artificial light-headed two hours in the morning and two hours at night four formerly deer have been mustered we take them to the cellar there they are clear because some of them have blots we do the grouping and we employed them in a suitable material that facilitates the marketing we’re talking about an organic environmental or clean-living yield this project is lacking of a credential the seal of an entity that ensures that all the steps have been followed apart from these since the beginning of this project women who work here without the importance of following the rules of good poultry rehearsals in our product you these practices have guaranteed that the egg they rally gets to the market selling this produce is easy for its impressive characters it is an egg which is likely to contribute with proteins thanks to the special nutrient of the hands and the wellbeing sensation we supplied to our whiskers these rules or standards together with the ones of biosecurity that refer to permanent cleanliness the use of sea of excellent quality the use of remedy to remove parasites of sides at the time of grazing and a permanent assure of fitting them allow us to succeed in our replication if we compare it with a conventional make now the whiskers concentration is low compared with other products in the barn and free spaces all these considerations are transmitted to the egg produced here in this place at our changed as an added value of our produce when we have rallied the eggs they are clean with a light-headed textile to remove the stains from the husk once we do these we categorize them and get them ready for sale you you most of the hens we have here are delicious light brown with favorable conditions for the eggs because it speaks has a condition that prevents them of breaking the eggs formerly they are in the nest all the beneficial agricultural pleasure tips up with a cervix of very good quality if you follow all the steps we have been speaking about during this program we will conclude that the ecological egg we have here satisfies the minimum requirements of the Colombian laws these requirements are wondered as an added value in the eggs of these creators wives another added value is the consistency of its parts a fact that berths it as one of the most wonderful eggs in the market because it constitutes us different from the conventional ik on our thought of provisioning a better welfare to our chickens it signifies the treatment they received from our women and the environment where this project is developed eventually we found that this egg of good quality must be valued by the idea of the project as it was designed an ecological egg that gets to the colombians table as a top character farmer free from chemical elements and eager for a daily consumption because the egg doesn’t create collector here we have a control of daily enrollment for each can we keep record of each rallied X through any specific forum in which we sum up weekly and monthly we too lend in this registration the amount of food we provision the bird twice a era we should also consider the vaccination plan that is performed every 12 weeks to enhance the immune system thwarting infections caused by bacteria because they are usually fatal to avoid parasites we use garlic in the liquid of our swine for individual cankers we call abet immediately in the case they died that extremely narium will do the necessary research to find the reason of its fatality you listen DX are classified ready for sale we use a cardboard at the top to avoid they get burst when being transported by us or by the seller the idea is that our final product has stress ability that allows women who work with hens to know exactly when did they muster the egg when was it categorized and ready for consumption besides that presenting a condition of quality which it can be measured so in the case of having any problems with the product we are familiar at what instant the egg had faults it is important to talk about national resources in the ecological production that are properly managed for the project itself I have many benefits thanks to this project apart from being fertile its didactic because of the training we have received for three years previously I didn’t know anything about chickens or eggs before now I consider myself a drilled person who is able to manage another Bain with five hundred fowls I will like more projects to be done in the future to give opportunity to many other women of this area the benefit of being developed and having a household income because it allows integration of family and the money improves the quality of life of canadians the ik specious poultry is a bet on a clean concoction free of substances here this is the only way drive ecology and for our health is something truly important to finish this stage of the project we have to bear in mind three basic conditions of this process firstly the social perspective this has been a project where 61 dames head of kinfolks has received a total of benefits it allows social compulsion furthermore the environment we have said we have good poultry rehearsals with ecology aims for having a healthful and nutritional production that can be taken to the consumer as final product of excellent quality the third condition is the fiscal one a project must have because we require funds to improve the quality of life of its participants in those calls a largescale poultry agriculture is by itself a fertile busines today we believe that being the smaller scale with small-scale producers allow us to increase the income of a peasant family and warning that parties inside of this project to improve their quality of life


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