Immunity 3 – Essential Nutrients for Fighting Viruses | Empowering You Organically Podcast #122


Jonathan Hunsaker: Listen, next year there’sgoing to be a flu again. Next time there’s going to be a cold again. There’s going to be thesethings year after year after time and having a strong immune system is one of the best thingsyou can do not just for viral illness but any kind of infection, any kind of invaderthat is coming into your mas that wants to cause harm. Having an efficient immune system thatrecognizes that and can go in there and “kill” it, get rid of it, eliminate it is what’sgoing to have you stay health longer, and it’s going to have you feel better overall. Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome everyone to the firstpodcast episode of 2021. Empowering You Organically. I’m your multitude JonathonHunsaker joined by my cohost TeriAnn Trevenen. TeriAnn Trevenen: Hey everyone.Jonathan Hunsaker: So energized supposed to be here with you. So joyful that we arehere after such a crazy time last year. TeriAnn Trevenen: It was a crazy year.Jonathan Hunsaker: It was very crazy. Still kind of crazy, and that’s actually goingto be the topic that we want to talk about today. The main thing that regrettably is notbeing talked about, especially in the mainstream media, especially all over the internet, the onething we should all be talking about right now, and that is your immune system, build yourimmune organisation, having a strong immune system. All the things that you can do to reallyprotect yourself, protect your body.Now no, it’s not going to cure anything. It’s not goingto guarantee anything. But there’s a lot of things that you can do that can really minimize theeffects of any kind of virus, whether it’s a coldnes virus, flu virus, coronavirus. Any of those viralinfections can be minimise, even eliminated or avoided with a strong, efficient immune system.TeriAnn Trevenen: Absolutely, and I think there’s been an increase focus on our health over thelast year as the world has faced coronavirus, and I think that people are talking more and moreabout health and natural state and ways that we can really fortify our torsoes so that wedon’t have to be as concerned and worried about what happens to us if we do happen to comedown with a virus or our figure faces some type of struggle like that.The stronger we are, thehealthier “we ii”, the better a chance we have of bouncing back faster, overcoming it, all of that.Jonathan Hunsaker: Utterly. And I know we did an incident or two last year where we talkedabout things to do to stay health, and this episode is really simply focused on theimmune system. I don’t want to go too far down the path of specific for coronavirusor COVID-1 9. Just immunity overall. Listen, yes, coronavirus is out and it’s effectingeveryone, but that hasn’t stopped the common cold from happening. It hasn’t stopped the flufrom going around or anything like that. Jonathan Hunsaker: Listen, next year there’sgoing to be a flu again.Next time there’s going to be a cold again. There’s going to be thesethings year after year after year and having a strong immune system is one of the best thingsyou can do not just for viral illness but any kind of infection, any kind of invader thatis coming into your figure that wants to cause harm. Having an efficient immune system that recognizesthat and can go in there and “kill” it, get rid of it, eliminate it is what’sgoing to have you stay health longer, and it’s going to have you feel better overall.Jonathan Hunsaker: I entail, we all know when we get hit with the flu or the cold, I signify, it knockssome of us out for weeks.May knocking you out for a few cases dates, and again, simply doing some of theseprecautionary measures that we’re talking about and proactive measures that we’re talkingabout today is really going to have you in a much healthier state.TeriAnn Trevenen: Yeah. Well, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but Iknow that 2020 was an feelings year as well. And we’re learning more and more about the physicaland feeling tie in the body as well. We’re not examine to talk about excitements today. I dowant to point out the fact that a strong immune system not only helps us to bounce back whenit comes to physical issues within our body, but too the immune system is the powerhouse ofour mas. It is the central centre to where our form just really does everything that it needsto to be healthy, and the ties to feelings fortitude and wellness as well when it comesto our immune structure is very strong.So I suppose both significant benefits on the physical andthe emotional slope, and I thoughts all of us is essential to strong in both of those areas right now toovercome some of the uncertainty and the things that we’re facing in the world countries right now.Jonathan Hunsaker: Utterly. So let’s rush right into it.Some of the things that faded your immune plan the most, numberone is sugar. Having a lot of carbohydrate in your food, it really weakens the body. It gives youthat high-pitched and gives you all that energy, but then it cripples you afterwards. Thatinsulin response that’s going up and down can actually fatigue your form a lot more andhave you more suggestible to different viruses and simply dilutes your immune organization overall.Another thing that dilutes your immune organisation is not getting enough sleep, not remaining enough, and that’s tough right now. The third one I’m about to talk about is there’sa lot of stress going on, and when there’s a lot of stress, oftentimes we turn to the sugar, we eatthe sugar, we overeat.Then we’re not sleeping as well. We’re going to bed late. We’re waking upearly. So there’s this whole compounding impact from stress to carbohydrate to not sleeping as well. Allof these things really impact our immune method. Jonathan Hunsaker: And then our nutrition overalleffects our immune method. Gobbling processed foods, snacking different things that your torso doesn’trecognize as much as food. Yes, it goes in.Yes, your mas uses the chloric intake from it. But thenutrient concentration of it may not be giving your body what it needs to be strong and be healthful. Sonutrition, downplaying the amount of sugar, getting better sleep, understating the stress, addingmore fiber to your food, getting probiotics, and exactly more nutrient dense foodoverall is really going to have you have a stronger immune system overall.TeriAnn Trevenen: What’s the one thing that you need to be better at for your immune systemright now? Because here’s the thing, we talk about all those things and it seems overwhelming, and sometimes it’s just one thing at a time that you can work on to make it better.And we’re actually going to talk about one thing in particular in the podcast today.Butout of that listing you simply scheduled, what’s one thing that you could be better at right now? Jonathan Hunsaker: The biggest thing for me hands down is sleep right now. Managing what timeI go to sleep and then the quality of my sleep. Then I have two little girls that liketo aftermath me up early as well. So when I don’t oversee myself well in theevening on what time to go to bed, then I’m guaranteed to wake upearly and not get as much rest as I know ought to have been me functioning even better.TeriAnn Trevenen: Yeah.I contemplate sleep’s so important. Sleep leads to all the decisionsbeing easier the next day, and sensations standing governed and all those things. For me, there’s been a lot of stress from the past year, particularly in the last few months. So for me, Icould work on a lot of different things. But for me right now, it’s down settling my emotions.There’s a lot of information around stress and how it impacts your immune system.So for meit’s like I’ve been doing a great deal of mulling and breathing, and I feel so much better.Just like pick one thing you can do today and work on, and I think it’s super important.The interesting thing we want to talk about today and really the biggestfocus today is also talking about vitamins and minerals and supplementation for your immunesystem. When we talk about nutrition, it’s so immense when it is necessary to your immune method. Even ifyou are eating, and we’ve talked about this many, many times before. Even if you’re eating the bestnutrition for your mas that you maybe can, we just can’t get all of the vitamins and mineralsand the nutrients that we need in our organization based on the quality of our soil and where thingsare develop and the channel things are grown and sent homes now and things like that.Things precisely “losing ones” nutritional appreciate. They don’t have as much as they used to.TeriAnn Trevenen: So one other thing with our immune organization is making sure that we have allof those vitamins and minerals and nutrients in our person to fortify our immune system.Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely.And that’s why we have a supplement company becausewe organize complements that improve supplement the nutrients that we’re not coming in ourevery day diet. No stuff how hard we try, we’re generally going to fallshort in one area of another. Not for lack of effort. Sometimes, again, it’s just the quality of food nowadays versus 50 year ago, 60 -7 0 years ago. Jonathan Hunsaker: So we are speaking of complements, and one thing that we’ve received a lot offeedback on is an immunity supplement. Yes, we have our 7m +, which is our mushroomblend. Yes, that is great for your immune plan. It’s great for anti-aging. It’s greatfor muscle amend. It does a lot of things. But I know that there’s more that we can do.Jonathan Hunsaker: I entail, listen, your immune system is a complex system. There’s a lot ofdifferent things that go into it. Solely, we wanted to create something that was more effectivefor viral infections.Mainly like the common cold, the flu, even different coronaviruses, justthings that were really going to help our immune arrangement when it comes to viral infections.Jonathan Hunsaker: So we did just that. We originated a new concoction. It’s called Immunity3. I think you’re absolutely going to see love it. Let me tell you the three things thatare in it, and then we’ll talk a little bit more specifically about each one of those.Jonathan Hunsaker: So first and foremost, we have organic camu camu.Camu camuhas the highest density of vitamin C of any flora on the planet. So we often thinkof oranges as being high-pitched in vitamin C. Well, camu camu is the highest of them all in vitaminC. This is really important because we know the benefits of vitamin C. We’ll talk more about thosein a minute. But what’s most important is this is a whole food and it’s an organic whole food. Sowe’re not do a synthetic like ascorbic acid that you are presented in 99% of the vitamin C supplementsout there. We’re too going to talk about how you can’t suck 99% of that ascorbic acid that you’retaking and why a entire food is that much better. Jonathan Hunsaker: The second ingredientthat we have is two different types of zinc. Many of us know the benefits of zinc.We’regoing to talk more about that. But how that really helps your body prepare for when a viralinfection comes in to be able to fight it off and even heal you once you’ve got it.Jonathan Hunsaker: The third part is organic elderberry obtain. To me, these are thethree main powerhouses when it comes to being able to fight off a viral illnes. Let me rephrasethat because I don’t want to talk about it crusading it off. This isn’t something that all ofa sudden you’re starting to feel sick and so you go and you sounds a entire cluster of it to hopefullyfight it off. Yes, it will likely facilitate some. But what’s really important here is beingproactive, and when you have these nutrients in your method in abundance beforehand, itprevents the seriousness of the manifestations that you get if you were to get a viral infection.Jonathan Hunsaker: So this is not to treat, this is not to fix, “thats really not” to cureanything. But this is really going to help support a strong immune system.And again, theelderberry, zinc, and camu camu are the top three powerhouses to allow you to do that.Jonathan Hunsaker: So let’s talk a little more about camu camu.TeriAnn Trevenen: I want to go back really quickly to what he just said because a lotof people in mainstream drug and marketing of complements and concoctions now are reactive tosituations instead of proactive. So it’s like if you’re going into a battle and you haven’tprepared, then all of a sudden you’re scrambling and defending and you’re probably not going to winthat duel. So I really like what he just said. TeriAnn Trevenen: We talk a great deal about supportingthe immune arrangement and training our immune method for whatever comes our way.This is one of thoseways that you can do it because occasions are if you got to get a part where you’re getting reallysick and you’re all of a sudden now like … I affection selling now. This concoction will build youfeel better. No, what will stimulate you feel better is if you’ve prepared for what’s coming and you canbounce back more quickly.So I think it’s really important to determine between supporting andpreparing your immune structure for what’s coming, or being on that side of now all of a sudden I’msick and I’m going to do everything I can to fight it. Opportunities are you’re going to be a lot moresick, have a lot harder time leap back, and then your immune system’s going to get weaker.TeriAnn Trevenen: The beautiful thing about get viruses and coming sick, we’re alsoafraid of it. But if our immune system’s strong, it’s planned, it’s ready for what’s coming, we’regiving it beautiful parts like we’re about to talk about now. It are to be able strengthen yourimmune structure more. Whereas if you haven’t done that work to really buttress your immune structure, then your immune system’s going to come out weaker after you’ve been sick versus now it’s strongerbecause it was already strong, crusade it off. You’ve prepared it for that battle.You’re notjust struggle last minute without preparation. TeriAnn Trevenen: A mas of occasions we think aboutthe immune system as the thing that comes in last-place and helps you get better. It’s actually thething that we need to keep strong all the time and backing all the time. It’s an ongoing battlewe fighting against our nutrient, with our sleep, with our health, with these ingredientswe’re about to talk about so that your immune arrangement can defend whatever comes its way.Jonathan Hunsaker: Well, I mean, our immune structure is persistently pushing things every day. We allhave cancer cadres in our person every single day, and your immune plan, for most of us, isfighting that off. Well, there’s all kinds of viruses. There’s all kinds of bacterias thatare constantly a “threat” to our body. This is why controlling your stress is so important becausewhen you get stressed out, that’s your body’s reaction.So it exacerbates it, and it’s responding.That’s your immune organization answering, want to get rid of that stress, that freak out. It’s whysleep is so important because that’s your time to rebuild and it’s time for your figure to get healthyagain. So when you’re chronically accentuated and you’re freaking out and you’re not sleeping enoughand your person can’t rehabilitate, what’s left there then when you get a higher intake of a virus? Nowyour body is already been working so hard time to maintain that now this extra thing that comes inis just that little bit that made you over the top.Then that’s when you really get sick.Jonathan Hunsaker: So that’s why yes, you can have something that youcan take when you start feeling a little bit ill, and yes, it might help your immune systema little bit be able to fight it off. But the most important thing is building itup strong so that your immune arrangement is not 24 hours per day and departing haywire to fightoff the stress and the lack of stress and the lack of nutrients and all of that trash. It’sgot all the oil it needs so that there’s additional in the cistern. When you come down with a cold orwhen you come down with the flu, that it just can draw from that earmark container, campaign it off.Maybe you’re out for a day or two as opposed to a week or two, and you’re right back at it again.Jonathan Hunsaker: So that’s just kind of the concept here.I’m not going to say that if you’relistening to this right now and you’re not feeling well that Immunity 3 may not have you feel better.What I’m saying is the most effective roadway is the proactive route, and taking a couple Immunity 3′ severy single day to help build your immune structure so that you’re just trained moving forward.TeriAnn Trevenen: Perfectly. So let’s talk about these three ingredientsthat we’ve put in now to really help build, subscribe, and buttress the immune system.TeriAnn Trevenen: So camu camu is a berry native to the Amazon rainforest, andwhile that voices genuinely remote and it is, shocking, amazing things grow in the Amazonrainforest. But this super food as been used for a long time to improve health andright now it’s very popular. In reality, you’ll find it in some of our other supplementsas well because it’s such a powerful part. Camu camu is supposed to help in reducing chronicdiseases because it has antiinflammatory and antimicrobial assets, which are reallyimportant when it comes to things like our immune plan being strong.TeriAnn Trevenen: It’s same to tart cranberries, and it’s tooacidic for most people to enjoy in its natural state unless you like things that are very tart, which a great deal of beings don’t.So it’s treated as food ingredients in blended liquids or freeze driedinto a gunpowder that can be taken as a complement. People can add it into their supplements, their smoothies and things like that. TeriAnn Trevenen: So this is something you’ll heara lot about more and more because it’s becoming so favourite. It’s such a strong, powerful plant.One of the things about camu camu that we already touch on is it’s really highin vitamin C. It is one of the most centred, if not the most concentrated naturalfood sources of vitamin C.And vitamin C in the camu camu acts as a potent antioxidant inyour person and is vital for the health of your scalp first and foremost and your immune organization. Sowho doesn’t want better and healthier skin, and who doesn’t want a stronger immune system? TeriAnn Trevenen: Because it’s so highin vitamin C content, camu camu’s also really, really powerful when it comes toantiinflammatory qualities as well. If we have chronic rash in our organization, ourbody has a hard time fighting off illness and illness that you maybe get and hasa harder term bouncing back from those things. Jonathan Hunsaker: Yup.Absolutely. Someinteresting side details about our camu camu. It’s organic, of course, but we actuallysource it from Amazon John, John Easterling, Olivia Newton-John’s husband who helped usformulate our Ageless Brain supplement. TeriAnn Trevenen: He’s been on thepodcast before too. He’s awesome. Jonathan Hunsaker: We’ll probably have him onagain to talk about camu camu even more. But these come straight-shooting from his farms down inPeru and in the Amazon rainforest, which is helping employ a lot of beings down there, a lotof the locals, a great deal of the natives down there. It’s stupendous. I desire patronizing him. I loveknowing where our parts is just coming up. I know who they’re coming from. It’s not grown inChina. It’s not grown in a lab. It’s not all of these interesting thing well. It’s comingfrom a friend of ours, and I could get on a plane and run consider exactly where camu camu is comingfrom and know and trust that it’s the cleanest organic, highest cogency camu camu on the market.Jonathan Hunsaker: And rely me, I’ve searched around.I didn’t just say, “Oh, I know a guywho’s got that. Let’s call and get it from Amazon John.” We probed around, and AmazonJohn’s camu camu came back as the most pure and highest concentration of vitamin C of any ofthe other organic camu camus on the market. So it’s nice to get that corroboration sometimes. Alittle pat on the back that we are using the best people over and over again for multiple products.Jonathan Hunsaker: The interesting thing I certainly want to talk about for a second is the differencebetween ascorbic acid, which is a lab generated synthetic vitamin C, versus camu camu, a wholefood vitamin C. So you’ll look on our complement actualities, and you’ll see that a quantity of our Immunity3 gives you 120% of the RDA, the recommended daily rebate of vitamin C. It’s like 120%. I symbolize, yeah, that’s all of it, but it’s not a ton.I could buy this big bottle of vitamin C over herefor $ 20 that has 1000 milligrams of ascorbic acid per lozenge, and I get 2000% RDA versus your 120%. Jonathan Hunsaker: This is a very important distinction because what wehave to look at it is the bioavailability. What we have to look at is can your body recognizethat ingredients, that substance, that mineral, that botanical, whatever it is that you’retaking in, can they recognize it as menu? And then will it assimilate it and use it the path thatit should or the lane that it was designed to? Jonathan Hunsaker: We know this as a factfor synthetic multi-vitamins, like your Centrum Silvers and your other one-a-days thata lot of occasions they just come out the other end still intact.If it actually breaks down, yourbody doesn’t even suck it. It doesn’t convert your blood work. It doesn’t convert. If youget your blood work prior to make Centrum Silver for a duo months versus after, you’renot going to see a difference in your vitamin stages because your body doesn’t recognizeit as a food, and it doesn’t absorb it. Jonathan Hunsaker: So while a label might say, “Hey, this vitamin C gives you 2000% RDA, ” well, what if you body simply absorbs 1% of that? If yourbody exclusively absorbs 1% of that, you’re really only coming 20% of the RDA from that big vitamin Chorse pill versus if you’re to take camu camu and let’s say it’s 120% RDA, your body’s probablynot ingest all 100%. But it’s likely going the 80 -9 0% brand because it’s a whole nutrient. Yourbody recognizes it. It’s just going to digest it, and now if you’re getting 80% of that1 20% , now you’re sitting around your 90 -9 5% RDA. You’re almost getting all the vitamin Cthat your person needs from those two vessels. Jonathan Hunsaker: That’s a big difference.It’sa big thing to understand, and it does it tough in the augment gap because we could usesynthetic parts. And our name percentages would be miraculous. They’d be through the roofand everybody would look at it and is just like, “Oh my gosh. I’ve got enough vitamin C tolast me its first year if I make this one pill.” But the reality is is your body doesn’t use it.Your organization doesn’t assimilate it.And I have no desire to take myself or so do you some drivel thatyour body’s not going to use, that you’re not going to get a benefit from. That’s why awhole menu supplement is just as important. That’s why all of our complements are whole food, andthere precisely is no cutting corners. We’re not just going to go and pitch some cheap ascorbic acid inthere for the sake of saying it has vitamin C. TeriAnn Trevenen: Absolutely. So situated it in simpleterms. Whole food ingredients versus synthetic are really, really dangerous as far as howmuch money you’re spending and the benefits you’re getting out of them. You actually wantto know the quality of your supplement, where it’s being sourced from, is it real, is itsynthetic.I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay for a $60 bottle of supplementsthat’s synthetic. I just see no ethic in that, and I also think it can damage your torso. Jonathan Hunsaker: Fun side fact. Most synthetic vitamins andminerals come as an petroleum tar byproduct. So when they’re extracting the petroleum out of the Earth, they’re able to extract these different vitamins out of the oil that’s come out of the Earth. Andthen that fortified that you see on the side of cold cereal boxes. It’s been fortified withvitamin A and vitamin this and vitamin that. It’s just a petroleum. They’ve extracted that vitaminout of the oil, out of the tar, and then imparted it into this cereal that they sell youto give to your children as a healthy breakfast. I’m sorry, but that’ll start getting me worked up.TeriAnn Trevenen: He’ll go on a tangent. You know Jesse Itzler. He’s an amazing, astounding soul inbusiness and other things, but he challenges the cereal companies every day. You munched your cerealthat you sell and tell me that it’s healthy, and he cracks me up because it’s not funny.But he’lloffer them six fleshes to like do certain things, and no one’s taken him up on it because he’s likethey’re so undesirable. I don’t know. I don’t want to drink tar every morning , not literally butfiguratively by the supplements I take and the nutrient that I chew. So only food for thought there.TeriAnn Trevenen: Just really quickly a few other things. No pun intended.Jonathan Hunsaker: I was going to say tar for gues. But go ahead.TeriAnn Trevenen: Okay. So time a few other things about camu camu. I signify, it’s not just vitamin C.It provides potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, polyphenols, and again, we talkedabout the antimicrobial benefits. It supports gut health. Gut health and immune arrangement areso intertwined. We’ve talked about it on many podcasts before.They are so intertwined. So notonly do you have this incredible plant that’s supporting you with the vitamin C side of thingsfor your immune system but also supporting your bowel health. It aimed at enhancing your liver state. Andthen like we talked about earlier, promoting your mood. Vitamin C coming through the camu camu, getting that extra dosage of that can really boost your mood, which likewise improves your immune system.The less emphasized “youre ever”, the happier “youre ever”, the happier your immune plan is. Andthere’s study to back and prove that. TeriAnn Trevenen: So actually, really gone stuffthere with camu camu. It’s not just a source of vitamin C, but it’s got all these benefits that goalong with it and interesting thing that come with it that really benefit your immune system.Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely.I mean, when we were talking about and formulatingand figuring out what informant for vitamin C to put in there, camu camu time checked offso many boxes that that was the roadway to go. TeriAnn Trevenen: Absolutely. Second ingredientwe want to talk about today is zinc. And because your immune system, like we’ve talked about, isthe first position of justification against all ailment, especially infectious disease, and there’s allthese different ways to boost your immune system. Zinc was the next thing we looked at. So, so critical when it is necessary to a strong immune system and stave off viral infections.There’s just so many benefits to zinc like camu camu. We’re going to talk about those today.TeriAnn Trevenen: So why did we choose to threw zinc in there? Because it toy a lot of vital roles inyour person, but your figure doesn’t naturally display zinc. You have to obtain it through food orsupplements. So this is why it was critical when it came to formulating this make tohave zinc in there.Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in your form after iron, and it’s represented in every cell. So think about how interesting that is. Your person doesn’tnaturally grow it but it’s represented in every cell. So think if I’m not getting enough ofthis in my person, what does that do to your figure? TeriAnn Trevenen: It’s critical for thedevelopment and part of immune cadres. I’m going to say that again. It’s critical, zincis critical for the proliferation and gathering of your immune cells.We’re talking about the immunesystem. It’s fundamental to skin health, DNA synthesis and protein production. Super important.It’s important for body growth and change, for cadre rise and division, and healthycell growth and schism because there’s two sides to that gossip. And you wantthat health cadre emergence and divide. You want that to be working ordinarily in yourbody. When you watch abnormal cell increment and separation, then we’re getting into thingslike cancer.Really, actually, really important to have that health cadre growth and division.Zinc is also needed for your senses of smack and bouquet. I convey, I learnedsome things in looking at zinc very that I actually didn’t know. So smack and reek, that’s really important. So there’s a lot of things that go into having zinc in yourbody and having enough of it in your organization, and it’s one of the reasons we have it in here.Jonathan Hunsaker: It’s absolutely vital, and most of you in the know know aboutzinc, know about it’s ethicacy. When you’re trying to fight off acold, when you’re trying to fight off the influenza and get it in there.Jonathan Hunsaker: A marry things to note about zinc is you don’t want to take too muchzinc. It can start depleting your mas of calcium and even iron. So it’s why our zinc elevations, again, we’re position I believe it’s 110%, 120% of the RDA of zinc that you need as well. Andit’s okay to go a little bit over. It’s not like it’s anything critical, but you don’t want tooverdose zinc so to speak and have too much of it at least for a long period of time.It’snot such issues if you’re make it for short term, increasing your zinc dosage for a few weeks whileyou’re fighting it off. But in the long term, which is something we … Again, we created Immunity 3to be something you make every day of its first year , not just when you’re feeling sick.TeriAnn Trevenen: Preparation , not reaction to sickness. And I just wanted to likewise say there wasactually a study done with zinc lozenges only to various kinds of drive this home for you where peoplewho are having an episode with the common cold, lessened the duration of their cold by up to 40%. So zinc when it comes to the immune system in your body…Now I’m not saying be reactionary and allof a sudden run out and get zinc because you’re sick. This is exactly why we created this productso that you can fortify your immune method along the way, and then when that common cold creepsin, why is it so important? Well, your cadres get attacked when you’re sick. And now we’re talkingabout how zinc carries health cell increment and segment. And part of the process of keepingyour person strong and healthy is that healthy cadre expansion and discord and your cells beingstrong and healthy so they can fight things off. So there’s all this that plays into it.TeriAnn Trevenen: But only to truly drive that home, people who are at risk forzinc deficiency are people who have issues like Crohn’s disease, people with sicklecell anemia, people who are malnourished, people with chronic kidney illnes, people whohave alcohol abuse, pregnant and breastfeeding maids. You have a huge risk at being insufficient forzinc. So if you fall into those categories, certainly be was aware of your zinc uptake that you’re gettingenough to support you and your immune organization. Jonathan Hunsaker: Yeah.Vegetarians, vegans, and I do eat meats and even my latest blood work showed that I was impaired in zinc.TeriAnn Trevenen: I believe a lot of beings are quite frankly.Jonathan Hunsaker: I conclude a good deal of people are inadequate in a lot of things if you’renot testing for it. I think that we believe that the marketing on all of the thingsthat we chew is giving us everything that we need, but then when you actually get the bloodwork done, you find out that you could be operating at a much more optimal level if you weresupplementing some other things or munching some different foods or doing some stuff like that.TeriAnn Trevenen: Well, and it goes back to the conversation that you had earlier aboutsynthetic.A lot of foods and especially processed food promise that you’re going toget specific nutrients and vitamins in there, but fortunes are that they’re synthetic. Chancesare there’s very minimal amounts in there, and that’s why it’s important. Whether you’re going toresearch for yourself what kind of foods can I snack that contain zinc, that boost my immune organization, funding my immune organisation, assistance my immune organisation, or you’re going to supplement. Make sure whetherit’s augmenting with this or gobbling it in your nutrition strategy, make sure you’re getting itnaturally and it’s something that your mas can assimilate and it’s not just a false hope froma company that’s doing great marketing, and you’re really not going any of that benefit.Jonathan Hunsaker: Perfectly. You want to tell us about elderberry? TeriAnn Trevenen: I’ll tell you about elderberry. Jonathan Hunsaker: Organicelderberry extract, by the way. TeriAnn Trevenen: Yup.And it’s one of the mostcommonly used therapeutic weeds in the world countries. Probabilities are at this degree you’ve heard aboutelderberry, particularly with what’s happened last year. Everybody’s talking about elderberry.It was Native Americans who traditionally used it to treat infections. Ancient Egyptiansused it to improve their complexions and heal burns. And it’s still employed across Europeby natural tribe, people doing natural folk medicine and things like that. I represent, it isvery, unusually, particularly rampant in the world today. TeriAnn Trevenen: It refers toseveral varieties of Sambucus tree, which has the groups of white flowers and pitch-black ofblue/ black berries, which I don’t know about you, but it just sounds beautiful in my subconsciou. Themost common variety is Sambucus nigra, also known as European elderberry or black elderberry.Elderberry is most often taken as a supplement to treat cold and influenza symptoms.It’s high-pitched in antioxidants, which we talked about with the zinc and the camu camu, so superimportant. It’s also really good at fighting harmful bacteria. It restraint thegrowth of bacteria, which we know there are good bacterias and bad bacterias, andit opposes the bad bacteria in your form that you don’t want changing there.And also exactly thatreally, really powerful support of the immune organization, which is why we created this product.TeriAnn Trevenen: Elderberry polyphenols were found to support immune defense by increasingthe number of white blood cells. So back to the conversation about healthy cells. You wanthealthy cells. Healthy cadres are indicative of a healthy immune plan. So that is somethingthat elderberry plays into. We viewed that with zinc as well.So I just wanted to touch onthose few things around elderberry because it is such a strong part in thisproduct and something that I think is really important to have in your nutrient plan.Jonathan Hunsaker: Perfectly. I learned a lot more about elderberry quite frankly afterhaving two daughters and them catching freezings and used to identify what the best stuff was. Stuffthat was safe for kids to make , not wanting to give them a cluster of over the counter, other flumedicines and things like that or freezing remedies. Elderberry came up a lot, and it’s somethingthat I give them often. So it was a no brainer in making sure that it went into this formulation.Jonathan Hunsaker: Now we talked about being very proactive, and yes, take a couple capsulesper day to strengthen the immune system. Does that means that if you startfeeling evidences that you shouldn’t make more? I cannot give you that medicaladvice, but I can tell you what I do and what works for me is yes, I take it every day.But we’ve seen studies and research that show that making elderberry “once youve” evidences can decreasethe amount of epoch that you have those symptoms. We know that having zinc can is reducing 40%. Jonathan Hunsaker: So myself personally is what I do , not giving you advice, is I would double upat those times.And I do the same thing with 7up. 7up? 7M. What am I supposing? I need moreAgeless Brain. When I’m taking my 7M, but if I start feeling myself come down withanything, again, this isn’t … What we’re offering now with our complements isn’t like thisguarantee that once you take them, you’re going to be strong and never get sick again. It’s goodto get sick. It’s good for your form to respond, to be able to respond, to be able to fight off ofthese things. What I want to do is I want to give my torso the nutrients it needs to help it do it.Jonathan Hunsaker: So just like 7M, I take my regular pair lozenges a day.But if I startfeeling something come on, I redouble my quantity there. The same thing with Immunity 3. The other thingthat I do, and this is totally up to you for what you want to do, but what I do in my home is Igive half a quantity to my minors. So I open up the capsule. They’re too young to swallow it. Just onecapsule each, and desegregate it in with their smoothie, with their organic dark-greens drink or with their bonebroth protein or merely with the juice. Absolutely up to you on what you choose to do. But it’s whatI do here in my house for myself, for my daughters. Jonathan Hunsaker: Yeah, I think this is aphenomenal supplement to have, especially with everything going on. There was some pressure earlyon for us to employ something out. But there’s also one of the purposes of having unity and making sure that wedidn’t precisely shed something together and propel it out to the market because the market was demandingit right away, and we could make a quick buck. We really wanted to make sure that we put togetherthe best quality product that we are able and for a season, it was hard to get some organiccamu camu.It was hard to secure fairly of the organic elderberry extract.TeriAnn Trevenen: Really hard to get it. Really hard.Jonathan Hunsaker: I imply, you guys know how it is right now with just shipping things andbeing able to get ahold of different things. So not only did we want to perfect our formulation, but we also wanted to make sure we procured enough ingredients to be able to have this long term.Jonathan Hunsaker: The other thing I want to talk about here is kind of theprice target around Immunity 3. It’s really important to us, extremely right nowthat we were able to made something out there that a great deal of beings could afford.I know a great deal of oursupplements are at the higher end of the spectrum. They simply have to be because ofthe quality of the ingredients. Immunity 3 is no different. The inconsistency iswe’re just not going to make a whole bunch on it, but the goal is to help a lot more parties toget healthful until we get to the other side of the craziness that we’re going in right now.Jonathan Hunsaker: Again, I’m not making such a claims this is going to cure anything, preventanything, or make up for any kind of vaccine or any craziness like that.All I’m saying is Ithink it’ll have you be healthier and stronger. So we’re doing it, and it’s only $38 a bottlefor this single bottle. If you do the subscribe and save or buy numerous bottles, you can get aslittle as $30 a month. So that’s a dollar per day, which I feel we were striving to get to thatpoint on a price point level. We had to secure a certain amount of parts, a certain amount ofstuff ahead of time to make sure we could do that. Because I think that this is somethingeverybody should take every day, and it’s going to make a massive differencein how you feel.It’s going to make a massive divergence if you were to catch a coldnes or get aflu or any other virus that might be out there. TeriAnn Trevenen: Absolutely. Yeah. I want to comeback to all important points. I want to come back to elderberry for a few seconds so it’s not theunsung protagonist of the podcast in talking about these ingredients.I exactly want to touch on a few otherthings around elderberry. We’re going to have in the demonstrate tones some research around the commoncold, and some of the things that we spotted with elderberry because of parties making elderberryand reducing their time with the common cold. And especially where we’re in that wintertime experience ofyear for a lot of us , not all of the world, but for those of us who are in the winter epoch and forthose of you who will go into it later, the coldnes becomes more prevalent when things get cold. We’reinside more. We’re not out get that sunshine and all those things that we need to stay healthy.I do want to precisely touch on something that we often touch on on the podcast.While we enjoy rendering astounding, high quality, clear, pure complements to you consuming organicingredients where possible, it’s just really important for us very to educate you and to let youknow that taking care of your mas is the greatest gift you can give to yourself to strengthen yourimmune system.We has spoken about this earlier. But I only want to drive these points home, and Iam walking proof of the fact that your strong immune arrangement leads to a healthier, happier life.Getting better sleep, shortening your stress stages, whatever that is, taking a walk with your bird-dog, ruminating, deep breathing, spending time with parties you affection, putting your phone down andwalking away. Our telephones induce a good deal of stress. Painting, if you have liked to paint. Playing asong if you play an instrument. Get into those things that down modulate your emotions.TeriAnn Trevenen: Healthy nutrition for your torso, and that seems different for all of us.We are not advocates of one route of chewing. Very “weve been” support you, peculiarly when itcomes to your immune arrangement, there’s so much you can do now to dial in what is necessary. Where are youdeficient? Blood work. Where are you deficient? Where can you really fortify your immune systemwhere you maybe lacking things in your nutrition design? Cutting back on sugar.Sugar is the numberone killer of our immune plan. Ingesting carbohydrate in moderation, I think that’s fine. I don’t thinkeating sugar in every day nutrition proposes is wise, and too something that you can really spendsome time education yourself on is the labels. Sugar is being snuck into everything thatwe eat, and looking at the label genuinely tells you how much is there.TeriAnn Trevenen: We even did significant challenges as a team for 1 week, chew things that have less than five grams in sugar material in your nutrients. Everythingyou dined, and it’s just if you did that one thing for yourself, it would make a massive difference.It’s overwhelming to make how do I do all of these things at one time? As we have just mentioned, what’s one thing right now that you’re struggling with the most? Is it sleep? Is it stress? Isit eating better foods every single day that really benefits your person? Maybe you’re doing allthose things and the next step is getting that supplementation in there with those vitaminsand minerals that you need.Whatever it is, I think it’s so important thatwe concentrates on our immune organization, focus on our state as we kick off the brand-new year.TeriAnn Trevenen: Again, I rightfully believe it’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself forlong term happiness and health. And then also as we share on the podcast today, we’resuper roused to have introduced this make together for you as something that youcan add into your regime to really support your immune structure long term and be able tofight off those maladies, those infections, those things that try to invade your body.TeriAnn Trevenen: So this is a good time as we kick off the brand-new time to keep anincreased focus and effort into living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely.We “ve got a lot” of resources for you at Sowe’ve done podcasts on how to sleep better. We’ve done various podcasts on stress. We’ve evendone podcasts on the coronavirus and things you can do there. I entail, some speedy tips-off, especially as I find there’s countries going back into lockdown again and things like that.I’ll store my personal opinion aside on that, but what I will say is if you’re forcedto stay inside, open up your windows. Get some fresh air in. It’s one of the best thingsthat you can do right now. You need that fresh air and not have that same aura flowing andcirculating, more and more toxic the longer it circulates.Open your openings, open your doors.Get outside and get some sunlight somehow. If that necessitates depositing your head out the window, I don’tknow. Whatever you need to do, get some vitamin D, complement with vitamin D as well right now.Jonathan Hunsaker: But anyway, we have a whole podcast about things you can do aroundcoronavirus, the sleep, the stress. Tons of podcasts around nutrition and differentways of eating and different ways to supplement to get what your body needs.Jonathan Hunsaker: So go to and check out thelibrary of different podcasts that we have there. We have tons of articles in ourhealth library. There’s so much there that we want to give you and improve you on, and ifyou feel provoked and want to try Immunity 3, try it.If not, at least lead come informed andmake other changes in your life that are going to get you to that next elevation of health. Andthe good news is once you got that next grade, there’s another level and another level. Andit’s not a daunt, “Oh my gosh, there’s more and more to do.” It’s an exciting place to bebecause as you get to each new level of health, you feel better and better, which increasesthe motivation, which increases all these interesting thing. And your quality of life gets somuch better that when you look back to this day, three years from now, you may not evenrecognize who you were or how you were living. Jonathan Hunsaker: So you don’t have to wait tothe first of the year to always make a change, but January certainly is a great time tomake that mutate and a good motivator.Jonathan Hunsaker:, Everything you need there. Go checkout Immunity 3. And that’s all I got to say. TeriAnn Trevenen: Happy New Year everyone.Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks everyone. Stay safe, remain healthy, and we will seeyou on the next podcast ..


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