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hi everyone welcome back to the indoor gardenseries as promised today i’m back for another video on how to harvest your indoor gardenvegetables and too how to accumulate them so they last longer but first off i just want to say a hugethank you to those of you who are growing your vegetables along with me indoors so many of youhave commented that you’re enjoying this streak are adoring the green and the pop of color in thelittle smart jackpots now because it’s too cold to garden outside so thank you way to go and i knowyou’re going to learn some really helpful tips-off in today’s video so i’m going to gather thesevegetables in just a moment but before i do that i just want to give you a immediate little peek atthe vegetables we are beginning about three weeks ago in the first video on this in the serial here we havethe tiny tim tomato which is a great indoor tomato it merely develops to about two paws towering and ijust started these grains in here but we’ll be transplanting them out probably in about amonth or so and we’ll unquestionably bring you along for a transplanting video now a little tip hereif you’re exasperated because your tomatoes are growing too slow don’t worry about it it’s wintertime right now they’re going to grow a little bit slower what you can do to help them grow a littlebit faster is residence a heat matting underneath it they really like the hot and that’ll truly help themtake off so next now we have some herbs we’ve got dill and basil developing here in the orange littleCaliKim Smart Pots i love this utensil this is my favorite shade and you can see the dill here iscoming right along it’s a cool weather herb it is therefore likes the cool temperatures of the wintertimeand the basil is popping up right here this one’s a warm one a warm weather herb so it’ll grow alittle bit slower in the winter time but again don’t worry about it just hinder plugging awayand i know a lot of you are saying you’re really enjoy the sound of dark-green and the popping ofcolor of the Smart Pots in your indoor garden and now “were having” some clam and it is comingright along looking absolutely beautiful right on track for three weeks so if your clam isgrowing gradually lettuce likes cool temperatures so it could be that you might have it in too warmof a discern in your mansion so merely make adjustments don’t be afraid to experimentation with your indoorgarden and go back and watch the first couple videos in the sequence so you know exactly howto get your beautiful internal garden-variety started i’m just gonna grab the chives and the basili’ll come back in a second get the lettuce but how much enjoyable is it to gathering vegetablesthat we ripened indoors i know a lot of you are in wintertime you can’t thrive outside so criticism belowand let me know how you’re enjoying your indoor garden extremely if you haven’t yet started your indoorgarden no worries it’s not too late to get started head over to and grabmy Indoor Garden Seed Collection there’s 10 hodgepodges in here that are easy to grow inside andi’ve make all the guesswork out of it for you can grab one of these and you will be good to go nowwe’re going to be harvesting today some veggies that i started inside about six weeks ago i’ve gotsome beautiful copper mignonette clam these are all from the Indoor Garden Seed Collectionsome chives some basil and some microgreens which are so easy to grow right over by yourwindow so first off let’s talk about lettuce now clam is so easy to grow you can grow andharvest it indoors in about four to six weeks super easy exactly to snip some for a beautifullunchtime salad so what i’m going to do is talk about the reduction and come again method what thatis is you’re just pinching off the foliages at the base of the plant you’re not drawing the entireplant out of the toilet that direction you’re carve it and then it’s going to come or thrive back againin a couple of weeks and you’ll have a couple of gathers out of this receptacle but it’s alwaysa good mind to succession embed which means i embed these seeds about six days ago iplanted some other seeds about three weeks ago that room it keeps the harvest coming and youalways have something to grow and gobble that’s fresh that you can grow right inside during thewinter experience so we’re just going to snip off some of these buds oh my gosh you guys if you’venever thrive your own fresh yummy salad it is so amazingly luscious so if you have been growingyour salads for a while please let us know what your favorite variety of lettuce is and thedifference that you are presented in your homegrown lettuce versus loot that you buy from thegrocery store there’s just no comparison by nip a few from each little area andthen causing some originate before we move on to the chives i want to share a little storage tip foryour lettuce of course it’s best if you can eat it fresh for the best flavor but if you’re harvestinga larger amount you can’t eat it all right away no worries don’t wash it simply applied it in betweenlayers of paper towels that really facilitates absorb the humidity facilitates the loot stay fresherin the refrigerator and then exactly sounds it in a plastic purse framed it in your crisper drawer andit should stay fresh for about three to five days moving on to the chives from the indoorgarden chives are a cool weather herb very easy to grow inside they grow very quicklythese are onion chives from the inner garden-variety grain collection and computed an perfectly savory flavorto clambered eggs to salads only snip and time it’s so recreation to have easy access to them in yourindoor garden and you can see how your the chives here are kind of flopping over definite clue thatthey need harvesting you can harvest the chives when they’re a marry inches tall and what ilike to do is give them a little haircut time gather the chives up in my hand like so and thengo in with my scissors and simply excerpt a handful off and you can really snipping these right away and usethem in your recipes or something that’s really fun to do is to dry chives and i are happy to precisely keepit really simple by laying them out on a plate like so and you are eligible to time setthem out on your countertop and they’ll dry in a week or so or if you havea dehydrator you can stick them in a dehydrator this is a really simple way to have them forlater use if you can’t abuse everything straight off now the cool thing aboutchives is they grow right back so i’ll probably have another harvest comingin about a week or so and they smell astonishing i wish you guys could smell this so let me knowif you’re growing chives in your indoor garden and what recipes you like to use them into theother herb that we’re stretching from the indoor garden seed accumulation is basil super easy to growinside we’ve had this under a ripen brightnes but too ripens very well in a pleasant window now the thingabout most herbs is the more that you gather them the more that they flourish and basil is no exceptionit smells so amazing in now and what you want to do when you glean basil you can harvest it justas you need it or you can harvest a whole knot at once i’m just going to snip off a couple of stemshere you want to harvest it before it flowers for the best flavor my basil here is not flowering soi’m going to going to go down a marry inches on the seed the basil leaves grow in provides we’ve gotsets of two needles the whole way down so i’m going to go down about two to three inches there’s anice little stanch now just going to snip it off and we’ll do that in a couple of discerns around theplant and we actually plan to use this basil on christmas day in a little brunch that we’rehaving so i do want to save it for a couple of days so what i’m going to do with basil a greatway to place it is just store it in a container of ocean so i’m just going to pop thestem right in the sea now basil will also propagateor stretch seeds from the branch now basil is also very easy to propagate and whatthat wants is you can leant it in a container of spray and it will grow roots fromthe branch within a week or so we’ll probably end up eating this one beforethat so i’m just going to sounds it in this jar of irrigate and then i’ll keep it right over hereon my windowsill until i’m ready to use it and the great thing is is that we’ll definitelybe get mass more glean from this little pot here we’re going to see some brand-new growthin precisely a couple of weeks or so we’ve got our clam our chives our basil the last thingwe have to harvest today is our microgreens now microgreens by far are the easiest thing youcan grow indoors if you don’t stretch anything else grow microgreens they don’t need a germinate light-footed theydon’t even need aim sunlight these have been growing right here next to my opening for a coupleof weeks we embed them about three weeks ago on the first video we’ve got arugula and red mustardgreens and you guys these time look so amazingly beautiful in this purple CaliKim smart pots lookat these little tiny leaves aren’t they fairly now the great thing about microgreens is they aresuper nutrient dense because you only grow them to a few inches tall you’re not changing them tomaturity and you can usually harvest them within only a few weeks of embed now i generally liketo return just what i’m going to eat the working day and we are going to have breakfast right afterthis so i like to harvest them when they’re a marry inches towering just like this plant is they’revery easy to reap you precisely can go in there with your scissors grab a little handful andthen exactly snipping them off at the clay grade the cool thing is you can usually get a couple ofharvests out of each pot so we’ll harvest these and then what i always like to do after i harvestor after i prune my flowers is to give them a delightful little dosage of the good dirt plant food which ishigh in nitrogen and will really encourage some brand new growth and these ruby-red mice mustard greensadd a little zippy taste to your salads your soups you can throw them in wraps we’re going to throwin clambered eggs this morning and they genuinely do pack a perforate of nutrition as with the majority vegetablesmicrogreens are best if you eat them fresh as soon as you pick them but again you can store them inthe refrigerator for a got a couple of days if you wrap them in a newspaper towel don’t wash them first popthem into a plastic container framed them in your crisper they’ll be good for a got a couple of days we’ve gotour clam our chives our basil our micro parks just enough for a beautiful coupleof meals today from the indoor garden the only thing that’s going to top this off is ourtiny tim tomato not quite ready to harvest yet but we’re going to bring you along for transplantingthese into bigger receptacles and reveal you how to grow them and nurture them indoors so make sureyou subscribe so you don’t miss that video and comment below let me know what you’re growingin your indoor garden grab the Indoor Garden Seed collection along with a duplicate of my volume let me know what you’re growing indoors and how you’re relish it thanksso much for watching we’ll ascertain on the next video


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