Is Full Spectrum CBD Right For You?


It’s been over a year since Plant Therapy released our first CBD product. Since then, we’ve expanded our collection to include several topical options, fun new flavors, and specialized products (CBD+iso) to help with specific issues. And now we’re pleased to add Full-Spectrum CBD to the list!

If you’ve been in the CBD world for a while, you know exactly what it is and have already placed your order. But if you’re left wondering exactly what the difference is and if Full Spectrum CBD is right for you, then you’re in the right place!

Full Spectrum CBD

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

When shopping for CBD products, you’ll usually find three different kinds. 

  • CBD Isolates contain only one cannabinoid because it has been isolated from everything else in the plant. CBD is the most common option, but other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN can also be isolated.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD, which is what Plant Therapy has sold up to this point, has the THC completely removed while keeping all of the other cannabinoids at the amount naturally found in the plant.
  • And lastly, we have Full Spectrum CBD which contains all of the cannabinoids as well as small (and legal) amounts of THC.

But here’s the beautiful part, this amount of THC is not enough to give you those high feelings. And because there is less than 0.3% THC, it’s federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill! Although it is worth noting that state laws are still a little all over the place. We recommend customers research their local legislation before purchasing. Also, we are currently shipping Full Spectrum CBD everywhere in the US except Idaho.

What Are the Benefits of Full Spectrum?

Both Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD support your overall health and wellbeing by working with your endocannabinoid system, or eCS, (more on that here) to help create homeostasis for several functions such as mood, appetite, memory, digestion, respiration, perceived sensations of pain, and much more.

The small amount of THC included in full-spectrum products binds to the CB1 receptors in your brain while CBD binds to the CB2 receptors. Because of the way the different cannabinoids and THC interact with your receptors, the entourage effect may be more powerful. The entourage effect is when different compounds have a greater effect together than they would individually.  Many find that Full Spectrum is more effective and even helps with more intense issues than just Broad Spectrum CBD. So if you’re not seeing the effects you were hoping for with broad-spectrum, it might be worth making the leap to Full Spectrum CBD!

Plant Therapy Full Spectrum

Is Full Spectrum Right for You?

There are a couple of questions you can answer right off the bat that could help give you a quick answer.

First, are you drug tested at work? 

Some employers have policies regarding the use of CBD products, especially when THC is concerned. And while the amount of THC is small, we recommend using caution as it may potentially pop-up on a drug screen. This ultimately comes down to your own comfort level and your employer’s drug policy.

If Full Spectrum CBD isn’t an option for you, you can safely use our Broad Spectrum CBD (which shouldn’t cause you to fail a drug test). 

Are you comfortable with THC?

First thing’s first, when used as directed, the less than 0.3% of THC won’t give you a high feeling. And Full Spectrum CBD is considerably different from what you might find in states where cannabis is fully legal. That being said, we understand that Full Spectrum CBD isn’t going to be for everyone. If you’re uncomfortable with even the slightest amount of THC in your products, then you can continue using Broad Spectrum CBD knowing that it has absolutely no THC.

Are you loving the CBD you’re already taking?

If you’re enjoying the benefits of your Broad-Spectrum CBD and feel like it’s totally working for you, keep with it! There’s no reason you have to try Full Spectrum. But if you like to experiment with your CBD or are just plain curious if Full Spectrum has what you’re looking for, what are you waiting for!?

Full Spectrum Options

We offer Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in 500 mg and 1500 mg strengths. If you are getting started with CBD or are looking to support overall health and wellbeing., choose the 500 mg.  The 1500 mg is ideal for anyone who is comfortable with CBD or has a higher tolerance to CBD. If you prefer softgels, you’re in luck! We also offer 15 mg softgels in both 30 and 60 count.

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