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today I’m going to show you how you candelay aging by consuming the most anti age menu on countries around the world if you’d liketo know more satisfy keep watching hi I’m Schellea and this is splendid 50 s alifestyle canal that explores manner attractivenes and life for women over 50 and if you’re the status of women over 50 clink subscribe and click the buzzer and you’llbe alerted every time there’s a new video and they’ll all are addressed to you I’mso excited to be sharing this with you today because I’ve been doing anexperiment with studies and research from dr.Rhonda Patrick and dr. Rhonda Patrick isa longevity scientist so she does research into things that build us livelonger and what a better topic for this channel and for all of you ladies isthings that they are able to utter us feel better and live longer dr. Rhonda has been doingsome thorough study on something called sulforaphane and the highestamount of Sulforaphane is found in broccoli sprouts and what’s so goodabout Sulforaphane well, Sulforaphane reduces our irritation markers by like2 0% and rednes is such a huge factor in causing us to age so Aging inour figure and aging in the efficiency of our body and if we cando anything at all to reduce our inflaming we’re going to live longerand feel better and feel more vital and have more power so merely from theselittle broccoli germinates these are going into our mas and actually doing a wholelot of work studies have shown that there’s no other weed on the planetthat can do as much for reducing inflammation as the soul urethane inbroccoli ripens so it’s been shown to increase brain function assistant detoxifyour person to be a powerful cancer preventative and studies have shown6 0 milligrams of Sulforaphane a era have slow-footed the doubling rate of cancercells by 86% so like that’s huge and another study was done where 30 milligrams of Sulforaphane was given to autistic adolescents and you improve theirbrain scores by 34 percent so again astounding research studies in swine haveshown that Sophia fame is as effective as the antidepressant Prozac and thoseresults are really encouraging the science behind broccoli ripens isrelatively new and up until now it hasn’t been researched so heavily untila got a couple of scientists going to go in done some hardcore research on it and this isamazing for women in our age group because we can actually go in and dosomething that’s all natural that we are able to realize yourself and it does make adifference I’ve been doing a test for myself just a little experiment everyday for 3 month I’ve been taking Sulforaphane and I have noticed adifference inside of my form it’s when I firstly started taking it it kind of feltlike things were churning up a little and moving things quite quicklythrough my body and I know from the research because it’s so in depth thatthis is actually something that we should all be doing because it’saffordable and it’s natural and it’s kind of really easiest and to lay theaging process how huge is that for women of our age ok so the thing aboutsoft urethane from the broccoli sprouts is it only gets activated when you chewon it so if you just took a whole lot out leant it in your opening and swallowedit you wouldn’t get theSulforaphane so you wouldn’t get the benefit so youhave to make sure that you’re conscious of chewing it another thing that dr.Rhonda discovered was when you freeze a softer of fame it becomes far moreactive and does a lot more work so I’ve been doing that as well these are somebroccoli ripens that I froze and I’ve got to tell you she’s right because if Ihad this in my smoothie I get like a chocolate buzzand because I don’t suck chocolate it’s very pronounced for me and when you haveit frozen you don’t need as much to get the same effects I exclusively started this twomonths into the experiment because I wanted to really make sure that I wasfeeling something or getting some gap and although it’s not oh mygod that attained such certain differences immediately you do notice it after awhile but when you do it frozen for me regardless I noticed a differencestraightaway he’s like okay so let me give you a quick demonstration how tomake this it’s so easy you won’t believe it and this is my garden it’s an insidegarden and it’s the only thing that I can thrive everything else dies around mein the garden but this so I’m really proud that I can procreate these and you’llbe able to clear them too and you can buy a paraphernalium for sprout which is something that I’vedone and I’ll leave some ties below of where you can buy gears this is a largerstyle and I’ve also went this smaller style you have a jar with a lid and thelids came little punctures in it so this is what you do so you take your broccolisprouts seeds and you situated two tablespoons in this size or threetablespoons in a bigger size you add this much water put the lid on and thenyou just let that sit for six hours or overnight while you’re sleeping and thenwhat you do is you tip out the sea like that and you spray them that is the level of difficultyeverybody can do this so you water it and then you tip the irrigate out and youleave it without the sea and then you’ll just leave it like this for therest of the day and then before you go to bed at night you make love precisely thesame thing you lend more ocean bath it out straightaway and then just leave itovernight come back the next morning and repeat that process for about four orfive days you are eligible to threw it in something to catch the dribble spray overnightotherwise it’ll go all over your terrace so with these ones I’ll intention it upagainst the back of my wall with a tea towel underneath to obtain the moistureand these ones have a little stand so ever leave something underneath tocatch the irrigate and really another rapid gratuity I ever use the organic seedsbecause you don’t want grains that have got any toxins over them so chooseorganic if you can and I’ll leave some tie-ups down below where you can buy themand these ones here are at the end of epoch four and they’re so good they’re sohealthy and I’m going to show you you take the lid off and you pull them out it’s so good because you’ve made thisyourself and then you placed this in your form and it’s going to withstand aging howamazing is that that it’s this easy so this is what itlooks like it’s kind of compacted and then you pass that a bathe and thenshake off all the little unspread at seeds and then I would devour about thatmuch every day so for my husband and I we are to be able snack this in a day or a day anda half and then if you freeze it you would reduce that amount so I’ll putthis in a container in the fridge and use it as I like and then when I’mfinished I’ll cleanse these out and start againstart this whole process again and I’ve always went this amazing anti-aging foodthat’s going to delay my aging on tap it’s the easiest thing you will ever doand I’d love to know if any of you have been using this what are your resultswhat have you procured and please let me know if you’re going to try this I’m soexcited that I now know about broccoli sprigs I hope that you’ve enjoyedlearning about why they’re so important and if you did enjoy this please give athumbs up and delight share this with any of your best friend who work in our age groupwho would also like to delay the aging process thank you so much for watchingand have a beautiful week


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