Matcha From Morning ‘Til Night


Asian supermarkets often go out of their way to promote matcha by displaying related products — together and conspicuously — on spacious shelves.  Addicts could snack non-stop on matcha macaroons, matcha jelly, matcha mochi, matcha mocha ice cream, latte, mille-feuille, waffles, wafers, marshmallows, pudding, crackers, Hawaiian Host Matcha Chocolate, Sparkling Green Tea Canada Dry…  (So what is incompatible and must not be flavored with matcha?  Nothing?)  We who live outside of Asia should realize that the merchandise could be Asia’s surplus – left-over.  Matcha originated in Japan and its products are being refined and perfected in Asia.  Elsewhere selections, both homemade and manufactured, are limited.

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