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Translator: Sahar Alamoudi. Auditor: Riyad Almubarak I love taekwondo and was once a national hero. But much has changed since then. I went to medical clas, and I became a doctor. I had a boy, and then a girl. I have a chronic disease that has no cure. In 2000, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I went to the best multiple sclerosis treatment center I could find in the Cleveland Clinic. I understood the best physicians, I got the best care possible, I took the latest therapies. By the year 2003, my illnes had overtaken into secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I made the recommended chemotherapy. I got a wheelchair. I had a wheelchair that I could move in. I exploited Tysabri And then CellCept But I continued to be severely hampered. My disease has transformed. I “re afraid” becoming incapacitated. I predict the latest research on PubMed.gov I knew that brains with multiple sclerosis, over term, reduce. From there I started speaking every night the latest medical investigate About ailments in which the knowledge flinches. Those illness were Huntington, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. I viewed that in all three cases the mitochondria don’t are functioning. Which gives rise to a constriction of the imagination. With more research, Research has found that the brains of mice and their mitochondria receive protection, Using fish oil, keratin and coenzyme Q. These have restated from mouse-sized doses into human-sized dosages. And my first round of self-experimentation began. My disease hurried has slow-paced and I was so indebted for that. But I’m still deteriorating. Then I discovered the Institute of Functional Medicine, And through their continuing medical education class, Nerve Protection: A functional medical approaching to both familiar and peculiar neurological disorders. I learned more about the biology of mentality cadres and what I can do to protect my judgment. Here is some of what I learned: We have a billion cadres in our brains, with ten trillion communications. All of these connects must be isolated by what is called myelin. Multiple sclerosis harms myelin. In order to reach strong, healthful myelin your brain needs a lot of B vitamins. In special, vitamin B1, which is thiamine, B9 which is folic battery-acid, B12 and it is cobalamin. It also needs omega-3 fatty acids and iodine. This is a tangle. These lovely gilded plummets are neurotransmitters. For the manufacturing of neurotransmitters, Your brain needs a lot of sulfur and vitamin B6, which is pyridoxine. These are mitochondria. She is so beautiful. And it is very important to your life. Because these are tiny mitochondria in each and every one of our cells, You will manage the power supply for that cell. Without mitochondria, It will not be larger than bacteria. In medical clas, I must be given to memorize countless mitochondrial reactions, But I didn’t know what element my cells could conclude. Which one should I deplete to get these reactions croaking right Now I know I need a great deal of B vitamins, Sulfur are antioxidants for mitochondria to thrive. So, I supplemented B vitamins, sulfur, and antioxidants to my daily nutrition. And then it dawned on me, That I have to get my long schedule of nutrients from meat, If i did, I would probably get hundreds or tens of thousands of other items Which was not named and known by science more. But it will be good for my brain and my mitochondria But I didn’t know where it was in the menu And medical volumes have not done, And even the meat discipline texts that I consulted. But, the internet did! So-( Laughter) That is really helpful. So exercising it, I was able to design an eating proposal, Especially for my subconsciou and my mitochondria. And now, before I tell you what my nutritional project was, We’ll do a search to see what the Americans gobble. I will begin with you, So, I want you to think about the last 24 hours, Add all the fruits and vegetables that you have eaten. Do not contribute potatoes and corn, as they are starch. Now if you are able to plow a dinner dish, pile high, raise your hands. Come on, don’t be balk, create your hands. Well , now if you can cros two dinner slabs preserve promoting your hand. Anyone eat three dishes? Look around, be seen to what extent few raised sides are. OK? Now we will examine another family. This is from “hungry planet” by Peter and came here to, Show you what this American family will chew next week. Look closely and you’ll picture a good deal of processed food in caskets, Boxes, and other examples. This is how most Americans munch This is what most societies devour when they get richer. This is likely the reason for the decline in the health of cultures Their wealth increases. This slide is from work done by Professor Lauren Cordain. Shows percentages of Americans Those who consume less than the recommended daily extent For various categories of nutrients. In the lower half of the slide then there You’ll see that it’s less than half of us It makes fairly vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin A. Now if you look at the top half of the slither, You will see that two-thirds of us are not getting enough calcium. Neither magnesium , nor zinc or iodine, And that 80% don’t take up enough omega-3 paunches. We, you, all starve our cells. We are invigorated due to complex chemical reactions. If you do not cater building block, They are vitamins, minerals and vital paunches. Actions is not come properly. Ensuing in structure the wrong compoundings, Or it simply doesn’t develop any formulations at all. You rectified the pulpit up for a chronic disease. So our babes are born with a very small jaw, Which leads to crooked teeth and tiny brains. This is the reason for your blood pressure The blood vessels become rigid as you age. This is why one in three American children Or one in two if you are African American or Hispanic, He will develop obesity and diabetes as a child or young adult. This is why when you go to our institutions, Every year we have more and more children with severe learning hurdles And severe behavior questions. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be like this. For two and a half million years, male ate what he could accumulate and catch. Named foragers, also known as hunter gatherers. That’s the hunter’s omnibus diet, the Pyleou diet It consists of tree leaves, springs, berries, flesh and fish. Regional, fresh in season and of course organic. Inuit in the far north gobble completely differently About the Africans in Savannah. However, when scientists analyzed these hunter-gatherer organisations, They found that it outstripped the recommended limit 2 to 10 durations. As for the nutrients. These ancient families know On munching for optimum state and vitality, More than us are doctors and scientists. The hunter’s all-inclusive food contains more nutrients From the American Heart Association Diet. More nutrients than the American Diabetes Association. And more nutrients than the USDA food pyramid system. From there I started the hunter’s all-inclusive nutrition. I exercised these concepts, But I shaped it to made to ensure that I was coming the nutrients. Vitamins and minerals. Nutrients identified as important for dermal cadres and mitochondria. This is my diet: 3 cups of lettuce leaves, 3 bowls of vegetables rich in sulfur, 3 goblets of shining colours, Meat fed on part meats and seaweed. 3 cups are stack high on a dinner slab. I begins with lettuce leaves because they are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin A, C, K, and minerals. These are two types of cabbage. Cabbage has more nutrients per calorie than any other vegetable. The B vitamins will protect your psyche cells and mitochondria. Vitamins A and C support immune cells. Vitamin K impedes blood vessels and bones health. And minerals are the catalysts in the production of hundreds of different enzymes in your person. Plus you get a plate full of daily commons It will significantly reduce your risk of developing cataracts and macular deterioration, The major causes of blindness in the United Government. So eat more cabbage and parsley. More cooked vegetables. Eat more liquids and vegetables. Eat dried lettuce. It’s so luscious my teenage daughter and her friends love it, I want you to have 3 bowls, A plate full of sulfur-rich vegetables daily. Your brain and your mitochondria need sulfur. Your liver and kidneys need sulfur So that they can remove toxins from your bloodstream. The clam category is rich in sulfur, It includes lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprigs. Kale, yellowed turnip, radish, cabbage, and green. The onion clas is also rich in sulfur. Onions, garlic, leeks, chives, andalusian leeks, as well as mushrooms and helium. I too want you to have a plate, 3 beakers, 3 different colors are preferred every day. Colors are flavonoids and polyphenols. These are strong antioxidants that will support your retina. And your intelligence cadres and your mitochondria, It removes toxins. You can take emblazons from vegetables Like beets, carrots, seasonings, red cabbage … Or you can take them from berries And brightly colored returns like peaches and oranges. I want you to get high-quality protein rich in omega-3 fatty battery-acids. Omega-3 fatty battery-acids are very important for segregating those contacts in your intelligence. It is of paramount importance for the preparations for the your mouth To get straight teeth and a bigger mind. Therefore, gobble wildernes fish, extremely salmon and herring. Also, dine a type of grass-fed meat every day. Our ancient cultures all valued organ meat. And organ meats are concentrated the resources of vitamins, minerals and coenzyme Q. They are peculiarly strong to reinforcement mitochondria. Therefore, chewing organ fleshes such as liver, onions, heart and tongue, Alveoli and calf pancreas formerly a few weeks. Ancient people traveled great distances or sold to secure access to seaweed. Seaweed is a rich source of iodine and selenium. Your brain needs iodine to make myelin, Insulator for associations. It likewise needs iodine to detoxify, Especially mercury, precede, and heavy metals. An adequate extent of iodine reduce the risks of breast and prostate cancer. Studies have shown that 80% of Americans have a relatively low iodine intake. Therefore, eat seaweed at least once a week To ensure suitable iodine tiers and to maintain them. Most Americans can’t imagine eating 9 beakers. 3 bowls full of veggies and berries daily. However, if you are to stick to 9 beakers of these they are incredibly healthy. Great for you. Veggies and berries daily. Before chewing cereals, potatoes and dairy products. It will cause dramatically The vitamin and mineral content of your nutrition. Plus, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of menu allergies. Food reactions and food allergies are more common than we recognize. Difficult to diagnose, peculiarly Allergy to gluten, the protein in wheat, barley, and corn wheat “rye” And dairy reaction, casein protein in dairy, Linked to a wide range of health problems, For example, but not to restrict: Eczema, Asthma, Allergy, Infertility, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic lethargy, arthritis, and chronic headache, Neurological problems and behavior problems. Yes, it would expense more to eat these lovely vegetables and berries. But I guarantee you, you will pay the price. You will now pay the price for nutrient that restores your health and vitality. Or offer him to see a doctor, And a recipe for therapy and surgeries lost from drive, Early retirement and nursing home care. it’s your alternative. OK. In seven years I had the best care, The newest and latest therapies, I continued to be handicapped. And by November 2007, You couldn’t sit in a tush like you do now. I was reclining in a zero-gravity chair like this, At home, toil or in bed. I can walk a short distance with two crutches. I was losing my keys and mobile phones. I used to have hallucinations, that is my boss It may withdraw my clinical advantages. That’s when I designed a nutrition Dedicated to brain cells and mitochondria. That’s when it started She became a modern university huntress. After 3 months, I was able to walk between test rooms with one crutch. The next month, I was able to walk everywhere in the hospital without a cane. Five months later I journey my motorcycle for the first time in a decade. And wandered around the neighborhood. 9 months on my new path of eating I drove 18 miles with my bike. The following year I gone on a line razz to the Canadian Bumpies. I am the canary in the coal quarry, Here as a admonish to all of you. We have a choice. We can continue to eat comforting and yummy meat, Delicious processed foods, We learn ourselves and “their childrens” We grow and face value increase, sadnes and diabetes or … We can continue to see healthcare payments as a bag out of control. It bankrupt us individually and collectively as a country. or … We can eat for mitochondria, We gobble vegetables and berries, Grass-fed meat, organ fleshes and seaweeds, And to become more and more lively. We all have a choice. I choose to inform the public On the healing superpower of meat and conducting clinical trials. We are researching my input and others’ in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. We will present our research Sunday at the Neuroscience Conference 2011. The results are exciting. We all have a choice. I challenge you to become modern day hunters, And dine for your mitochondria, Be mitochondrial envoys. Because if I can get up from a wheelchair by make it, Imagine what munching for mitochondria would do for you. And for your family, your own country, their own communities and your world. The choice is ours. What would be your option? expressed appreciation for.( clap ).


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