Mostly organic Low-Glycemic Ensure Plus, made by a cool dude with cystic fibrosis (& his mom)


everybody I’m Nick I have cystic fibrosis I’m the guitar actor with bare knuckle you are able to check us out at naked knuckle net this video we’ve meet them today is about how I wanted to find an easy alternative to ensure or improve that is cleaner use organic ingredients nothing GMO and particularly something that has a lower glycemic index maybe a little more fat and protein as well so we purposed up working I’m doing everything with dairy for the most part this is not vegan or vegetarian not vegan we’re using organic totality milk for our our liquid locate we’ve imparted the whole milk with a DM tree and triglyceride petroleum from coconuts we’ve also included vanilla extract to the milk extremely/ spice “were having” organic cacao powder on a whole dessert potato gunpowder we also have a coconut palm sugar a nonfat dry milk and we’ve added a little of Himalayan sea salt for the mineral material and the flavor so what we have is the dry mixture which we blend it in our Vitamix blender and I have the milk that’s going to imbue with the mct and vanilla I have a mason jar and there’s also a little shaker blender you know the mold that’s a merge it all up so we’re going to pour in the concoction I’ll take it become get it nice and alright Lucy how this came out looks like it merged up pretty well so basically we have a chocolate sea salt in sure to leave her here in a sense the sugary potato unquestionably pays it a delightful smooth big-hearted kind of melted ice cream milkshake type of feel like a malted and down this for you guys this is delicious you


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