Organic Living Club – Hour 2, Part 1 (3/31/08)


your intelligence and your second sigh yeah this run and then you have your second guzzle is your gut I thoughts I reflected a lot about this before open this to you so I thought it’d be interesting to know Thomas goes on and on dead and the working day alters the rest of our body but first before I do that I want to tell you leave it about what I do and why and why he choses I am a call my therapist and nutritional instruct and reflexologist and about 29 year ago I got really sick has 22 at the time and they wanted to do a corn well actually a colon resection and Buddy hysterectomy and i was living in Houston at the time and when I loop to Santonio we have scheduled the surgeries are here and they said you know there’s nothing we can do for you you need to change in lifestyle one thing and we’re just going to do this all 22 anything that was a very good idea so I met “womens issues” called Francis Sheldon in San Antonio and she did something announced colonics and pure extracts and frequency ology rub rehabilitation it was very foreign to me act like what what what I wanted to get it on but as I got to know her as then you are well aware I was hopeless and the majority of members of us certainly started seeing things because we you know we’re looking and researching for something that’s not gonna be so offensive are followers anyways she schooled me all that whole narrative regiman and reflexology and herbs and probiotics and sovereigns of that exactly what we they 18 months ultimately I supplement by the way I have injuries and creamy juices and first assistance oral cancer and that’s why I have that’s what was going on in my as there’s other things too but that was the main reason the endometriosis closed off north all I had it’s all over and so when they told me that there was nothing else they’re going to do with this lady Frances Sheldon help me with deeming at your regiman and so I was so impressive that what that did for me that I wanted to get into this and so and I couldn’t believe somehow something like that could help me but between diet and proper eating Mackenzie ting and juicing and clearing my head Jessa and finding out what realise me like that fetch me to this and another that is one of the things that people spoke to me about all the doctors still spoken about every woman in my with some type of cancer now that was 28 years ago can you simply imagine what it is now and I fetched this little chart about this is important eighty percent of bowel cancers are found in two areas and I had the areas that were being affected so I was going into that and I conceived the biggest thing I could do for everybody would be to help everyone that I the things that happened me I could help my family and help everybody else I wasn’t going to school for this is interesting enough was going to school for interior design so when “peoples lives” get stopped and I am doing an interior design just something I know it’s it’s like so I’m gonna make this short and we’ll open up you guys fucking stop me and asking questions if you crave in this firstly page we’re talking about complex and hidden intelligence in the gut and everybody get butterflies and prancin or summat like that and isn’t it interesting that we think it’s all now but it’s not the bowel actually has a mind of its own dinner nervous system and just like the larger brain in the honcho researchers am telling the de plan sends and receives caprices records suffers in response the emotion it’s nerve cells are bathed and influenced by the same neural transmitters but get can disturb the bracket just as the downpour deterred something good what I met the bank records when people need for me to date for detoxification I do a entire history on because that history tells me what’s going on under that they may not been talking about the doesn’t know about be better if we talk about what’s going on in my psyche extremely why is that so important to me because if I don’t tie now that I’ve convincing the chief I’m not a psychologist or therapist but we can certainly find out what’s going on in here so we can make this better and form the environment better so this starts to do better so as you see this is this is just a really good article I reputed would be really interesting one of the areas in the very beginning is uh says the research of Annie’s comment and this by the way I demanded specific comments about the cyst is written in the New York Times in 96 so multitude 12 years ago and they have been doing Studies on there’s just something that we don’t talk about these will talk more about gender and then do your colon and you know I’m going to time back so I’m thinking we can get our brains healthier you get her colon healthier get her colon healthful we cannot get our thinking better so we only have all these different infections of the entire body we just start with the cone and Norwood walk around the book called go and he is called phone off and on Walker and he states that doesn’t begin me home yeah it’s really an interesting book he wrote this work and you are well aware I can’t remember the fifth 40 50 s I repute do you know stuff around in our chance to see journals yeah I component of studying under one of his teachers and it was amazing what the things that she could share with us how important it was to keep calling help and proper probiotics just like we do our dirt when I was sounding him speak it’s like hey that’s everything we have to do in the gut and so a pair things that I consider regardless you guys can read this article I think you’ll find a friend moderately mesmerizing I wonder how can you guys can read it yourself but the next of segment of it is complete transit times we are therefore at the Norman normal western right we actually congregate or more and believe you being in my rehearse oh I’m gonna aging but there’s eight dinners minimally that actually stands a goblet so can you imagine how much material is placed up in here and so the menu we gobble is vital just like the stone when you’re talking about we need to have make sure that we have the prepper probiotics droop of spray the proper lubricants and the suitable greens and so if we have a mechanism scamper or our oil invited to participate in our person like that then we won’t pass through within a short amount of time but anyways as you can see in this diagram if you can imagine on Saturday eating what this money is everybody into health in now munching jolly healthy listen Isaac no no so what you spotted you are eating usually prescription different than gals so this is Drake a lover what you’re snacking and Saturday one could you tell me about that as far as in GTA murder me actually I’m vegetarian but a lot of soy makes along with this way but not take a multivitamin and about it and anybody a flesh eater in now so so meat stays in the body middle or actually goes into the stomach and stays incident testin well more than 18 hours my snout didn’t do you gobble organic screen okay so that is the exception on a conventional Western diet though and beings mind why mallets and fast food like we have a whole chain jayden now I think it is great for balance she’s holding anyways that’s right because that path you have the chance of setting up an battery-acid or any inequalities facility in your phone and that’s another thing we look at this ph counterbalance so as is this the point is if it’s staying in your gut and small intestine too long and then it’s been getting propagandized into large-scale intestine which at this end where your small intestine is going into the large intestine is all kind and when style sits and license and they help the building up and into the colon it imparts a great deal of sournes if it’s too much or if it’s fermented in stage one it’s a natural response and we want that but we don’t want to stay here for daylights and fermenting and then pushing up into the entire New Testament city hall so wats Holly 206 diary so “youve had” six work of gigantic intestine so and then seasons by a small intestine so the reason I’m saying this can you only imagine how long if you made a four-tire how long that would stay in that small intestine and then building up into a large intestine and creating you know massive abdomen or fermentation oh no I’m handsome and creating a irritated in the bottom so when we can limit the amount of food that’s going in of poverty-stricken nutrient selections and allowing more organic foods to set up the good bacteria in now excuse me so it is necessary to good bacteria in the small intestine and the large intestine and so we eat the proper foods like specks and good suitable dairy concoctions go makes and we grab some things like that juicing you will set up a good bacteria degree in your stomach small intestine up to you largeness but if you’re eating fried meat and lots of dried fruits and processor you’re set it to be preserved in there and positioning an acidic necessity where you’re studying the diseases a post or dwelling or canker so truly want to go into note haven’t we no longer than 24 measure dollars these