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hey everyone I’m Claire and today we’re in the Test Kitchen and I’m going to make gourmet skittles so I haven’t had skittles in maybe a decade maybe more but I’m really excited to try have you had one of these that green one was a little weird these knockoffs flare they change the dark-green the lettuce smacked eerie so I’m gonna open from the little merriment sizing grape which is purple strawberries red apple lemon and orange so five pigments we’re kind of like ufo-shaped there are 12 millimeters in diameter each of them weigh one gram the smell is very familiar extremely wistful when you crunch down on one the candy coating on the outside kind of separates apart and crackings and then you have that softer interior the candy coating has the color but the interior is sort of translucent whitish or simply red lettuce has a sort of distinct an artificial light-green apple spice when I was a kid the Green was lime I might start a lime instead of green apple go back to the og skittle yellow pretty good lemon flavor strawberry too sweet grape purple oh I want to try to soak it in some liquid to remove that coating that complexion has almost completely come off the skittles this is very interesting because what this is telling me is that they coat the skittles in whatever that hard shell is and then they spray it with the colour I kind of want to try melting them down I’m gonna learn the lessons about this by dropping it into cold water that’s gonna give me a sense of the carbohydrate concentration in this syrup so you can see there’s something announced yarn hard ball hard-bitten crack soft bullet soft crack so this to me is like soft ball stage I heard that cat really likes feelings you want to come try what do you think we can improve and then what do you think has to say the same improve on the most bogu spices but improve upon everything you’re the maroon one who need taffy-like interior so crunchy membrane you got to keep the shape yeah I do sort of feel like they have to have color yeah taste the rainbow Claire well flake on your but I don’t know in airbrush prescribe on Amazon I’m gonna do a little research online we’re gonna go on Amazon find what we can find look there’s your hues I’m really and a little worried about these oh I’m trying to not have any artificial dye well that’s fine you don’t need to use there people but you’re gonna need that that method you think airbrush one side cause it cool move them everybody together and then yeah exactly feather it’s not a bad feeling think about the possibilities we do in the future yeah I’m not sure there’s a whole lot all right now it’s time for my favorite persona when to read the ingredients sugar corn syrup I pump two native palm kernel little than 2% of your gas audio codec modern category corn ste natural and artificial spice is colored friend visualizes red forty lame Jack red for yellow-bellied five yellowed five six will essentially one one recline close parentheses sodium citrate and carnauba wax chiefly what we got here is sugar this is going to be a candy meeting process you’re cooking carbohydrate to a certain stage my goal is to replace some of those less petitioning parts like hydrogenated palm kernel oil with substance that’s going to penchant better I’m stressed out by the color I’m a little stressed about getting such a thin even shell on the outside pretty much every step of this process I genuinely kind of have to merely start somewhere and view what happens I’m gonna mix together my ingredients for seedy we’re going for 270 which is between a hard ball and soft crack seasoning I’m gonna exploit lemon removes and citric battery-acid we’ll just leave that there until it’s cool fairly that I can begin to draw it maybe I need to get some other people involved in this I’m making taffy you stretch it aerates said it compiles it like a fluffier quality but it’s not supposed to really take apart I started taffy flavor-wise flavor-wise I don’t think is even more supplemented our tightened no I think you guys the problem is that I cooked the sugar at too high I it is necessary cook it less so it abides more docile yeah oh oh it’s still hot oh what a difference this time from the first round where it simply various kinds of became hard and stringy right from the start and now I can kind of go it into a rope the nature that it’s I’m able to kind of compress it in my hands so that’s I belief a good mansion when I pull it you know it kind of still turns into that kind of thread I’m gonna taste it and be seen to what extent good hey Brad it’s good right it’s good it’s ours it’s still a little – I know I know I know I I know get that skittles don’t do that instead of mixing in the felicito acid and the flavouring before I could really kind of working the motley together and then making that and cultivating that in to the to the taffy as I’m pluck it to get that graininess and we’ll see you back here tomorrow here we are at stay – I have a brand-new plan for today when I cut it I don’t want to have that kind of shattering texture where it kind of transgresses off so I’m gonna stop the temperature a few positions maybe I’ll concoct it this time – around 2:15 make a mixture of granulated sugar tons and tons of lemon zest and citric battery-acid ability I affection it I’m gonna work in that mixture I don’t want to get overly agitated because it’s only day two but it’s really good Oh yoo-hoo you guys want to try would you say that I hammered it no why because you can’t chewing it but but I have one thing in my thought Rose I could excite the carbohydrate bread that is not a thing wouldn’t be nice yeah mm-hmm more sugar maybe that’ll end it’s just a little hard – it’s just a little hard to work that stuff in at that stage that’s where the squeeze friend I know what are you even talking about it is necessary to some it’s a softness just like softness yeah so maybe more butter maybe more fat which will keep it soft for sure so the complexion you are eligible to patently see is much darker I consider because of the supplemented solid in there it is really not holding together this did not work one idea is to add that fat at the end it gazes a lot better than under the last time whoa the texture is so different with that extra butter in there Jesus this trash is crazy sticky but it feels good it feels really good I’m evoked about this it’s starting to firm up quite a bit and actually set it’s cool it’s workable it’s not so crazy sticky but still soft now I’m going to use the parchment to actually compress it this is really a much different texture I’m really happy that I can slice it I repute I actually think we we hit on something here it actually savours really good Chris do you have a taste like yes maybe a low-toned crumbly Brad this is definitely the closest yeah if it was a little firmer we’re gonna try Brad and I fashioned out of two eighth teaspoon measures these nifty little compressor yes so I want to try forming one in it oh my god it various kinds of ran know what he entails viii yeah you gotta find smaller ones I don’t think they all are the idea of given the opportunity to really press it together and make one is is you know that’s definitely the way to go I conceive like if it was a little harder to squish yeah perhaps I’ll cook it a little firmer that’s it I’ll go back to maybe 250 I’m gonna try the other flavors lime orange freeze-dried strawberries I’m gonna pulverize all right go time everybody is gonna grab a flavor okay so then Molly it’s time of this action yeah what is that can you pick it up strain stretching you’re manipulating it isn’t that extend no it’s not gotten unfold so formerly yours various kinds of looks like Brad’s see how’s that knee his examine let’s do it everyone into your work okay let me go see yours very wise you’re so greedy yours is greasy the insides of Skittles are not colored I know but we’re trying to do natural flavors so so here we have our four spices I’m gonna perceive them the nice strawberry spice a good balance not too sweet not extremely sour Orange mmm really good concentrated spice though I’m is really nice sort of bitterness in a good way from the zest and then the lemon you know super tart really good they all have that kind of pleasant grittiness so I anticipate I’m gonna do is just leave them in the bowl mask them with parchment and then tomorrow we’re gonna aim our candy coating feels very good much much firmer we said even tinier TSP measurements so I can at least use these to segment than that and then I’ll merely mold them by hand[ Music] so I’ve been trying to think of how you can make this shell that’s so so thin then what I do is to constitute essentially a very thin royal icing so royal frosting is traditionally a mix of egg whites and carbohydrate and it hardens I think it’s a really good meaning actually not that good I need it to be thinner so I’m gonna start over and just make a regular old sovereign frosting and hopefully no one dies of salmonella from the raw egg whites it’s definitely taken on a more opaque and less translucent dye I thoughts I’m gonna go ahead and start testing no people know if this is really manipulating it’s just like dripping everybody and it’s not really coating evenly it would be easier if there was something that hardened on contact I think we should try dipping them into like a hard candy shell that we cook on the stave that enthused about that alternative Sugar’s hydroscopic so my concern is that and over occasion it are really draw ocean out of the filling and out of the breeze but it’s probably worth the test let’s try it this is definitely thickening pretty much on contact the varnish is not white but they love you oh my god it’s pretty good you can see that thin varnish around the side tasty I’m wondering truly a entertaining I should do is swarm it over all of them I could try coming them all skewered and then pouring the caramel over excellent it’s so cold in here and these were getting too soft to work with so we came in here to slow down that process yes here we are back again I’m going to put together that caramel combine again for the coating I’m not sure this is working at this stage and I should also put out a shawl slipping on a glove I don’t think this is the mode it’s too thick I don’t love the idea of using 300 position hot sugar it’s melting the skittles it’s too hard to work with genuinely know what to do so yeah I did some research I looked at some sugar books over the weekend so my new idea is to utter pasta gosh it’s a sugar smorgasbord has gelatin in it that mostly becomes a sort of like modeling clay composition and you can roll it out cover the center’s like ravioli oh I’m done on a scale of one to ten ten to be I created it’s good old-time zero being like four in the Measure Kitchen to the ground maybe like eight the ones over here are various kinds of the first ones that I did and they’re starting to harden I feel pretty good about it I’m going to do some of the other flavors here that starting to get hard which is great and when you press down on it it breaks apart the path the skittle kind of separates apart I feel like we’ve come reasonably far but I draw the line at inducing my own food coloring so we’re going to use the food coloring that came with this whole airbrush kit no no there get it looks like that’s better looks like Dexter turn up the pressure there “theres going”[ Music] I’ll adhere these guys in the walk-in to try to get him in front of the large-hearted supporter so that they dry faster okay now then there I think we’re just gonna taste the strawberry guys primarily cuz I have the most of those and the work requires the rest to shoot video of the final one so I didn’t do grape we are therefore did prescribe we didn’t prove this produce camera we freeze baked grapes to try to do like with strawberry but I savor them and they like they have no flavor just on account of I don’t like grape we didn’t do great yeah exactly you 100 I got the husk which I was oh truly yeah just like a very clear difference between the inside and the outside mm-hmm which is good flavor much fresher expressed appreciation for not as tacky it’s good I like overall I definitely sounds like we did it and I can never do it again and it’d be fine this is how I realize skittles in each of four containers combined six tablespoons carbohydrate and two teaspoon citric battery-acid eventually evaluates us to four cables into One Bowl three lemons into another and two oranges into a third in the fourth container at one ounce pulverized freeze-dried strawberries and assortment putting aside in a large saucepan combine 3/4 bowl irrigate four tablespoons butter 1 bowl flame corn syrup 2 goblet sugar 3 tablespoons corn starch and half a teaspoon kosher salt whisk over medium high heat until carbohydrate is dissolved then stop stirring when mixer comes to a boil concoct cleaning down sides of the rain pasty clean until smorgasbord cross-files 250 Fahrenheit remove from heat and move in 8 tablespoons butter and fragments pour concoction onto for greased small-scale rimmed cooking sheet and let’s sit until cool enough to handle get 3 of your friends to help you start drawing and extending the potpourruss until tandy is opaque and starting to hold its shape handle and coldnes candy until launch then scoop into level 8 teeth grooves and reel between palms to become pasta soothed 1 tablespoon powdered gelatin in the third largest of a bowl cold water in liquid measuring goblet for 10 times with 4 goblets powdered carbohydrate half a cup cornstarch and a tinge of cream of tartar and a media report create a well in the center submerge sides of measuring cup in a saucepan fitted with 1 inch of somewhat simmering sea and whisk to evaporate gelatin pour into well and stir with a spatula to incorporate most of sugar need combine until all sugar is incorporated in pastillage is smooth and retain enveloped roll out 1/2 TSP size patches of pasta oz with a wooden dowel until paper-thin fit a ball of occupy inside and spritz with spray then press into a 1/8 teaspoon appraise poise with pastillage overhang tinge to close and prune extravagance recite with all flavors make cool discovered at chamber temperature totally then airbrush with food coloring and harmonizing emblazons that’s a long one yeah literally never again as long as I live so I feel all of these


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