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whats up chaps today I’m going to do second Q& A video of this YouTube channel and I will answer all the questions you asked me on facebook snapchat and Instagram stay chanted here we go on the first question how age-old saw you when you started training so I was 15 second question I’m eating right I have good nutrition and training right but I don’t see a great deal of plays do you have any gratuities serviceman probably you are doing something wrong try to change something change training or improve your nutrition perhaps you are using the same training for a long time and your muscles stopped growing and maybe you are right that you are doing everything wrong but you are just impatient you have to wait building muscles is long time don’t accept to be kyrene in one week you know just develop eat sleep and wait next question should i do cardio even though they are I am Finn no bro you don’t have to do cardio even if you are fat in your case you have to go to the gym and promote loads cardio is not good for people who wanted have muscles next question your sheet your tide your complements and banquets so my age 18 my force probably 75 kilograms my augments okay so zinc vitamin d vitamin c omega 3 glutamine creatine protein btas prompt out and magnesium as I said many times I’m doing ketogenic food so I don’t eat any carbs I chew exactly meat from chicken beef pork and fish parcel of eggs nuts vegetables Kurt and mozzarella that’s all next question why burgers are cold defraud snacks when they have all we need for bigger muscles brother burgers are definitely shit they don’t have anything our person needs video games muscles exactly fat fatality need in burgers is not me it’s just milk shit and pass three is not good for gaining muscles what was the quickest way in losing force the quickest way there is no quick way in fitness or valley comprising if you want to lose fat you need to have good food good groomings good regeneration and be patient I start to go to the gym now how should I start what do you think I should work on firstly Oh bro I manufactured video for fledglings and you check it here but i will tell it to you again if you’re a amateur it’s not for you to train three times a week full organization employs just go to google and find some full body exerts for amateurs or send a message on my Facebook fan page and i will send you some procedure for apprentices your favorite bar lading or men’s physique at contribute so in bodybuilding is my adult kai greene because his imagination and he never give up and the man’s physic is very good ryan terry hey bro how many hours today to sleep i try to sleep every day minimum eight hours but you know I’m student I have all of duties so sometimes I sleep seven or six hours Angelo what’s your real plan for diet Angelo I can’t tell you my accurately meal plan for diet here on YouTube I hope you understand me but I can tell you that when I want to lose fatty I’m always in calorie inadequacy and I’m doing ketogenic foods so I don’t eat any carbs how do I get as big as back as you love your youtube videos bro thanks for compliment but I thing and that big and how to get large-scale it’s simple teach hard three or four times a week train hard employs like bench press W doodly-squats Rose collapse hey TC and you have to eat right after the food you don’t have to be in calorie deficiency and you have to eat other proteins and fatties and you don’t have to eat carbs before set dine carbs only after training to refill your clicker breach in muscles have to have bigger shoulders to improve your week persona you have to train your week part more “ve been trying to” do supersets “ve been trying to” do more deep-seateds more rehearsals more reps shoulder muscles and focus more on technique not on heavines and before 1 month I did training gratuity how to catechol shoulders and you can check it now how to get large-hearted forearms row I have also problem with fourarms butt utilizations like that lives pull ups and principally hammer curls is undoubtedly help you are you happy with your results is it hard to keep diet yes sure I’m happy with my results but I never filled I always want to improve and for me diet is not hard if you have diet for three years like me it will be not hard for you also in my opinion if you have good nutrition strategy food is not hard the I believe tips what kind of adds-on to use bigger forearms how when we take to get the large-hearted bro I considered that about adds-on that and tips and forearms i altered but how long it takes to get that large-hearted it depends for a lot of things like genetics educates diet organ but in my case it last three years do your parents substantiate you and did you want ever culminate yes my mothers subsidize me and I’m highly appreciative to them and no I never wanted to end because I really like to work out to observe diet and fixing videos is my hobby is my lifestyle and I demand it to be my job how to reach Wayne stone shoulders looks just like you Wayne’s are all about your percentage of body solid so if you want to have more visible Wayne’s you have to lose fat it’s same like apps the best diet for dues is not compete and wishes to low-toned figure solid unquestionably deterred organic nutrition coke and diet is good for everybody katakana papa is good for building muscles and losing solid in the same time if you are losing solid or if you are gaining muscles in katakana diets it depends on daily calories uptake what’s the best cardio cavalio the best cardio is no cardio I’m sorrows I don’t know bro I never appraise it do “youre feeling” tired when cutting no wrong I don’t feel tired because i think that if you have good diet you are able to never feel tired how do you get out of the way but loose palate plug to pull out I don’t know serviceman I don’t understand you sorry your favorite workout or mas percentage how to say but I anticipate my favorite employ is quads and my favorite figure portion is likes but I love to drain all your idol a natural bodybuilding certainly check bodybuilder boris orava person side they don’t like deplete nice I don’t like the develop suns and I love to train colors in the last hi bro for new cleansing we do my question is how are you motivated to start ability is the only reason that we have been fatty a bro I recall I saved it last-place Q& A video my reason are people who don’t believe of me that I will be successful and they “re making fun” of me for example last year a lot of people realized “re coming with me” that I want to be bad with older and now I 11 time golden honour and three times silver medal and I won’t prevent as the best body builder in my category in Slovakia I love to prove them wrong okay people so this is all questions you ask me so if you like this video please give me like share subscribe and if you demand some tips from me or something from me only cast me a content my contact is in the end of this video so bye-bye for example last year a lot of people may follow me “re coming with me” I chew only meat from X to me x what was the quickest way and losing weight the quickest acces it to me buddy ro make a big night in industry you


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