Tainted Organic Food: Pea Proteins Contaminated with Glyphosate


well the horrifying report stories aboutpesticides the sales of socalled organic food are up but is thatambiguous label false comfort let’s ask the author of lettuce fairly eat betterlive clean be happier all without driving your family crazy food andconsumer health activist Leah Segedie founder of Mammavation, a community of women empowered to live differently by avoiding hormonedisrupting chemicals.Leah welcome thank you so much for having me I’m so happy to be here. hey as I realise make descriptions in the supermarket organic seems to be a marketing term, isthere a strict description? actually there is a strict definitionbut it’s important for the consumer understood that organic is more about aprocess and a proposal than it is a test and so what happens is the farmer and thecertifier agree on a plan and this avoids GMOs it escapes poisonous syntheticpesticides but it’s really a process to create better health better soil healthand for the ecosystem now Americans really crave no pesticides in theirproducts and organic too does that as wellso but what we’ve receive is it’s not so much the farmers when there’s a problemit more has to do with the world organic equip order or it “re going to have to” dowith the manufacturers for instance like in China so I kind of look at theorganic industry as a junior high school kid they’ve now precisely entered 50 billiondollars a year so they’re big enough to say they’ve graduated to junior high butnow they’re get a little rambunctious some things are happeningand so now it’s time to implement some added strategies to make sure thatyou know they grow in a better course it’s not that organic is bad it’s that youknow he’s a good kid sometimes he exactly purposes up in the principal’s office yesinteresting analogy Leah we have stayed on top of this glyphosate narration asthousands of lawsuits by cancer casualties against Bayer for their Monsanto roundupweed killer progress and your organization working with the detoxproject recognized a problem with vegan protein commodities being sold on Amazontalk about that well mana Dacian and the Detox Project commissioned a study and we lab researched five members of the top Pea protein orconventional and organic firebrands and so what we received was a little shocking andI was a little upset about it myself but we found that the organic Pea proteinbrands had about the same amount of glyphosate or more than the conventionalbrands so we don’t really think this is happening again at the agricultural we thinkthat this is actually happening more in the manufacturing and what we’re dealingwith right now is Europe has actually fastened down on organic and so theadulterated ingredients so to speak can’t really go there any more so wherethey’re coming is guess what they’re they’re ending up here so we did someresearch on what what happened and we’re find that there’s two big issuesright now one of them is called swapping out and one of them is calleddesiccation so let me tell you what those are about swapping out is when inthe manufacturer so this is probably happening likely we’re regard a lot ofthis in China the manufacturer will swap out a conventional ingredient for anorganic ingredient because it saves him money and then what is supposed tohappen and what should be happening is a lot of testing to be able to find thatbut the organic manufacture in the United District doesn’t have as much testingprotocols as Europe now has so this is becoming a big issue the other thingwe’re meet that’s a number of problems is desiccation and desiccation is actuallyaffecting everybody not just organic eaters but parties that don’t munch organicfood and it’s when a farm rehearse when the farmer sprays the field withglyphosate at the end of the collect to baked it out quicker so that he can savemoney in time but what dissolves up happening is if you’re harvesting it right afteryou sprayed it the amount of glyphosate rises and so we’re ascertain a lot of lifeglyphosate in a lot of produces that have wheat oats legumes like pea proteinand some spices like cinnamon so this is an issue for everybody and desiccationis a problem but again I feel like organic needs somewhat of a bandaid todeal with these two issues we have made a point of no longer buying dog treatsif the carton says Made in China is that something humen should digest aswell you know I’ve actually lived in China before I taught Englishthere long long time ago and so the Chinese beings are amazing peoplebut you know methods like governments those kind of things sometimes breakdown I wouldn’t say that all Chinese all producing is bad I would say it’sneutral I would say some people you know are not as honest I would say and somepeople are not that’s what I would say gotchawhen Uncle Sam doesn’t get the job done citizens will and your group mamavationhas launched awareness-raising campaigns to crowdfund testing child food breakfastcereal and other nutrients talk about development projects and tell our viewers how theycan pitch in yeah mamavation and the detox produce really is confident that theonly mode to solve this problem part of the things that we have to do is do moretesting and so we started testing the food supply and we started testing withthose people and labels but we want to go up beyond that we want to test babyfood and pasta and cereals and all of those things but we need your help soI’m hoping that everybody will go to mamavation.com/ fundfoodtestingand and throw us some fund for our GoFundMe page if everybody chipped in $25 to $100 we are also able literally test the entire food supply and let you know whatbrands have higher levels of glyphosate and other pesticides and what doesn’tand we want to be able to do that for you so we’re hoping that we can allright now nice and slow say that again what’s the website address to a pitch inso it’s mamavation.com/ fundFoodtesting Mamavation.com/ fundfoodtasting based on all you know what do you personally bypass chewing periodlately well I haven’t been gobbling a lot of people but I’m not a vegan so thisisn’t as problematic to me as it would be to someone who is dining moreplantbased nutrients so there are some major cultivates that if you’re eatingconventional menu that are spraying glyphosate on are oats wheat legumesand some spices so if you’re eating conventional those are things you couldjust kind of shunned a little bit because they have higher rates of glyphosate forinstance but you are well aware I I don’t really avoid a lot of things per seI merely try to eat organic the majority of cases but again you know when you leavethe house you know you’re eating you’re eating out you have no control over thatso what we do in my home is we control so much better of those ingredients as possibleand I concoct the majority of members of my nutrient and if you cook most of your nutrient you’re gettingrid of a lot of those contaminants that you’re gonna find you know in theprocessing and the like you know the food packaging and those types of thingsso you know cooking from residence was a very good approach to avoid a lot of this stuffThank You Leah Segedie of Mamavation.com Mamavation.com


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