Tea, Lemon, and Honey Curd: A Trio of Creamy Contentment


Tea, lemon, and honey are a classic trio. Shaking them up a bit, I like to take them in a new direction when combining them to create a creamy lemon curd with a difference. Only slightly sweetened, this butterscotch-colored concoction allows the tea, the lemon, and the honey to all work together so that no one of these elements outshouts the other. If you like to make pastry dough (and the one below is failproof and simple), you can bake it to a nice golden brown and then pour the filling right into it. Allow to cool, chill until set, and top the whole thing with some whipped cream or meringue, as you wish. If your cooking ambitions are a bit more limited, then pull out your nicest glasses and divide this ambrosial mixture into them, topped with soft dollops of whipped cream and call it a day.

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