The Balancing Act Show 856 – Curtis Stone Organic Foods


well he’s one of parties magazine’s sexiest subjects alive a inventive concoct and has that huge australian accent maids adore we got to interview celebrity chef Curtis Stone and we talked to him about the benefits of organic foods including chocolate do you know what the challenges with cooking organic that you’re not going to be able to stop yourself from reach into the bag and eat it before you get home organic food is just beautiful I “ve been meaning to” me organic is normal and anything that’s not organic means that we have messed up messed with it with substances pesticides all these horrible things that you really don’t want your menu so you are familiar with organics it’s how it should be the whole organic fluctuations genuinely expanded it used to be simply fruits and vegetables and they can get organic flesh you can buy organic wine-colored even organic chocolate my favourite screen and pitch-blacks and it’s beautiful then why would you want to framed pesticides and compounds into your chocolate of all things please you know whenever i browse i always buy organic whenever i can so i love to love to get good good quality organic fruits and vegetables and to me it’s more beautiful when there’s a few cases bruises and they don’t all ogle so excellent you know that’s how it stretches I expect I was lucky enough to grow up with a mommy who had a veggie garden at the back so I’m be applicable to veggies examining a little different conditions and sizings and what’s beautiful now about the organic push is it spreading all over the place so you can pretty much get everything organic which is amazing well besides organic chocolate cook stone likewise showed us some other organic foods to purchase and what we should look for you can get organic everything these days I think it’s really good to support it you know view the organic part this is where I ever head because you get these beautiful organic fruits and vegetables really careful not to be outdone by chocolate here’s cook stone making us some tips to cook with organic meat and veggies the basic rules for ratatouille or any sort of soup or vegetables or whatever is that you contributed the ingredients in order of how long they to be undertaken to cook Curtis got to show off some of his chocolate entree recipes at the honoured James Beard House it’s nice to be associated with such I’ll tell you what you get a week chaps so entrust drive the oceans and seas scallops with some crispy prosciutto a sauce which is we call it an agrodolce so it’s made with lime liquid seventy percentage that chocolate and a little of olive oil and some sob leaves with some semi arrested so it’s a bit experimental working chocolate with savory menu so I hope that stuff is to your partiality and some gratuities on cooking with organic chocolate so we’ve got our beautiful lettuce and colors chocolate so everybody grab a prohibit okay and this is we’re going for the seventy percent dark right now you know how recipe sites are greater or to break it or to chop or whatever this is the easiest way to get this broken and out of the packet all right and it’s a little bit violent but let’s face a chocolate so beautiful that you can’t evolve with chocolate so I just open it a wham and then what happens is you open the pack and look at that that’s all busteds and it saves it saves you getting into a mess or or you know doing making an extra extra job of it so once you’ve busted it up prostrate it into the into your container go for it so to meet entres and desserts with chocolate go to WWE and blackness allay all right it coming up next are you sick of ironing your invests we have a solution for you time onward you


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