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( Gary) If i was “nobody”, which 99% of parties now i don’t have a million followers, i’m trying to grow i’m trying to build my dreams and endeavours i’m literally doing what i just proved you for 10 hours a day the reason we’re sitting here today, is i decided from 2007 to 2011 to deplete 4 to 8 hours a day in an answer to people on Twitter that weren’t even talking to me you could type in the name of that town and then go in Instagram and then go to neighbourhoods, sounds it and learn every photo that’s been posted in your city, in that town you could then go look at the photo, “couldve been” her out of good will saying: “Huge score”.You could reply and say: “Good shit. 7 to 150 on a f* cking stapler? Go girl! “( Guy 1) Right( Gary) Now all of a sudden she’s just a ordinary human, she only comes 6 remarks to begin with she’s like: “Who’s this follower? ” She clicks, she goes your bio is I sell homes, she’s like cool nice guy. I hope he’s not peculiar and she’s out( Guy 1) Right( Gary) but the 97 th person that does that goes: “He seems nice.” Go in the move you put out a good slouse of content like imma DM him, i’m thinking about selling my home What people don’t understand is how much work i put to even start the process of being who i am today 2007 -2 011 is a long time ago for a lot of parties. That year i decided to go on Twitter Search and anybody that talked about wine, i mounted in and talked to them.How did i get now? Hand to pass combat. Give me your telephone let me show you something.( Guy 1) Oh, now you go( Gary) So you go to columbia maryland you go to places.So i’m in Instagram search this is gonna work for all of you if you want to build You just go to columbia maryland and right now, it’s gonna show you all the surface photos and all the recent photos What i did but on Twitter with the word Pinot Noir is i literally and gape Instagram is a little bit of a different placeThe firstly photo is like a dude who’s looking real f* cking diesel and sh! t and so like( People laugh)( Gary) i mean you could you could, i’m not joking i am only literally going to be home now and be like: “Swole” Post( Girl 1) claim right( Gary) i did it( Crowd titters)( Girl 1) He’s like: “i don’t know who did that”( Gary) but this is look.There’s a couple good things going for you1) your name is realtor Brian like the fact—this is how i think, right? I thoughts( Guy 1) i was gonna ask you about that too, is it really gone ?( Gary) title? i thinkit is good and again look, what’s gonna be unpopular alluring people, so as a guy it’s a jolly girlfriend. You don’t want to come across creepy-crawly. You am going to be courteous, you don’t have to go to every post but you go to these uprights right? and like this is happening, these berths are happening in this town, right? like for example here’s something about Wegmans, right? literally you’re like: “Love that” and i’m doing that right for you, right now because i don’t think beings get it “Love that place” right? So…..I want you to become the mayor of the town i did what i was registered you for 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours a day on Twitter If i was “nobody” which is 99% of parties now i don’t have a million admirers, i’m trying to grow i’m trying to build my dreams and goals i’m literally doing what i was testified you for 10 hours, 6 hours per day.( Guy 2) This is your $1.80, right?( Gary) It’s my $1.80( Guy 2) Yeah, cool( Gary) right? leaving your “0. 2 cents” 90 times a day $1.80 When you’re neighbourhood( phew) you’re determined you have to understand. Most people don’t get 4000 observations like i do.They do 7 and they’re pumped when they get a new one, right? i can see by all your body language. I know what the masses are living so now you’re getting attentionNow notice what i did i didn’t just say: “COOL” or a< 3 i like looked at the picture( Girl 1) right, right( Gary) That was a swole dude,( typed) swole like i was at Wegmans i like that situate or you could've said something about the orangesThe more you leave an actual remark( Girl 2) In real context( Gary) the more you'll get what you want which is awareness with the hope that it leads to something that wishes to I recalls that it like yesterday precisely to stay here, it's like 1:47 and you know you gotta wake up soon and you're just like saying: "With the pinot grigio" or like "Drink it next year" or like "Did you ever try this? " and you're sitting and you're like: Is this worth it ?( Girl 1) freedom( Guy 2) oh yeah( Gary) I knew it was but if i even thought about it like if it even traversed my memory formerly, i know that's what's top of head to everybody elseWhat i just said is right Very clearly articulated 90% are gonna be like: That reaches sense1% it's gonna execute 40% is gonna start( Girl) hmmm but they're gonna give up within 48 hours Within 13 dates Within 4 months and if only i had 4 years in i wouldn't be sitting hereHey chaps Thank you so much for watching my video on Youtubei wanted to jump in here at the end because i'm working on a ridiculously major project for me and i have a funny feeling you can helpIf you drink wine at all or know anybody that boozes wine-coloured at all please go to right now and sign up for a subscriptionwhether it's a 3 carry whether it's a 6 bundle or whether it's a entire suit of each for the year, if you imbibe 36 bottles of wine year or giveaway 36 bottles of wine-coloured a year Please sign up for Club Empathy This project means the world to mei could really use your assistance


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