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This is a repeat, but I’m reposting and updating some wild food posts for new foragers.

Lunch today was very special! A walk around the yard yielded several ingredients for an egg scramble that also used up some things that were needing to be eaten soon.
Tame items included eggs, some mushrooms, fresh salsa, cheese, ham, and butter. Outside I found chickweed, tender dandelion leaves, and some young garlic mustard leaves. Rather than cutting into a whole yellow onion, I yanked a wild onion from the mint patch (multi-tasking at its best).
While the chopped onion and mushrooms simmered with the butter, I chopped up the greens and mixed them into the eggs along with the ham. As they became tender in the pan, the egg mixture was poured over them and stirred.
After the eggs set well, everything got a quick flip, and a hefty topping of salsa and cheese. A few minutes covered to heat through – delish!
Be sure to add some wild yard weeds to your diet this spring. It adds a little something special to any dish you prepare!

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