The food we were born to eat: John McDougall at TEDxFremont


Translator: Besnik Bleta Reviewer: Helena Bedalli Starch!( Laughter) Yes, starch. Rice, corn, potatoes, sweetened potatoes. Starch is one that has done good to thousands of my patients. For example, a damsel from the Bay Area suffering from deforming rheumatoid arthritis, so much so that he could not reach his mother’s paw. Juliea Baker, aged 17, decided to change her nutrition. Give up cheese, flesh, and lubricant; and switch to meat based on rice, corn, and potatoes. And it took about seven days before he started to feel better. Or, Robert Cross, of Sacramento. He wielded in the office of a honcho legal adviser. There was terrible pain in the chest; high blood pressure, diabetes, high-pitched cholesterol, overweight. He turned to the doctor for a way out. Finished without consuming period at the cardiologist, who recommended them? Heart surgery. But he said, “No. I have a better thing in mind.” And switched to starch-based meat. Lost 30 kg in load, lowered cholesterol from 300 to 150, and the arteries were cleared. Or Deb Tasic, of Chicago. He was suffering from multiple sclerosis. In fact, it collapsed, and the roarings remained for a month, unable to rise. His doctor told him that within five years he would end up in a wheelchair, and most likely, bedridden or dead within 10 years. He replied that he would not let go of himself. What he did was switch to starch. Yes, starch. I am Dr. John MacDougall. I have been doing this craft for 44 years. And I am the luckiest physician in the world because my patients get well. The narration begins …( Applause) I have to tell you that it started a little unintentionally. I was in Michigan, and I decided to go to Hawaii, for my internship, in 1972. I stayed in Oahu for a year, where I got into general medicine, internship study. Then after a year, I fell in love with Hawaii and had no reason to leave. I started working in Big Island as a plantation doctor. And I wreaked there for three years as a general practitioner. I assisted in the birth of children, I said the death of parties, Bed intervention in the psyche, in the middle of the night. But, from my patients, during those three years, I learned everything I know today. The first thing I learned was that I is no longer a very good physician. I reviewed I would achieve all those supernatural medicines. I mean I verified Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare-n, Marcus Welby-n. I knew what a real doctor does. And I got into general rehearse on the Big Island, in Hawaii, Without having to take care of these 5000 cases of the sugar orchard. And I caused them the most wonderful tablets I could find, I referred them to the best surgeons in Honolulu. But they could not get better. They merely remained fat and sick. At first, I remembered this was because I was a poor doctor. During these three years I recognized my disadvantages as a pathologist; I felt ashamed. The second thing I learned from my patients, were the unique provisions on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the carbohydrate plantation, there I learned how to eat. because I took care of 5 thousand people who each ate differently. I take better care the first, second, third and fourth generation Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. My first contemporary learned how to eat once they are adolescents, in its own country of birth: Philippines, Japan, China, Korea. They got used to eating rice and veggies. Then, they were lucky enough to come to Big Island, start brand-new pedigrees, a new lifetime, but took with them their original food. And they continued to eat rice and vegetables. Their offspring, somewhat influenced by the western diet, began to change. And when it comes to grandchildren, experience people feeing according to traditional western menu. Consider now that these are parties of the same genetic dough, the same hangars over 100 years, in the sugar orchard But before I became a doctor, I had in sentiment people who lived on rice and vegetables Without dairy, most very little meat. Slim, health, strong. Neither polysclerosis , nor arthritis , nor diabetes , nor congestive heart failure in the first generation that lived on their traditional menu. Then, I noticed the second generation getting fatter and sicker as they vacated starch. And then, the third generation, who was afraid of starch, – rice, corn, potatoes – and that throw in his menu flesh and dairy, and fatties. These get overweight and sick just like any other American. After three years, I had to leave as a general practitioner. I returned to Oahu to get my doctors license. And the next two years I got married studies in the scientific library, in the Medical Library, adjacent to Queen’s Medical Center, to see if this observance was made by others: that people who lived with starch – rice, corn, potatoes, sugared potatoes – are slender, healthful, strong, with a youthful figure. Not just today, but throughout biography. And that when they switch to a balanced diet, in rich American meat, full of protein, calcium, and other of these wonderful nutrients, do you get fat and get sick? What I observed was that scientists, over the past 100 years had studied this. In fact, the toil disappears even earlier than that. That was important, because he told me right away, that going old-time does not imply coming overweight and get sick, you do not have to be like that. But as I read discipline, I discovered something that was really deep, and I’m sure it will be easy for you to understand. When you stop doing things that stir parties sick, they do well. So if I had realized that food distributed according to a balanced food, full of meat and dairy, concluded people sick, then, the only idea I needed was that I could become doctor of supernaturals. I could achieve what I wanted to do as a medical doctor, to help people by applying this very simple principle. So to feed parties with nutrient for human being. You know there is a food for people. I know this may surprise you given the diversity of what everybody chews. But there is a food for human beings. Each of you should know the answer to this question for the good of herself, of her husband, of your children, your best friend. You have to have that answer. When someone says, “What did human beings eat? ” I want, you know what “cat-o-nine-tails” munch, right? You know cats are carnivores. Mares have their food, and so do parrots, Do not give meat to the parrot , nor grains and hazelnuts to the felines. So every animal has its own food. What about human being? History will tell us what it will be. If you look back at history, you could be pushed back 2.5 million years, and you will see that the overwhelming majority of human beings have lived on starch-based menu. We have the first evidence of 44 thousand years which tell us that Neanderthals lived on starch. For 30 thousand years ago, we have population studies in Europe, talking about people living on starch-based meat. This is the pre-agricultural era, according to these studies. So pre-civilization, according to them. What about the last 10, 12, 14 thousand years? We is truly direct exhibit, we have written evidence of what humanity gobble. If you deal with history, you know what parties feed. Throughout human history, all big, successful populations, they get the majority of members of their calories from starch. I’m sure countless specimen are coming to mind. You are thinking of the Aztecs and the Maya; the people of corn. And if you push a little further south, and understand the Incas; with potatoes lived. Except when they went to war, and destroyed quinoa If you go to the Middle East, these families are from the particle barns “of the worlds”. In Asia, I envision most people find themselves on rice-based menus. Without “ve been thinking about” these people. Slim, strong, healthful, relentless soldiers. The food of human beings has consistently been been and always will be diet based on starch, plus fruits and vegetables. What happened was that parties became more efficient at burning calories. As for the richest in every society, what happened to them was that they no longer had to eat starch. Swine that eat starch can eat it. And therefore, throughout human history there has been a segment of the population who became richer than the respite. These people can eat meat, pheasants, or swine, or other genus of animals, and the starch had them as a garnish. We had pharaohs, rulers, pastors and priestesses 3500 year ago, described as obese. Examination of their bodies, 3500 year later, witnesses horrendous atherosclerosis, gallbladder infection, and all sorts of other problems of Western civilization. At that time we had few rulers and monarches. But then, over period, more and more people were able to eat both tycoons and princess. Remember Henry VIII and his courtroom. Who did they look like? With the Americans. How they gazed. Further, over season, we became more efficient at picking food. People went richer. 150 years ago we had the industrial change at its flower. And then came the discovery of oil And hence, almost anyone in western civilizations can eat like lords and rulers. And what is the conclusion? Don’t you investigate ?! Can’t you see it? When parties give up starch-based nutrients of rice, corn and potatoes, plus fruits and vegetables; and instead eat the nutrient of monarches, as servicemen do in Western societies, what could you expect ?! People who resemble sovereigns and rulers, and who are ill with diabetes, congestive heart failure, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. So that’s the glance of the place today. The statistics are very familiar to you, I’m sure. We live in a society whose members are obese and sick. Not merely adults, but children as well. 30% of children are overweight. Not simply are they overweight; but deep under the skin, they are full of disease. These children have atherosclerosis; are with arthritis; suffer from premature puberty. Boys are going through puberty at the age of nine, daughters somewhere in the eighties. It is about five years ago that it should. We have a society with sick children. Pa daleni pak. Civilized people do not allow children to be touched. But, in a way, in national societies it happens. Without knowing how, we agree with the fact that the children are sick. And this is not good. People need to respond to the situation and protect their offspring, What about our soldiers? Our soldiers are sick. We mail our men and women around the world, in our figure, to keep us safe. And yet, half the soldiers are overweight. And under this fatty acquisitions full of canker. What is this society that stands men and women fighting for our defence, who closes his eyes to the fact that these are sick? Because the rich western diet feeds them with meat of tycoons and kings. Come on, catch out. What about our professions? We compete in a world market and our proletarians are fatty and sick ?! How do we compete with beings in Japan who live on starchy meat? or China, or India? Oh, I are aware of, we just wait until they get on the American diet too and the fatty and get sick, right? I think there is a better route. We can work hard to reach our employees healthier. Yes our health system, where 20% of its gross domestic product is destined to be spent on disease? How can we move forward like this? How can we solve the deficit? How can we fix this world? This world-wide where people look, feel and role as monarches and queens? The mixture is simple, but it does not suit the business. This is the problem. We have the opportunity to celebrate. George McGovern. Senator George McGovern died last month. October 21, 2012. George McGovern was essentially the author of Dietary Objectives of the United District, which were published in January 1977. These objectives were similar to those of the Chief Inspector’s Report in 1964. Report of the Chief Health Inspector of 1964 changed America. Changed the western world. At that time, in the 1970 s, half entire populations smoked. Today, tobacco is consumed by less than 20% of local populations. In the 1970 s, fatness formerly at half the present level; onetime diabetes at half the present level. The manufacture prevailed. The Americans lost. But we have an opportunity to change that. Being informed of what human beings eat. The human being is starch-eating. All of you who have fallen victim, with their own families who suffer. and that “youre trying” the solution in modern medicine; stop looking. They will not be able to cure dietary diseases with grains or surgery. You will cure dietary ailments by rectifying the problem, that is food. And when you deposit nutrient, what follows is that parties become healthier. You as individuals, sick with various cankers, parishes, countries, or the world as a whole, can be made healthy by making a simple change, return to starch-based meat. And I believe that it prepares economic ability to have a health country. I believe it is worth doing. I know many of you who are hearing this work for the first time; think about changing the method you eat, and someone says to you, “You have to give up meat, to give up dairy, from ice cream, from cheese, from chicken, from cuts. ” You rebuttal, “I will starve to death; it is like asking me to stop breathing, or drink no more water.” You should be considered it as an inconceivable profession. This is because you are faced with a serious untruth on starch. You affection starch; I know you love it. When you mention rice and beans, you act very positively. If you mention pasta, say, “Food to feel good.” Potatoes, “I grew up in the Midwest; “If it were not for the mashed potatoes, I would not be alive here today.” So when a person say to you, “You have to give up meat and dairy, ” and fail to finish the utterance, what you actually need, is that you need to live with starch. for breakfast, oatmeal cooking, potato omelette; for lunch it is necessary to a bean soup, a pea soup, a lentil soup; For dinner bean burrito, pasta with tomato sauce, mu-shu vegetables and rice. Answer, “That’s all I can do! ” Of route you can, you adore these nutrients. We need this kind of education. We need brand-new dietary points for the United State. We need a government to come out and tell the truth to the people. We need a society that will not tolerate uncivilized actions, such as letting our children get sick, of our military to be sick, cause our poor be sick, tell our works be sick due to the foods of the emperor and queen. And once we do that, we can change it, right? We can make a difference. Thanks a good deal!( Applause ).


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