The Jewel Tea Company – History T Ching


One wonders how the Jewel Tea Company, a home shopping service in operation from 1899 to 1981, catalogued its myriad of products. For historical purposes, it should have stored at least one copy of every item it had ever carried in its warehouse. Perishables must be discarded, yet product packaging and labels can be easily preserved; so why didn’t the Jewel Tea Company? Perhaps its management deemed such a project pointless or mission impossible? Maybe the corporate files were lost? Fortunately there are loyal customers who value the canisters, the boxes, the bottles just as much as baseball cards. The author of the 1997 book The Jewel Tea Company: Its History and Products, C.L. Miller, interviewed organizations, Jewel salesmen, and private collectors and painstakingly photographed and documented all items found.

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