Thermos Brewing – Basics & Tips T Ching


Moonlight white:  dialed in to the right proportion this might have worked better.  I guessed out an amount, probably about the same as I would’ve used for Western brewing, which made for a bad guess.  It was too strong, coming up on astringent, even though Moonlight White tends to be a very soft, approachable, smooth type of tea (not astringent).  Part of the reason I wanted to use that type, versus shu, was because I didn’t want the thermos to retain the taste of shu, and Moonlight White seemed more neutral to me.

Again, I wouldn’t expect all tea types to work out well this way.  Very soft and flavorful Chinese black tea versions might be ok, Dian Hong and such.  Dialed in for proportion a relatively mild Ceylon might be fine.  Since versions of Silver Needle / silver tips tend to be mild those might work, again if the proportion is set right.  A mild enough green tea could be ok, like Taiping Houkui.

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