Updating an Old Teapot and Telephone Tea Date


During the late spring this year, I found a delightful little teapot for free that had a blue and white paneled cherry blossom pattern. The only problem: It was missing the lid! Upon showing it to one of my delightful housemates, she excitedly told me that she wanted to make me a new lid: Out of clay. After some discussion, we decided that a matte black clay would be best as it would match the black handle; but beyond that she would have free artistic license. And thus, she returned to me my teapot: With its new black lid featuring a white bead to grasp that had brown branches and pink cherry blossoms.

Last week, I decided upon the perfect time to use my teapot with its carefully hand-crafted lid: A dear friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a phone tea date. I, of course, was very interested! We scheduled our call and I anticipated the event with much excitement. (With all the hecticness of life during plague times, I greatly value all of my remote interactions with friends.)

At the designated time, I was in the process of preparing my tea. I decided upon a genmaicha from The Tea House, as it sounded a good tea for the afternoon after lunch. While talking, I inquired of my friend as to what tea she was having, and it was a home-blended herbal composed entirely of flowers from her yard and garden! We were on the phone having all kinds of discussions – catching up, comparing notes, and just generally commiserating about the interesting side-effects of life during a pandemic: She had her 40th birthday alone, we couldn’t attend the events we usually attended together, how we were coping with people who didn’t obey social distancing, etc. We laughed about “mansplainers” we’ve had to deal with and I learned the proper way to care for fake fur (never immerse in water). Next thing we knew, two hours had flown by!

Updating an Old Teapot and Telephone Tea Date - A photo of a teapot and teacup on a wooden tray

I brought up the possibility of possibly doing a video chat next time, and she pointed out that the advantage of being on the phone is that she (much like myself) has a lot of difficulty keeping herself in one spot. I had to admit that she had a point: During the course of our conversation, I’d wandered through three different rooms, eaten a snack, done dishes, drawn out my bullet journal, and—of course!—poured cup after cup of delicious tea. Being tied to a laptop and camera as opposed to a cell phone with bluetooth headset would have been quite limiting. So despite how much I enjoyed my video tea date a few weeks ago, having an “old-fashioned” phone tea date also has its merits. In the end, the important things are what stuck with me: We had a good time and delicious tea was consumed. I can’t ask for more than that!

PS: I’m thinking about painting the cherry blossoms on my teapot pink to match the lid. What do you think?

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