What Is A Natural SEO Backlink? (Avoid These Mistakes!)


– What’s up, guys? So today I’m gonna school you exactly what a NaturalBacklink looks like, because you know, if you’re doing anythingthat regards inhuman when it comes to link building, then you were able to receive fines and penalties. And why is that? Well, if you look at Google’slink scheme guidelines on the website, then you can see that anysort of link that’s designed to operate your PageRank or increase your higher-rankings on Google, can be considered part of a associate scheme. So mostly, if you demand your links to have some sort of valueand to avoid Google penalties, then the best way todo that is to make sure that your joins examine asnatural as is practicable, okay.If your links are peculiar, likely say, then this can be considered aviolation of their specifications. So what did natural Backlinks look like when it comes to link building? How can you use those toincrease your positions? That’s exactly what I’m gonnateach you in this video. Okay, so I’m gonna runthrough some examples of what good ties-in andbad tie-ups look like, okay. And here’s a association that I statement for a previous clientof pit, Hunter Dyer. And as “youre seeing”, aswe scroll down the sheet, there’s a decent sum ofcontent and it inspects natural because this actually looks like a blog person would read, okay. It’s not designed to sell attaches. It’s not a page that’s just created for the purpose of selling associates as numerous sheets are on the internet. It’s actually a decentblog with good content. It’s nicely designed that looks like someonewould actually naturally read and it adds ethic. So, you can see that the types of links within this article arewithin the content, right? So they’ve attached related anchor text that’s related to the links are going to as you scroll down, you can see that this just looks likea natural genuine blog that someone would actually read.Whereas if you comparethat to this for example, this is an example of a bad connection, as you scroll down the sheet, you can see that it’svery poorly designed. There’s like, it’s probably about a thousandlinks on this page alone. And you can see that justfrom the space it’s laid out. This isn’t really designedfor humen predict, okay. It’s just various kinds of like a massive relate raise where this website isprobably selling Backlinks or they’re just dedicate themaway like the free candy and mostly passing out linksto everyone on the internet. And that doesn’t look very natural, okay. Because if you were writinga blog for someone to read, you would never create it like this I entail, this is just a list of points with random links insisted, right? So it doesn’t really establish much sense.It doesn’t feel very natural, whereas if you liken itback to our original lesson, you can see this is a genuine blog, it furnishes a lot of value to the reader. The links are inserted wherethey should be relevant and you are familiar with, there’snot several hundreds of attaches or hundreds of connects on one sheet the links are used within reason. And here’s another example of a purchaser have build links for so this is for Hunter Dyer again, I constructed relations on AND.CO and as we scroll down the page, you can see like thisis a really good guide, like includes loadings of information is very naturally written it’s very well-written andit’s designed for someone to actually consume, okay.So as you scroll down the page, you are familiar with, there’s not joins everywhere, however relations inservices where it’s related. So, if we look at the section where my client got the Backlink, “youre seeing” under, GetTheir Email Address, it talks about the client that I was building relations for, its free, easy, and naturalto read, neatly designed. And if you alter designer, how Backlinks would normallybe given on the internet, this is exactly how you’dget Backlinks, right? You’d get it within material. People naturally tie-up out toyou if your content is good, because you know, they’re basicallyreferenced in your content. So, “Hey, this is a valuable comment if you want to learnmore about this topic.” So that’s another exampleof what a natural tie-up is. And you can see like there’sloads of content on the page.It’s nicely designed. It’s written by a real person. It’s very in-depth and it offers appraise. And the links inside this art school, are only included where it’s necessary. So that’s the obliging of a naturaland high quality Backlink. Whereas, if we equate it to this page, “youre seeing” like first of all, the banner is like taken uppretty much the whole page. And then as we scroll down on this blog, “youre seeing” there’sbasically no material, right? There’s no notes , noone is engaging with it.Chances are because no, one’s construe this page. And, you know half of thecontent is just Backlinks, right? There’s only threesentences on the whole page, and two of those are actually Backlinks. So again, this isn’t really a natural connect that you’d want to get for your locate, then therefore youshould probably scaped it. So if there’s not muchcontent on the page, if it just looks like the contentit says, “Add a Backlink, ” then risks are, that’snot a natural Backlink you actually want to link from. So instead focus on pageswhere there’s real content from real website that sheproduces respectable articles. Now you may be wondering like, what are the consequences of building on natural Backlinks? Well, if we make this website, you micro-mill and by the way, this is another sign thatthe Backlink is’nt good, who’s not a assure website I necessitate, it’s not absolutely necessary, but that’s not a good signed that’s another red flag.So regardles, if we make thesite and we look at it on Atrius in terms of organic scour, you can see that it’s prettymuch getting no commerce. So this isn’t a website peoplegenuinely look at, okay, it is barely getting up tolike 40 tourists per month. So, this website isn’tdesigned for humans to read. Whereas if you check outAND.CO and their website and you go on the organic examination, you can see that thousands ofpeople are speaking this blog because it’s designedfor parties to spend. And it’s not just ads to sell Backlinks. It’s not just there as a method to control Google’s rankings, but it’s actually a sincere blog beings find a lot of value from. So, that’s the biggest difference between a natural and unnatural Backlink is the fact that one is designed to manipulate Google’s positions. I, this one and one is designed for beings to actually get genuine evaluate from because the resourcesare linked on this sheet, actually give a lotof value to the reader. So if I…Watching you guys, if you’re interested in getting more natural white red-hot Backlinks, then please go to mywebsites, Julian goldie.com, and if you click on grow my website now, you can get in touch anddrop in your details. And we can have a conversation about grain place with Backlinks. So this is my link building agency, we have had a lot of success in the past. We’re building ties forover 50 patients right now. So if you want to grow yoursite and boost your standings with connection building, thenplease get in touch, via Julian Goldie.com. And I’ll drop that relate inthe video description below. Okay, thanks for watching ..


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