Zero MakeUp, Worth Buy 👍 Or Waste👎 ?? Nadia Khan Review Zero MakeUp ميك أب Palette By Nabila Salon


In order to participate in Outstyle Quiz Watch and Listen whole video -Very Carefully because the question is obscured somewhere and you have to give your answer in specific comments region Click on the Bell icon .. so that you can get notification whenever Outstyle set a brand-new video Today I am doing a Review My first impression of this pack By Nabila At first its epithet was NO Makeup and at that was bit expensive too and its founder, the person who is launches it -Nabila She styles from “hairs-breadth” dye She has introduced countless new perceptions into Pakistan So many of the new trends she has introduced and still countless she is introducing One palette is so amazing, you can easily kept it in a baggage Wherever you go..And softly you can take it out and secretly apply the makeup and your are done! Interestingly, Many of the boys are using it too..yes you heard it right … I will tell you in a while, how, where and why I am going to ask you a question in a while I am going to ask you issues and questions .. and you have to watch the whole video as question can be anywhere As I was saying I am going to show you two tints From light shadows to dark ones I have 2 and 3 in agreement with the tone chart I will tell you more about it .. When I am trying it First when No Makup was launched…It was fleck expensive and it is a great honor for us and we should be proud of it and a make from our country has launched in an international market. I carried it in my bag but when I will be evidence you by relating in front of you I will use as if it is my First Impression First impres just assume is like Comparing the no makeup and zeromakeup Now that is has come in the international market And I wonder how Nabilla have consolidated -blush, cheek colors, concealer and groundwork into one thing We’ll see this is this video I am going to show you all from the blemish and examining my face from this close, you be right to guess that I am preventing all my fasts. My lips all dried up and colour monotonou gazes full of night curves along with puffy looks This usually happens when you fast its happening to me, and you might be experiencing the same We are all in the same boat the only difference might be that you dont have Zero makeup with you and I have it I might become very beautiful .. I don’t know what’s going to happen I are applicable to Pearl on my right side- half face There’s very little difference … Maybe one shade or mood But you is to be able to read the difference My face right now is in particularly terrifying problem The strange the is when I get this palette One as “youre seeing” .. Have the reflect the other one doesn’t have it Is it merely happening to me or you guys experience it extremely It’s reflect is missing..the other one has it The one thing which I certainly don’t like about it is that The indication which is given in order to recognized its shade and feeling It is written so lightly … here So I have these two pallets .. if at home you have two palette and your daughter is using one and “youre using” other Your palette is bound to get mix up I have read it hundred times, but still I couldn’t tell Pearl is lighter than Ivory We will start with the concealer in the eyes I have attended a lot of parties typically exercises it with their fingertips Even the boys-used their paw when applying Yes you heard it right..Alot of male actors on the pitches carries it with them Because it is illuminated … and make sure no one notices them when they apply- peculiarly girls They do it privately .. going in the area and apply it speedily But still I caught them I have caught my co-stars using it Now .. I exerted this as the concealer -of pearl Now I am exploiting its foundation or you can called it base It’s has a very light .. Umm Oily … Texture I don’t know if you have very oily skin whether it stay on it or not But for my surface .. it is really amazing It is very convenient kit It is manufactured so you can speedily, use your paw tips You don’t need to carry lots of covers for it The blush on is constructed especially so that it can suit with that flavor So exclusively this blush and this lipstick will match with it Is very hard for me to use finger in applying makeup This influences is ideal for me But I like lip tint and blush of bone more First you look at significant differences “No Makeup” its aged name I couldn’t able to read Ivory doen’t have mirror…I don’t know why ??? As if I have any less pressure already in “peoples lives” !! It’s concealer have more orange feeling really good..if you have night circles Right .. it is best for me For area near my laugh line and chin Really good I really like mixing organization and concealer I review for that I need more designating pulverization Area which are dry, you don’t have to apply specify gunpowder there Like my forehead .. which is generally cool I am only applying on Oily neighborhoods I have yet to apply Blush on This one is more obscurity This is very important for examining young Fresh crusade of this a very exciting .. young seem You don’t have to contour I have consumed this blush on A person who is novice Very basic and very easy to use Very good for people addressing makeup for the first time I’ve applied it very easily Please “ve been told” in the comments below Which one actually appears good on my face Tell me this Whole combination of it Or this area I love the texture of organization I’m sure these colors will commendations majority of parties Because many symbols simply don’t go with our surface mood The only thing is what happen when the foundation raced out? Concealer will last..Blush on will last Liptick will last longer but footing because you need it to cover your cervix and it is just not enough for it I have use another groundwork on my this one dont rolled out .. It will finished very quickly Should we buy the whole new equipment again? Nabila .. you have to think about it Exactly for this little thing here, we have to buy whole thing again? if you want to acquire Zero Makeup palette for yourself If you attained any shortcoming in it .. and how it can be improve apart form it .. is there any thing you would like to add So that more good product can be made What you have to say about it Anyone comments whose remarks I like Intelligent and full of ability I will give her this palette Next Video..I will announce the champion


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